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  1. Brady leads the league in TDs and yards despite facing one of the most difficult slates of pass defenses. He has also been asked to do more for his team than any other QB, as indicated by his high attempt volume. Further, he leads in DYAR, total passing EPA and PFF WAR, all of which indicate that he has provided the most total value. Somewhat surprisingly, he actually has a very low turnover-worthy play rate despite his 12 INTs (it's actually a touch lower than Rodgers'), which dispels the narrative of him being turnover prone this season.

  2. Rodgers or Brady. Please let it not be Taylor, you can’t say with a straight face that he’s more valuable than Rodgers or Brady.

  3. Even though I despise his unscientific bs with regards to the COVID-19 vaccine I think there is a really good case for Aaron Rodgers to be named 2021 NFL MVP.

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