Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys (0-0) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0)

  1. Not if you have Zeke. I almost feel bad for everyone who took Zeke. Felt he was overvalued and that what happened last night will be common

  2. What are you talking about my man? We are gonn make the playoffs, then get our asses beat cuz we arent deep enough at lb and wr to sustain it cuz of injuries. We also drafted mond last year who is a work in progress.

  3. So were the two passes Brady put RIGHT INTO receivers' hands who then dropped them (or worse, handed them to the Cowboys).

  4. It’s not much of a game without those 4 silly bucs turnovers. Usually you get blown out if you turn it over like that. Fun game for sure though.

  5. love how everyone cries about that 1 arguable OPI but will act like vita vea wasnt held on literally every important 3rd down and was BLATANT on every replay theyve shown.

  6. Grabbing pads inside the chest while squared up isn’t holding. When he gets out side them beyond their shoulders and they keep that hold it is then holding. Learn the rules.

  7. You literally cannot take the lead against Brady with less than 2 minutes left and win. It's Newton's fourth law, and tonight it was fucking frustrating.

  8. It sounds pretty dumb and no one would ever do it, but for a second I thought that just going for it on 4th and 5 gives Dallas a better chance to win there lol. Minute and a half for Brady to get a FG with that offense?

  9. Fuck that other dude. Great game for the kickoff! I typically talk shit throughout a game but I don’t even have hate. So happy our Oline did well without our best player. NFCE, we are coming for you

  10. Seeing and feeling that sense of inevitability that Brady was gonna bring the Bucs back makes me think. Is this what it felt like watching Michael Jordan play? Just knowing this player was gonna win no matter what happens at the end?

  11. No. Brady is better, frankly. Jordan (no disrespect. still NBA's GOAT.) missed half his buzzer-beaters. We all knew 100% what was comign there. Playing vs jordan was also bullshit because stars flocked to him, but thats another story.

  12. RE: Offensive pass interference. I don't even know what the rules state. But I know how it's called & so don't all of you.

  13. Without drops and fumbles and killing the clock* and Hail Marys, Brady could have had 480 yards on 40/48 passing, 6 TD 0 Int and all people are talking about is a marginal OPI as if he had gotten lucky all game. Lol

  14. I literally said out loud multiple times, “For a guy with 7 rings, Brady just never seems to catch a break.” Jones fumble. Fournette int on the very next offensive snap. Godwin dropped a third down pass that seemed to be right on the money (nbc never showed a replay). That bomb to Godwin where ok certainly not a drop but would’ve been a huge gain and probably a TD. Then, Godwin’s biggest error, you’ve already got the catch and goal to go but keeps spinning and what not and fumble.

  15. Without Greg missing 2 fgs, Brady would’ve had to do a lot more to win on the last drive. See, we all can make assumptions

  16. The only mistake that happened at the end of this game was the cowboys leaving the goat 90 seconds to get in field goal range. Has no one leaned yet?

  17. seriously. i know tampa had zeke's number all night but zeke is no slouch. they should have ran zeke to eat the clock and kicked the field goal.

  18. Blaming a loss on one play makes you look like a bitch. It could have gone either way and if it was called Brady still had time to get down there.

  19. Cowboys had plenty of chances to win and blew it. We can talk about incorrect calls for days, but they just weren't as good as a team. I can't stand Brady and can't wait until he leaves the sport, but Bucs were the better team. Brilliant match with an undesirable outcome. Cowboys will likely improve from here on out though.

  20. I mean let’s not pretend the Bucs played some sort of perfect game either!? Turnovers on back to back plays (one that was more a takeaway but the other a total giveaway), dropped passes, and then the biggest mistake was Godwin not understanding the situation and just going down when he already had a first down.

  21. Meh..I hate staying up late to watch an exciting and close game, only to have a "controversial" call/no-call that dictates the outcome. Can't help but feel disappointed. I'm saying that as a Packer fan who has benefitted from them more often than not.

  22. God forbid we get 30 seconds of football without penalties. Christ after watching Olympic basketball compared to the NBA this year I really wish they would call less penalties in the NFL.

  23. It wasn’t that controversial.. There were plenty of other calls/no calls in the game that are worse than that.

  24. What more does Dak need to do? He balled out. Zeke looked terrible but honestly didn’t look like his fault. The offensive line wasn’t ready for TB dline

  25. You gotta give skip and Shannon this. Everyone fucking talks about that show on here. They do a great job even though some of the takes aren’t that good

  26. He's probably overjoyed, can talk up the Cowboys along with talking up Brady at the same time, win win for him

  27. Gonna be so annoying hearing him cry all day tomorrow. The cowboys were gift wrapped so many opportunities. Not like they deserved to win regardless.

  28. Hate Tom Brady for the 60 minutes he’s on the field. Love him every second before and after lol. Glad I’m here to watch the Goat.

  29. I wonder if we’ll get a commercial with the two of them together in a month’s time. Them silently there with their Subway products on opposite ends of a bench. Not looking at each other.

  30. Is it me or was Collinsworth extra chatty today? There was like no dead air at all. Just constant talking.

  31. Ay man, I didn’t think we had a chance coming into tonight. Can’t be all that mad. Great fucking game

  32. They should never show slow motion on those types of fouls. They are way to hard to call and in slow motion they look worse then they actually are. The dude was running backwards it doesn't take much of a touch to fall over.

  33. Y’all need to get your eyes checked. Even at full speed he uses both arms to push off. Plain as day

  34. You're a giant fucking baby if you're calling that OPI in the first place, and your diaper is definitely full if you think Brady wouldn't win that even if they had called it.

  35. I wouldn't have minded a call. Don't mind the no call either. I lean towards preferring the call because the deck is already stacked against DBs and they would have called contact going the other way almost every time.

  36. Dallas passing game looks phenomenal. Just need Zeke and Zurlein to play better and they easily win the East.

  37. It was clear that running Zeke was not part of the gamelan against the Bucs. His season starts in week 2

  38. I’m a casual cowboys/football fan so excuse the ignorance but why does it always seems like they only run zeke thru the inside and almost never to the outside.

  39. Zeke was fine. They are a great run defense that gave up 400 passing yards. Zeke has always been as important for pass blocking as for running.

  40. People can piss and moan about the missed OPI call, but the fact remains that the Cowboy's kicker failed to put some points on the board. Points that would have made the OPI non call moot.

  41. not only that but the refs blew the offsides they called on the buccs on dallas' last fg drive. suh only jumped because the oline moved

  42. Reality is that the Cowboys fans are upset they didn’t get yet another call their way after getting them all game.

  43. I ain’t salty. Our offense looked like it could be the best in the league. We lost from A shitty call. It’s nbd. Well win more games

  44. Some exciting play by the teams and a not so subtle reminder that the guys in white and black decide the outcome.

  45. The OPI could have gone either way. They always call it when the receiver extends his arm into the defender. In that case, Goodwin extended across the defender. That's 50-50.

  46. Zeirlein makes that chip shot cowboys win. I thought it was going to be a blowout if I'm a cowboys fan I am feeling really good about winning the division and making noise in the playoffs. Going toe to toe with the sb champs opening day in tampa isnt easy. Cowboys looked like they belong Dak looks great.

  47. I’m sick of these people feeding into this bullshit and no talking about the flags. Everyone’s just supposed to act stupid about it

  48. The no call stopped this game from being a classic. Not saying the cowboys would have won because ya know Tom Brady and all, but damn that was pretty clearly a opi.

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