[Howe] Ben Roethlisberger on what's next: "I'm gonna do everything I can to be the best husband and father I can be." Roethlisberger said it'll probably hit him that he's done around training camp.

  1. The comedians on this sub are salivating at the thought of busting out their fines rape jokes and rape bantz in the inevitable retirement thread.

  2. I just hope all these rape jokers are as adamant about promoting womens health and safety in real life, and not just for fake internet points against a football team they hate.

  3. He probably will. He won’t do broadcasting bc he doesn’t have the personality. It’ll prolly be mostly silent between his retirement and his HOF induction.

  4. I hope you do too. It will take most of your decent future picks and a large contact that will likely hinder you from signing or keeping future free agents.

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