What were the worst WTF moments of the season for your teams' games?

  1. Was there ever an explanation for the QB sneak in that situation? That might’ve been the darndest thing I’ve literally ever seen in a NFL game

  2. Has anyone else ever had a player strip off their clothes and run off the field shirtless mid-game? No? Okay, well that is my answer.

  3. At least you didn’t lose 6-9 to Urban Meyer which seems like something a 12 year old would have posted as a joke

  4. Highlight of the season for me. Really didn’t want it to be, would love to have the chance to upset the Rams. Wasn’t meant to be tho. Fun season, but disappointing.

  5. Somehow more frustrating than 38-3 or whatever, because we were in it right down to the last couple possessions because our own defense was holding them back, but we lost so many players and just had no answers on the fly.

  6. That game was so bad. Rodgers and the offense drives down the field, Rodgers throws a rare red zone INT. Nothing was going right. Saints had the Packers number in that game, they had an answer for every question on the test.

  7. The fact that we didn't give up 51 to everyone is more wtf to me. Last season's worst defense starting 2 UDFA rookies and another 3rd round rookie at CB? Likewise a season without a classic Lions ref screwjob would also be more wtf to me. As a Lions fan it's whenever anything positive at all happens to us that's most strange lol

  8. Matt Nagy bringing a rookie Justin Fields into his first career start against the Browns with the same exact gameplan hed have for a seasoned veteran Andy Dalton.

  9. CEH has been so disappointing. I’ve had him the last two years in fantasy so I’ve watched him a lot, I’ve been a believer for a long time. I can’t honestly say he’s better than Williams tho.

  10. When the odds get released I’m putting money on the ravens being the 1 seed in the AFC next year. I think they would’ve got it this year if not for the injuries.

  11. Honestly, it was probably the press conference this week. We had ~270 minutes of feeling good, that the front office did the right thing, that maybe things were heading in the right direction. Then we found out that nothing changed, and they tanked all the good will that we had briefly had. Now instead of looking at what they did (which is good), I am just fixated on what they said (which was awful).

  12. I can’t believe that Justin Tucker field goal was good from 66. I swear only the lions seem to be on the wrong end of magical shit on the last play of the game

  13. I saw the posts before the game about his crew calling way more penalties than any other ref crew. I thought for sure it wouldn't affect the game but fuck me.

  14. It ended up working out but I've gotta go with the ending of Chiefs game. I get why the Bengals did go for it but I was yelling at my TV the entire time to kick it, then they get offsetting penarilies and I'm thinking okay now they aren't crazy enough to go for it again. But yet they come right back out and get saved by a penalty again. That was the most I've yelled at my TV all season.

  15. oh we had a christmas type thing with my one side of the family (who all live right outside of cincinnati and are huge bengals fans) and we were all dying as we were watching that

  16. I do think it made some sense to try and win right there instead of going to OT. They weren’t stopping Brady from scoring the whole half. He would’ve tied the game anyway, and now you have to stop Brady again, or hope that Wilson can put together a game winner in OT. Lost season anyway, go for the win.

  17. Mac jones getting lightly tugged from from behind, but way out of bounds drawing a roughing call against the Bills. Refs for some reason pick up the flag which pisses off our Oline who then jaw at the Bills D line. Refs immediately throw an unsportsmanlike conduct on the Pats. Thought the stadium was about to pop off on that one.

  18. Staley gifting the Chiefs the AFC West by inexplicably being 1/6 on 4th down conversions. Had they kicked a single field goal at any point of the remaining 5 4th downs the game would've never went to OT where Kelce made an amazing catch and run for the win.

  19. All the times Staley went for it on 4th down and succeeded to beat the Chiefs, Browns, Raiders and Eagles.

  20. Broncos - against the Chiefs Week 17 - down by a TD, kicking a FG on 4th down at the 9 yard line w 4 mins left. Nail in Fangio’s coffin.

  21. I don't remember any WTF moments that happened on the field (although I'm sure there were some) but I do remember how the media forgot about the Patriots/Saints game and just chose to talk about Patriots/Tom Brady for 2 weeks.

  22. The ravens raiders Monday night game where we tried to kick a FG in OT but couldn’t find our kicker then decided to throw a 40 yard TD

  23. In the Vikings game, going for it on 4th and 1 late in the game where a first down will put it on ice, and instead of handing it off to our hot RB, Goff takes a sack.

  24. Heinicke had an easy rushing touchdown with no one around him against the Packers but for some reason decided to dive into the end zone instead of staying on his feet. Well his knee hit the ground before the ball crossed, he was ruled down at the 1, and on 4th down Washington got stuffed at the goal line for no touchdown.

  25. In the third quarter of the Broncos game, when we were down 30 - 0! I was literally speechless. I didn't want to talk and I didn't know what to say, lmao.

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