Now that the regular season is over, which pre-season takes aged the best? And which ones aged the worst?

  1. Zac Taylor is a burst of fresh air. So many games the old Bengals would have lost under Marvin Lewis. Down 14-0 at halftime to the jaguars. Down big vs KC. Taylor has shown he can make halftime adjustments, and thats huge

  2. Never believed in him. Don’t trust a guy who looks like one of Hubert Farnsworth’s clones.

  3. Washington being the favorite to win the NFCE seemed silly to me. To me it was always Dallas. Dak coming back, defense on an upward trend and I felt strongly that Quinn was gonna get that defense to turn around. My preseason predictions had em 10-7 and winning the division, so even I was a bit low on them. With that being said, I also had some pretty poor predictions as well…

  4. To be fair, Joe Burrow did lead the league in times sacked which Sewell would have greatly helped.


  6. It's a pet peeve of mine when people are talking about a QB that has sucked for a few years and saying they can take a Josh Allen-esque leap.

  7. Amon Ra St. Brown being a great value for a 4th round pick. After they took play calling away from Lynn we really saw that come to fruition.

  8. And your Bears takes were off, though Fields did show some flashes. What hurts more is that Eoquan Smith didn't get the Pro Bowl, despite a great season.

  9. I know people said that they were contenders, but I rarely saw any take saying that they were favorites. It was always the cowboys as the team to beat.

  10. I thought there was a chance Goff was going to work out in Detroit and that take is still very bland. Aged like survival crackers.

  11. I’ll throw in one that aged well, it was pretty much a consensus that unless the bears won a playoff game Matt Nagy would be fired

  12. I thought Meyer would last 2 seasons at least ---- I did not foresee that he would continually shoot cannon balls through the hull of his own ship.

  13. I thought Trevor Lawrence was an unusually pro-ready prospect who was set up really well with Robinson, Etienne, Chark, Shenault, and Jones.

  14. I swear to God half this sub said the colts were better than us and were gonna win the division. I cant find it but there was a thread that was like "what hype train are you not buying" and all the top replies were the titans. Yes I'm still salty....

  15. I don't think it was a crazy thought to have at the time though. The Titans and Colts had the same record last year and the Colts upgraded at the most important position (what they thought at the time).

  16. Yeah I remember a lot of people saying Wentz was going to be back to his MVP form since he was back with Reich and that the Colts were going to take the division. Also a lot of talk about how the Titans wouldn’t be good because we didn’t do enough on defense to make a difference.

  17. I said at the beginning of the season the reason the colts would miss the playoffs is because of carson wentz. Jonathan Taylor had me sweating but my mans carson wentz came through for me. 😎

  18. Dan Orlovsky had a bunch of awful takes about Washington and the Giants, with Dallas being the 3rd best team in the division.

  19. I’d say they complement each other quite well… different skill sets so hard to compare when they both bring different things to the table that helped us win games

  20. I wonder how many members of this sub lost money betting the under on our record. I think we were predicted at 3 games in the books

  21. A take that aged fine, but was teetering between freezing cold and burning hot was that Shanny started Jimmy G over Lance because Jimmy could at least get us into the playoffs and because Lance was raw. Ngl that take was on really thin ice for the season but Jimmy delivered when we needed him to

  22. I thought Mayfield would break out and be a top 5 QB who lead us to the playoffs. I still would give him another chance after getting surgery, but it didn’t happen this year.

  23. One of mine that panned out: I thought the Cowboys could rebound with a full season of Dak and make the playoffs.

  24. I mean the Chargers nearly swept them. When the Chargers played the Chiefs the 2nd time, they would have taken the division had they beaten them.

  25. I deadass thought the raiders were gonna be bottom of the NFL, like storing where the Jags and Lions are. this was before all the outside bs that happened to them too

  26. Not really a preseason take but the Mahomes regressing to the mean and chiefs not making the playoffs was a hilariously bad take by a huge portion of this subreddit. It showed how little film people watch and understand. Mahomes has been a top 3 QB based on film this entire year.

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