The first three Super Bowl websites from 1999, 2000, and 2001

  1. Even with the ridiculous (by today's standards resolution), they still managed to fit more information on one screen than any website updated in the last five years.

  2. This reminds me of those infomercials you'd see after Super Bowls around that time where they try to sell you all of the commemorative stuff. They would always say "[Super Bowl winning team] fans: your team just won the Super Bowl! Now own your part of the history today with 5 easy payments of $29.99"

  3. I’m not afraid to admit that as a child, I had no idea how they knew who won ahead of time instead of realizing later on that they made one for each team and just played the correct one.

  4. Not just around that time, they still air ads like that today. I guarantee you a similar ad will air during the post-game show, more than likely during the first commercial break after the clock hits 00:00.

  5. They still have those after the Super Bowl and both conference championships. I’m 100% going to be suckered into it if they Vikings can finally win one someday.

  6. I don't remember the last few years, but they had one of those after Super Bowl LII before the trophy presentation (little hazy given the alcohol, but I'm pretty sure it was there).

  7. Hey! I helped build some of these. Source: was president of CBS SportsLine who built early versions of and other major sports sites. AMA 😉

  8. How big was the team that made these sites? Was it sort of an afterthought for the leagues, so they just assigned a couple nerds to it, or was is a bigger project with an org chart even within the website team?

  9. The ‘99 and ‘00 sites look like they were run by ESPN. How much code do you retain from previous management or is it all new?

  10. And before ever design had to be able to scale from a portrait mode cell phone to an ultra wide 4k display

  11. That Denver vs Atlanta Superbowl is the first Super Bowl I remember. The first NFL game I remember is the NFC Championship the week before. Sorry Vikings fans. 5 year old me even knew you guys were the better team.

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