Game Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)

  1. Honestly, anyone who’s a Steelers fan KNEW this was coming. This team just isn’t very good, and we got in based on other teams winning/losing.

  2. You mean a team got in based on other teams winning or losing?! I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya.

  3. I'm surprised there aren't more people saying it: I feel like this game was Exhibit A that adding a 7th playoff team in each conference is just one too many.

  4. There was a record amount of overtime games this season. Also, there are 7 seeds in the playoffs, one sided games are going to happen.

  5. I’m surprised it took McKinnon this long to take the backup RB job. He’s so much more dynamic and just better than Darrel Williams whose only talents are averaging 3 YPC and getting hit in the face mask by the ball.

  6. He had been injured most of the regular season. Also we had 4 healthy RBs when he wasn't injured so he was splitting time.

  7. McKinnon is a physical freak. Not sure how the injuries have played a factor since, but I remember hearing when he was with the Vikings that he had the best squat and power clean numbers on the team, or close to it. In addition to the speed he had, that's a scary dude.

  8. Preach. Ben hasn’t done anything impressive since losing the Super Bowl a decade ago. He peaked early and then disappeared but rode the fame of being a 2x SB winner in a historic franchise. Which is an impressive feat, undoubtedly, but feels like he’s been barely startable all of the 2000s

  9. Bears fan here. But I’m pretty sure Big Ben has had your panties bunched over your head since his rookie year.

  10. I mean as much as I hate it he was really dominant for awhile. Who's off the field shiftiness and also his very obvious downfall clouds that heavily. Recency bias would make me think he was slow and unathletic forever but there's a reason I hate him so much for what he did to the browns literally my entire life, non football things aside. I'm thankful he's done because I desperately want a time where he doesn't just skullfuck my dreams twice a year. Obviously the end of last season was not the norm and was satisfying but a Steelers team without Ben is legitimately a Steelers team I am more confident we can beat consistently.

  11. If you really disrespecting what Bens career has looked like you prob didn’t watch or you’re 10 years old… one of the best throws in SB history. Hall of fame bound. To give burrow that much credit two years in is holy shit in the bad take department

  12. On the broadcast when they were saying he has a Hall of Fame career and listed off credentials that Mahomes had already accomplished in a couple years…

  13. Both AFC division games look like they’ll be good. I’m really quite unable to guess who would be favored in them.

  14. As a lifelong fan, I agree. When you only make it because multiple other teams won/lost in the way you needed them to in the final week. then you didn’t deserve to be there in the first place.

  15. I don't know if the colts could've won or if the chargers could've but there was no shot the Steelers could without the most insane lucky breaks in history. I'm curious if it was better to have made it then got stomped like this than to just have Ben's career end on a win in Baltimore right after a win at home on Monday night football against the Browns.

  16. Da fuck. Pot metals are done. Didn’t deserve to come to arrowhead. It was touted as Bens retirement party. It was more of a beat down. Good riddance. You an Philip Rivers can go cry over a coors light… good riddance .

  17. Ah. 'great' QB who literally wasted 18(?) Years of playing the Browns and Bengals to only win two SB. If he put the off-season effort in he could have won so many more.

  18. Honestly Ben don’t have more rings cuz he was in direct competition with Tom fucking Brady most of his career

  19. Man all I see here are people enjoying themselves clowning on a rapist. You're probably more triggered just by way of commenting on it.

  20. Just curious, is there concrete evidence of Ben raping someone, or just allegations? I'm not defending him, simply out of the loop.

  21. No. None. In the first instance, the woman was telling her friends she had sex with an NFL player & hoped she got pregnant.

  22. I believe he was accused twice. The first woman claimed he asked her for help with his tv at a resort hotel, boxed her in and raped her. She claimed 8 of her colleagues covered it up. The second woman claims it happened in a nightclub bathroom. In both cases there was determined to be not enough evidence to support prosecution.

  23. From what I’ve read (imma Steelers fan). First time seemed like the woman was trying to get money out of him. No criminal charges, just civil. Testimony from her co-workers was that she was bragging about having sex with him, was gonna go to Pittsburgh to try and “run into” him, the demands from her lawyer were super bizarre, plus he received no discipline from the NFL and you know they’d know if it was legit so I come down a bit more on his side for that one.

  24. He paid six figures to settle the case before it went through the courts. Doesn’t mean he’s guilty. That’s not a lot of money to a QB but would you pay it if nothing at all happened?

  25. The DA said he believed he did it and the nfl thought the evidence was enough to suspend him. I never got into the detials but it was some super creepo stuff from what I remember.

  26. I got no sour comments. I'm just thrilled we knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs in their stadium and into last place in the north.

  27. Your franchise qb was a rapist piece of shit. Good riddance. Hope you guys stay at the bottom of the afc north for a good while as penance

  28. I got your back, Steelers fans. Fuck these jealous naysaysers. 6 rings club, represent. I'm a trained shaman and I'm currently casting a spell on everyone in this thread - Ben will visit you in your dreams tonight. I can't promise what he'll do.

  29. I mean the whole hurr durr Ben Rape circlejerk just gets old when you see it 2000 times in every game thread

  30. Thanks for the Super Bowls Ben, thanks for making me root for the success of a sex offender all these years, enjoy coaching high school football and costing yourself Canton when you get busted with an underage girl

  31. Roethlisberger's final season was nothing more than a painful lesson in mismanaged salary cap space and dead money. There was nothing they could do to jettison him from the team, so they suited him up for this season-long shit show.

  32. Do you think the Steelers are bad this year wait till next year at least you guys made the playoffs this year next year it’s not even going to be an option 6 wins maybe?

  33. It was early mornin' yesterday I was up before the dawn And I really have enjoyed my stay But Big Ben must be movin' on

  34. I always like the whole thing where people act like different people saying different things is somehow contradictory.

  35. I get that you are not gonna win the game but if you call better plays and use your timeouts better at least you give your team a chance at a TD? That was so dumb how they ended that drive

  36. People who hate on Mahomes relationship with his girlfriend (by talking shit about his gf) but find relatively nothing wrong with Big Ben - take a look at yourself

  37. I, an international fan, discovered the NFL when the Ben rape allegations were a big thing. At the time, I was looking at GB, the Steelers and the Pats for a variety of reasons (none of which were on field). Big Ben is why I didn't become a steelers fan, and almost stopped me becoming an NFL fan. FUCK OFF BEN!

  38. Bc now he is done and done beating there fucking team that’s why. I get it that shit happened but we got fucking people here saying shit when they got fucking murders, child beaters, woman hitters on their teams as their flair yet are saying the shit about Ben like there team didn’t have any of that shit.

  39. Imagine if Ben announces he’s playing another year right after this game. Good thing he has no history of forcing himself on others.

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