[Jerome Bettis] I have always told my kids that whatever you start, you finish. Today I started my final semester at the University of Notre Dame. I knew when I left 27 years ago to go to the NFL that I would be back one day. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams and further your education.

  1. There are tweets by students in retired NBA player JR Smith's classes who were freaking out when they found it was him. He started the NBA right out of high school, so he has gone to college (North Carolina A&T) now that he's retired. He was even deemed eligible to play for the school's golf team!

  2. What if he is that guy in classes who raises their hand to ask a question but it actually turns out to be them ranting or telling a story

  3. I did linguistics with Cookie from Neds Declassified and he was just terrible at it but I appreciated him because he tried so hard and was so earnest. Initially i was annoyed because I thought his questions were dumb. Then i became a teacher and retroactively changed my mind. I am the asshole student

  4. Honestly this is really stupid and gives people a terrible overvaluation of degree for the sake of the degree. I mean let’s just be real here any job you have that’s not medical research lawyering or stem, school is literally pointless because all of that knowledge is 100% completely available to everyone all the time.

  5. you ever go into a thread, chuckling aloud already to yourself because you've got a fucking great joke, and then there it is posted 14 hours ago already

  6. I just want the rest of the graduates to form a goal-line stand to try and stop him to getting to the stage for his diploma. And livestream it.

  7. My example isn’t as wild as having The Bus in a group project but I’ve done a group project at ND with a guy actively playing in the nfl and it was quite the experience. It was an online class and he would sit around massaging his arms with one of those massage gun things all class haha

  8. Good on him! I can’t even imagine going to class and Jerome fucking Bettis is in the same class lmao although, I wonder how many of the students actually recognize him seeing as he retired when they were little kids

  9. As a ND alum and Bengals fan would definitely recognize him. Kinda weird having 2 of the most celebrated ND players being 2 of the players that terrorized the Bengals the most (though at least I wasn't alive to see Montanna spit on our Super Bowl hopes twice)

  10. That would be quite the story, later in life student returning to Notre Dam to finish their degree and ends-up walking on for the Fightin' Irish. Almost movie ready.

  11. Awesome! I made plenty of dumb decisions over the years, but the only one I really regretted long term was not finishing school. I finally did it a few years ago after about a 20 year break. My wife and our four kids were all at my graduation.

  12. Congrats to you, what a cool moment for you and your family, and happy cake day! What was your experience like getting back in the classroom after your hiatus?

  13. I’m sure they have. Troy Niklas had a smaller gap but he returned to notre dame to find they literally got rid of his major lol. Doesn’t mean he can’t still get a degree / his old classes don’t count though.

  14. What sucks is star players make their schools so much more money than the average student pays in tuition. At a certain point, the school should be trying to help them graduate even if they leave the school early. Jerome Bettis will always have Notre Dame attached to his name, but without a degree, Notre Dame won’t attach their name to Jerome regardless of what he did for the school.

  15. With the amount of summer classes you end up taking a lot of guys do graduate in three years. A lot of guys are getting graduate degrees in their fourth year.

  16. I’m pretty sure a lot of schools will honor the scholarships of athletes who don’t graduate to go pro. Auburn does it and I’m pretty sure UGA does too. Most of them just don’t want to go back to school.

  17. To be fair, a lot of them probably just don't care if they made it big playing pro sports. I think a lot of schools help former players complete their degree if going pro doesn't work out (I know Wisconsin does and I'm sure they aren't the only one), but if you've made millions what's the incentive for taking a few semesters worth of classes to get a degree you'll never use?

  18. Despite being a Browns fan I still miss watching the Bus play. So fun watching that dude rumble through a defense.

  19. I miss all the big backs. The Alstott's, the Okoye's, etc. Guys like Derrick Henry, Najee, Taylor and Chubb sort of scratch that itch, but when do we get the bowling balls back?

  20. Hell yeah. Respect to the Bus and being dedicated like that. He was the only player I knew when I was 6 years old. Grew up watching him and Stewart in the 90s. Also his bar and grill isn’t too bad either.

  21. So I went to Penn State part time while serving in the army (combination of full time while in reserve, part-time while active later and deployed). After 8 years I got a letter that said I had to graduate within 24 months or any credits I earned 10+ years in the past would be erased and I’d have to take those courses over again. The justification they gave was that as time goes by new material is taught and older material becomes outdated or even obsolete.

  22. I think the justification that things change / become irrelevant is totally fair but I don’t think ND has that sort of policy. ND really likes to have high rates of graduation so letting credits expire wouldn’t help their cause haha

  23. I went to ND and even had a couple classes with former or current nfl players. I really don’t think credits expire at ND like people are saying they do at other schools.

  24. He wants the degree and is already a millionaire. He clearly values it, if even symbolically, and is doing it because it means something to him. Knowledge is never a bad thing.

  25. I'm happy for Bettis and what he's doing. That being said, it's a lot easier to pursue your dreams when you have $35 million of career earnings to fall back on.

  26. It doesn't expire, but the curriculum and requirements can change. When I returned a decade later, Massachusetts had implemented few Gen Ed credits that were required for graduation while all my previous credits were intact.

  27. Nope my mother returned to school with about this large a gap and just had to take a few additional classes to meet new requirements, but could carry over most of the credits.

  28. I don’t think notre dame has a 7 year requirement or anything like that but they do switch stuff around. I had a class with Troy niklas when he returned to ND from the NFL and he basically returned to find his major was gone lol but they still counted his old classes and stuff, he just needed to pick a new major and make sure he met those requirements to graduate. He stuck with the business school so all the prereqs still counted. Notre dame has a lot of “university requirements” and electives no matter which major you pick so it’s likely most - if not all - of someone’s former classes will still count toward something, it just may be an elective instead of an explicit major requirement.

  29. Oh sure, his credits from 27 years ago are still good but meanwhile for us peons it's something like 7 or 8 years, then you need to take all those classes again.

  30. Easy to say for someone who made millions while doing what he loved and retire at an age where he can do whatever he wants since money is no object anymore. Not taking anything away from the BUS. Success in anything comes from hard work, focus, determination etc. Etc.

  31. This is the reality of doing something like this. I want nothing more than to go back to school and complete college at 30, but with a mortgage, bills, and a relationship, its not even semi possible without putting in 80 hour weeks of focus between school and work.

  32. Not a popular opinion I see, but it's the first thing that came to my mind as I read his quote; "Said the rich guy". I'm happy he accomplished his goal, though. Good for him.

  33. I love that he's dressed like a normal ass college student. Winter coat, ballcap, backpack. he doesn't have a special VIP garage parking spot or anything, he's gotta trudge through the wind and snow to class just like everyone else. Granted the seats & steering wheel in the remote start mercedes are probably already warm by the time he climbs in after class, but still.

  34. The crazy thing is notre dame students actually identify football players primarily by their backpacks (also by their clothes a little bit), so when someone comes back from the NFL without the current football player gear, it’s so hard for students to figure out what’s going on 😂 I saw one dude once and I was like “he’s not normal sized but he has a normal backpack” and someone else was like “he went to the nfl and came back to college” haha

  35. Cool. Another perk is you don't have to worry about grades and a future career. So you can truly just enjoy learning. Respect...from a Raider fan.

  36. Not to be Debby Downer, but how is this possible? For ayn normal person, their credits would have a stale date, which is usually like 5 years or so. No way could I, as a normal non-famous person, pull this off.

  37. I took more than ten years between high school and college and they still accepted my AP credits

  38. It's funny because that implies that you lose the knowledge after a relatively short amount of time, which you do.

  39. So if Bettis' kid swings a sword a someone's neck and stops just short, he'll make his kid finish the swing? What a monster!

  40. I dropped out of college more than a decade ago and have always been too scared to go back. Weird seeing this as I was looking at stuff about my uni to see what's changed since then

  41. I never understood the college football purists who hate that football players leave early to go pro and say they should stay to get a degree to fall back on. Like returning to school after football isn't an option.

  42. Love to see anyone educating themselves in any way possible. I've been up to South Bend/Mishiwaka enough times to know not to go there in January tho....that's cold.

  43. So great when older people go back to school to finish their degree. I worked at a university and there was a secretary there who was in her mid 50s and we were talking and she mentioned she had attended Kentucky in her 20s but left after three years to get married and had kids etc. Never graduated. The university we worked at offered free tuition. I hounded her for months about finishing her degree. I finally convinced her to take just one online class and she did. Two years later she finally graduated and she sent me a very nice email and thanked me for encouraging her to go back. She is now pursuing her Masters

  44. [Kelvin Benjamin] I have always told my kids that whatever you start, you finish. Today I started my final pop tart from a box I found in my cupboard. I knew when I bought those pop tarts 27 years ago and then went out to eat instead that I would be back one day. It's never too late to pursue your dreams and further your cholesterol.

  45. The NCAA would at least have SOME kind of leg to stand on when they try and trot out the "we're giving them an education" if instead of making these guys still attend class while playing instead they told them "if you play at least 3 years for us then you get a full 4 years fully paid at any point in the future after you leave."

  46. This is awesome. Glad to see him finishing is education, especially after 40. It’s never too late to get your education and reach your goals.

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