[NBC Sports] Panthers willing to 'listen to offers' for CMC

  1. I could see the Ravens making a play for him. Having a versatile back to compliment Lamar and John Harbaugh seems like he's good enough to get the most out of a player with an injury history.

  2. The Niners don't have the trade assets or cap space. But I'd love to see Shanahan go full positionless football with Lance, CMC, Samuels, Kittle, and Juice.

  3. If we didn’t overpay Hines I would be all over this. MCcafrey and Taylor would be incredible and we could afford it I think.

  4. Normally I wouldn't want to drop premium capital on a RB but man part of me wants the Eagles to trade for him for up to a 2nd or 3rd. The contract seems friendly enough post-trade and he would be insane in our offense with Hurts + the OL and Smith/Goedert.

  5. He'd be deadly in Tampa. Brady always likes a RB who runs routes like a WR. Plus he won't have to run 100 times a game anymore

  6. We could re-sign Gordon for like 1/100th of the cost and just ride with him and Javonte again and save that cap space for a future HOF QB (please god...). I'd pass.

  7. Ya know, I never even realized his dad is Ed Mcaffrey. I'm now the old guy who watched NFL players dads play too. I guess I realized that earlier this year with Surtain/Horn and so forth. Hah.

  8. Honestly, the Dolphins should make a move, they have the cap space and they need a running back, especially one Tua can throw the ball too, so badly

  9. It‘s actually very reasonable if a team trades for him. Sure,he has a $11.8mil salary in each of the next three years,but that‘s it. The signing bonus is already paid by the Panthers. And you could move after 2022 without any dead money.

  10. Don't count out Buffalo. Bills/Panthers have almost a gateway of players going back and forth between them, enough that you could probably have a starting lineup by now of players who played for both teams as their only NFL clubs. I'm probably missing a few, but Bills have had 14 former Panthers make a regular season roster since McDermott/Beane have been in Buffalo, and almost as many former Bills have ended up in Carolina. There have been some practice squad guys who go back and forth between the clubs on an almost yearly basis. Half of the current Bills DL were drafted by the Panthers, and I believe 6 different former Panthers have started a game for the Bills this year.

  11. Oh, Bill loves him some Christian McCaffrey. He's constantly singing his praises, which is saying something coming from BB.

  12. I could see the Pats making a play for Calvin Ridley before him. They have a pretty solid rb squad at the moment.

  13. Tepper prob running the numbers as we speak and as soon as he sees the stadium empty and 0 merch being sold, he puts his foot down on this proposition

  14. His longevity shoots up considerably for whichever team would put him full time receiver. I guess we were too stupid to try it. He could have a Welker/Edelman like career as a permanent slot receiver

  15. There's a couple GM's out there I would peg as being willing to overpay for a RB. I assume that's all "willing to listen to offers" really means

  16. I don’t think u get anything for a injury prone RB but I always wondered what top tier RBs would go for in the trade market

  17. Please physically restrain me before I spend more on a star who will immediately get injured and barely play for us

  18. It's not you we have to restrain... It's Stephen Ross. Unless you're saying you ARE Stephen Ross?!?!

  19. My first thought was "don't the Chargers have a million-billion dollars in cap space? do they need someone to tag in with Ekeler?" I honestly don't know much about LAC's RB depth, but would this make sense for them?

  20. Winston, Kamara, CMC, Slant Boy... actually sounds kinda decent. Sub in Hill for Winston to run triple options when you need to get a few yards at all costs.

  21. Maybe 2 years ago after that 1000/1000 season he had he would be worth a lot. 2 Years of injuries that made him only play 3 last year and 7 this year? 10 games out of 33.

  22. Todd Gurley actually had genetic issues, he developed arthritis and had a torn ACL. CMC was mostly just misused/overused to the point that cramps turned into season long issues.

  23. ugh as much as I hate to say it the Bills offense would be wild to watch with CMC in the backfield. Daboll would have a fieldday opening up that playbook, the RPO and read options you could run with Allen and CMC would be nutty.

  24. personally i think that minnesota should offer 3 1st round picks, 3 2nd round picks, a 3rd round pick, and a 6th round pick in trade for him

  25. Something tells me there won’t be significant 1st round offers for a player whose missed 4/5ths of the games the last 2 plus seasons. Just my personal opinion! Especially at the running back position which the last 10-15 years hasn’t been a robust trade market in general.

  26. They aint gonna get much. His cap hit goes up significantly next season and he has only played 10 games over this season and last.

  27. isnt he only unhealthy because hes the entire offense when he is playing? if hes not in the derrick henry role he’d be great

  28. Just for everybody's information, so we're all on the same page, this is Joe Person saying this. And he's not exactly been the most accurate guy to cover the Panthers. He's made some absolutely unfounded and ridiculous claims about the Panthers that have ended with players and coaches calling him out by name.

  29. Only way he gets traded is if he restructures that contract. You can’t cut him for about 3 years as he has a 7 million dollar dead cap hit in 2024.

  30. I think teams are going to make offers but no one is going Bill O Brian levels of trade value for him. At best you might get a third or a 4th. He is just appears to be to injury prone.

  31. He’s money is well justified if he’s a wr2. Especially since huge part of his salary is signing bonus that only affect panthers dead cap.

  32. Get on this Buffalo!! As of now, Josh Allen is our CMC! This offense would be off the charts with him added!

  33. I’m not sure of their cap situation, but the Bills make a ton of sense. They haven’t been able to figure out their RB situation with Allen under center. Would be pretty helpful in easing the load for him and CMC.

  34. You've really got to wonder if he's the same player after the injuries. He's only 25, which is not old for a running back, but he has a shit ton of mileage on him in those 5 years.

  35. I wonder if CMC is going to end up being like Luke Kuechly or Andrew Luck, in the vein that he's going to retire way too young due to horrible injuries.

  36. How do teams not realize RBs are only valuable on small contracts? You can easily find someone about 80% of his skill at about <50% of his contract.

  37. Any team with a competent offense could use him extremely well. This sub loves to run with the "he's injury prone so nobody will give up anything for him" narrative while also forgetting that we haven't had competent QB play for most of his time here as well as a shit o-line. He's "injury prone" because we've tried to run damn near every single offensive play through him since 2018.

  38. Any team that can even afford that contract at the moment are bottom of the barrel teams that would do the same thing the Panthers did. Yeah, a top contending team could try to find cap space but his contract is pretty big. Then you have to think the top team and what running backs they have?

  39. Surprised at the amount of people hard passing on CMC. He’s hurt a lot because of our system, but he isn’t a bad player at all when limited. Top 5 RB easy.

  40. No one is saying he’s a bad player or not worth the money if he’s even relatively healthy the whole season. He’s hardly available and cost a ton. We have no idea if it’s the system or him yet. Plenty of players take a beating and can stay healthy. Some of it is just luck, some of it is the player’s body itself. That’s the biggest question. It’s not like a team will be willing to trade for that contract and not try to utilize him a lot. You pay that much, you’re gonna want production. No team is going to pay a RB $12m a year to be on a snap count limit. You gotta take off the homer glasses and think of it from another team’s perspective.

  41. It's the right move. He's Mr. Glass at this point and even if he wasn't, he's being completely wasted on this sadness factory of a team.

  42. I want the Giants to trade for him and run the wishbone with Barkley and CMC until they both inevitably get season ending injuries on the same play.

  43. His contract isn’t great for a trade partner to take on and he has the injury question mark. So what do you think his value is? I think a 3rd and change, befor people jump on me Julio Jones was in a similar posstion and went for a 2nd and WR is more valuable than RB

  44. They should have traded him before giving that massive deal that everybody knew they shouldn't be giving him.

  45. He carried my fantasy team during his breakout year so I feel obligated to trade for him. I can offer one air fryer and this cool hat I found.

  46. I just knew this was going to happen. Damn shame. They may as will change the franchise name, since they've blown just about everything else up.

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