[Rapoport] #Raiders GM Mike Mayock was informed that he won’t be retained, source said. Jon Gruden resigned in October, Mayock now out in January.

  1. Followed by commentary on the upcoming draft class that includes the phrase, “oily hips” for one out of every four prospects.

  2. I think it would be cool for a long form interview of him and Rich Eisen reviewing moves that were made. Completely owning failures but highlights like Renfrow Crosby, and Walker.

  3. Jimmy Johnson got fired after winning a Super Bowl and that is blowing it up for The Cowboys because the owner is the GM and president.

  4. Idk I think I prefer DJ. Plus Mayock has kinda lost some luster as a draft expert after his questionable at best picks

  5. Watching Leatherwood single-handedly fuck up our playoff game was probably the final nail in the coffin.

  6. Hope the Raiders get John Dorsey to be their new GM. Dorsey is great at drafting players. Did it with guys like Mahomes and Kelce when he was on the Chiefs.

  7. The copium angle going around was that Gruden was in charge of 1sts and Mayock landed all the late round hits. No idea if that was ever confirmed by the organization

  8. The Bengals have mostly been doing a version of that for decades and honestly, they've been above average when it comes to the draft (even at QB, pre injury Palmer, Dalton and Burrow isn't a bad stretch). Teams like the Rams and Browns have actually reduced their scouting departments because it was a ton of work (which they can outsource with little return on actually improving pick performance).

  9. Feel like Harbaugh is just playing for Michigan to pay him more. He took a paycut last offseason and then made the playoffs and finally dunked on Ohio State this season. Time to go back to the well and what better way than by intimating that you might leave.

  10. Damn, was really interested in this upcoming draft for Mayock to see if his 1st round reaches were really Gruden picks like the rumors say, or if he really was just that bad.

  11. Mixed bag. I liked him, he had some late round steals and I kinda wanted to see what he could do without Gru. Having said that, bringing in a guy like Dodds would be a slam dunk. This also points to us moving on from Rich and maybe getting a big name HC- Harbaugh being the odds on fave which I would be excited about. So, we are in wait and see mode now, but could be a good thing long term.

  12. Okay with it. He seems like a great guy and I loved him since day 1 but the drafting wasn’t good enough and this likely signals that they’re going to hire a new coach over Bisaccia

  13. I liked him. If this is a stipulation of Harbaugh coming up, no issues with it. If this is just Mark being upset with the roster, I don’t like it. We’ve got holes but this roster has a lot of depth primarily due to mid round picks and low key free agent pickups.

  14. I really wanted to see a draft without Gruden influence. But I'm also totally fine with burning it down if it means we hire competent replacements. So no, I'm not fine.

  15. It's tough. We're getting rid of 2 really good dudes, just nice guys IMO. Rich and Mike seem like the type the players just love, really want to play their hearts out for, but just aren't on the level you need to be to get to the playoffs consistently and win a Super Bowl. Kinda like when you hire a good friend, but he just isn't cut out for the job.

  16. Likely means Bisaccia is out too, but it is what it is, you can't miss that many 1st round picks and keep your job unless you make noise in the playoffs.

  17. I didn't really follow how Bisaccia did to any level of detail. And maybe he's not the reason the Raiders made it into the playoffs. But damn, seems worthy of a HC opportunity for how the team performed given the circumstances. Or did he really screw things up in a way that a casual observer wouldn't notice?

  18. With the roster that they have, I think the Raiders have the most desirable HC/GM vacancy this off-season. Sounds like Bisaccia is loved by the team, but this is the opportunity to go get the most highly touted candidates.

  19. I feel like Bisaccia won't be getting HC attention from other teams, so I am hoping we can keep him as an assistant coach and if it isn't smoke and mirrors bring in Harbaugh. This paired with a good offseason where we maybe pick up a receiver like Adams and fixing up the right side of our line and I think we become superbowl contenders.

  20. I’m not sure their roster is better than Minnesota’s. Minnesota had a lot of very close losses this year, they’re definitely a better team than 8-9. Kirk, JJ, Thielen, Cook, Daniele Hunter, Eric Kemdricks and Barr(if fit) is a pretty good spine.

  21. If we are letting go of Mayock, it likely means we are hoping to a very influential HC that wants final say on roster decisions and their own hand picked GM.

  22. I feel like Mayock did a good job. The team is much improved from when he got there, and yeah he has some big whiffs...but every single GM has.

  23. I keep hearing that it was Gruden who was responsible for the Ferrell, Jacobs, Ruggs, Arnette, and Leatherwood picks, with Mayock overseeing later rounds. If that was in fact the case you’d think they’d let him stay around longer and have his “own draft” given the hits they were able to get later in the draft the past few years.

  24. I agree. Optimistic prediction is this is clearing the way for Harbaughs more desirable situation. Pessimist says we’re just fucking around like we always do.

  25. Thought he would get 1 year to draft without gruden, got alot of late round gems, will be a what if, if the next gm we hire sucks

  26. I just want NFL Network draft coverage to be separate from ESPN. If I have to Kiper and any of those other hacks again, I’ll skip viewing entirely and just wait for the updates on here.

  27. This is a great move by the Raiders which of course means I hate it. Hopefully Mark Davis will be stupid again and hire another analyst to be the GM or better yet Adam Schaefter, 3 birds 1 stone kind of thing

  28. Damn I wanted him to get another season. What I’ve heard/read is that Gruden was largely in charge for the first round picks, the ones that mostly suck, and he’s been in charge of the later round picks, which have been largely successful. I wanted to see what he could do with control of the entire draft.

  29. Hard to say if he was good or not because it's common knowledge that Gruden had final say over the personnel. So the question is, was Mayock making some bad picks and Gruden saying they're fine, or was Gruden making the picks and Mayock just having to go along with it because it's not up to him? We would have essentially found out this year had Mayock gotten one more draft.

  30. Love it. I was worried making the playoffs would bring about complacency, but we made it in spite of Mayock. This change is needed, but obviously it has to be someone who can evaluate talent better, work with (and potentially pick out) our new coach, and has a better understanding of contracts and values in this league.

  31. Now on to the coaching staff. I know Bisaccia is a feel good story, but he should not be promoted. Take the feels out of it. He did a job, and now the Raiders need to find a GM and coach for the long haul. Personally, I could do with Carr be jettisoned too. He had so many opportunities against the Bengals and literally threw so many of them away.

  32. If we get Harbaugh? Okay fair enough. If we don’t get Harbaugh? Not sure if I like this move. I’m optimistic overall though.

  33. I’ll be interested to learn if it’s true he wasn’t allowed to pick the 1st and 2nd rounders but handled the rest of the draft or not

  34. Good, he was a colossal failure outside of drafting Max Crosby and Hunter Renfrow. He also saved the Raiders $30M with the A.B. question, “Are you fully in or out”, then cut him before the money automatically kicked in.

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