Tailgating at NFL Stadiums. This is what it is like at Metlife for the Giants. What is it like at other stadiums? Bigger? Smaller?

  1. My old youth pastor is a massive Cowboys fan and came to Arrowhead for the game. He said that it felt so much like a college atmosphere. He loved it.

  2. Check out the MetLife take over when Miami visits MetLife to vs the Jets. It us an annual event, went for the first time this year and it was big, loud, and amazing!

  3. One of the only things I don’t like about Raymond James is that the parking lots are just like, grass fields. Makes it pretty hard for everyone to be tailgating down rows of cars like you see at other stadiums.

  4. Went to the [email protected] game this year and it was a cold, rainy day but The Dawg Pound was it in full force. The atmosphere was awesome, the people were cool, we partied hard in three muni lot; couldn't ask for much more as visitors. We even made friends with a couple people who ended up giving us club seats for free.

  5. In Orchard Park, we never park in the stadium lots because they are lame. The action is in the many private lots surrounding the stadium. There is a lot on the corner of Abbott and Southwestern (

  6. I usually tailgate outside the WFT stadium and it's pretty chill. It's like that too although the stadium in our spot is kind of obstructed by bushes

  7. I have gone to most Titans games, home and away the past 3 seasons and tailgated at all of them. The only stadiums that have felt college like in their tailgating atmosphere are Buffalo, Raiders (in Oakland), Rams at Sofi, and the best in the NFL by far Cleveland

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