[John Clark] Nick Foles says he will retire an Eagle when he’s done

  1. Foles turned one great playoff run into a whole shitton of money for time spent mostly off the field. Makes sense he'd want to retire where they have a statue of him.

  2. He was also drafted by the eagles and had a great season under Chip during his first stint as a bird

  3. Had the Record for Best TD to Int Ratio, shares the record for most touchdowns in a game, Superbowl winner and Superbowl MVP.

  4. Indeed, it's often forgotten that in 2013, Foles came out of nowhere in relief of an injured Michael Vick to have a season so unreal that in many ways it was crazier (and certainly better statistically) than 2017.

  5. Even outside of being our Super Bowl MVP, it's wild how many random franchise records Foles holds for how briefly he was here. It feels like every time an Eagles QB does something notable, the beat writers are saying something like, "This is the first time an Eagles QB achieved this since Nick Foles in 2013/2018."

  6. Part of that is how bad our QB records are lol. Nick was the most pure passer we’ve had on a high speed offense so he holds a lot. Well deserved for sure but it’s not the same as reaching records in most franchises

  7. Foles talked about wanting to start a ministry when he retired. That would be the most packed church in Philly

  8. Damn, I was kind of hoping he'd retire as a legendary Chiefs backup, since he credits Andy with bringing back his enjoyment of playing football and leading to him not retiring before going back to the eagles.

  9. He signs a one day contract with the Chiefs, retires, then unretires, Chiefs trade him to the Eagles for two firsts, then he retires an Eagle.

  10. this is assuming he doesn’t somehow miraculously win a super bowl in similar fashion somewhere else!

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