[Chris Long on Birds With Friends podcast] “This is what you’re playing for. You know, you’re playing for the Super Bowl, but you’re Immortal in that city if you win this game. And there’s no better place to be Immortal… than Philly.”

  1. I hate Philly, I hate that they won a SB with a backup, then scrapped the coaching staff, QB, and in 5 years have gone to another SB. I hate how much I respect that, it just doesn’t happen like that in the NFL.

  2. Alshon Jeffery too. That dude was integral to your 2017 team in my opinion. 2 touchdowns against the Vikings in the NFCCG and scored the 1st touchdown in the SB that year.

  3. They had to play a perfect game to win that sb. And they fucking did (offensively). And then they made the crazy momorable plays like you have to. That bg strip sack still gives me chills.

  4. I mean, the best job on Earth is a backup QB. Paid millions. Rarely see the field if ever. If you suck no one's really going to hold it against you that much.

  5. You can be immortal in Philly even if you don't win the Superbowl. Buddy is a perfect example. You can become immortal in Philly with a single hit, ask Sheldon Brown. Hell if you can just be consistent, you can be a legend like Jason Avant. You have to earn the respect, but if you do, you will be beloved and remembered forever.

  6. Yeah I think currently between all the major sports if I got the choice it would be winning an NBA championship for the Knicks. You’d prolly be treated even better than Jeter or Eli.

  7. Well in their defense, the real life iconic boxer from their city was black, do you expect them to immortalize him?

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