[Rapoport] The #Falcons are signing CB Casey Hayward to a 2-year, $11M contract, source said. Some key veteran help in the secondary.

  1. Do you guys play more Man or Zone? If you run man and some man press then you should consider trading for Bradbury - he's better than all the FA CBs anyways

  2. Bradley’s scheme is perfect for Heyward, if the Falcons don’t need a guy who can run with receivers down the field this will be a great pickup for them.

  3. Hayward is 32, though. If Sauce is the best player on the board at 8, I don't think this signing stops you from taking him. That way you can ease Sauce in to things if he's not ready to start from week 1, and even if he is then he's got a good veteran mentor for a couple years.

  4. I think it really just comes down to value. If Thibs falls, he’s the obvious choice. But I’m not sure Travon Walker, Jermaine Johnson, or David Ojabo are better edge prospects than Garrett Wilson/Treylon Burks are at WR. We’ll see what happens I guess

  5. Good player but I don't really know why you do this if you're ATL, unless they're signing Deshaun. He only makes sense on competitive teams, otherwise he screws your comp formula and blocks development.

  6. We have Aj, our Db room is ass and inexperienced. Pees like to run complex stuff that we couldn’t cuz half our team was clueless on the backend (why our second rounder couldn’t get much playing time). Casey will help with that alone.

  7. My hope is this is a move to bring experience to out secondary, outside of AJ it was awful last year. Having a vet like Hayward makes sense in that regard, I'm surprised we got him tho.

  8. I swear to God of news breaks that Josef Martinez or Trae Young are leaving I'm gonna become a Detroit sports fan.

  9. I don't know if there's a more underappreciated cornerback in the league. Seems like Hayward always plays solid defense, keeps his head down and then gets released.

  10. Good signing for the falcons. He isn’t the same Casey Hayward to lock someone down completely like back in the day but he still is decent

  11. When we signed him last year knowing he was old and seemed to be regressing, I was surprised at the beginning of the year when he seemed to be playing really well and i was waiting for him to fall apart and he just never did. Good pickup for the falcons.

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