A crude chart I threw together for those wondering how the past decade looks.

  1. I think he does next year in Tampa, then when McVay sees the Matt Stafford experiment didn’t work (since Brady will have won this year and next obviously) he goes to LA for 2 years to win McVay his long awaited ring, then does a 3 year stint in Indy or Denver just to win more rings than Peyton brought either of them before hanging it up with like 10-12 rings and maybe 4-6 MVPs winning his 3rd consecutive first team all decade award

  2. My mistake, I will make this same chart after the super bowl concludes and make sure I get that in there. Can’t believe as a Seahawks fan I forgot that lol

  3. How did the Jaguars have 10 wins in 2017 and still barely average 4 wins for the entire decade. That's sort of impressive.

  4. Man we fell off fucking hard. Split this into first half and second half of the decade and it'll be night and day. (Denver fan)

  5. not even a half anymore my dude. it’s almost 7 years now. just the four years of peyton and then…the rest

  6. Honestly weird to think that the Giants have been worse than us, considering they’re not that far removed from having a franchise QB and 2 SB in recent memory.

  7. Nice chart. The one that surprises me the most is the Cowboys, I did not expect them to be that high for some reason.

  8. It took a whole lot of trying, just to get up that hill, now... We're in the big leagues, getting our turn to bat, as long as we live, It's you and me baby, there ain't nothi...

  9. Imagine averaging 4.2 wins a year for 10 years. That kind of sustained failure seems almost impossible.

  10. Tomlin needs someone to help him in the playoffs. He was only succesful with a team he got handed to by coach Cowher & had real leaders on

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