[Pelissero] The #Rams are signing WR Allen Robinson to a three-year, $46.5 million deal that includes $30.7M fully guaranteed, per sources. The deal was negotiated by agents @bparker of @vaynersports and Roosevelt Barnes.

  1. He probably gets a show me contract. Robinson is insurance, most rams fans are ignoring the fact that both woods and obj both are coming off an acl tear. Woods should be ready by camp but could seriously regress due to his injury. Obj won't be ready till November and same issues but times 2 cause this is his 2nd tear.

  2. I can see him going to your dolphins actually. He just wants to be a celebrity in a big city. That’s why he forced his way to LA in the first place.

  3. To be fair, our receiving core was awful after OBJ went down in the SB... no OBJ, no Higbee, no Woods, Kupp doubled, Van Jefferson played poorly, and Ben Skowronik is a 7th round special teams guy that cant catch a cold.

  4. Rams fans kept explaining that their cap situation greatly improves this offseason once Goff and someone else who I can't think of atm money came off the books but people just acted like they were in cap hell with no draft picks.

  5. Snead/McVay are just amazing at assessing talent in later rounds. The Rams last first round pick was Goff in 2016, their next isn't until 2024, and their Super Bowl MVP was taken in the 3rd.

  6. Have a feeling ARob is going to enjoy playing with Stafford and the Rams sliiightly more than Mitch/Foles/Dalton in Chicago

  7. Also that exact type of receiver that Stafford already knows how to take good advantage of as well.

  8. Biased because I’m from Chicago but I don’t think he will total more yards/catches this next year. This team has more weapons than we had so they’ll spread th w targets around. ARob’s volume was a product of being a safety blanket for a young QB with a bad offensive system when he was here.

  9. In this case, Kirk had a far better season last year. In fact every year of his career is better than what Robinson did last year.

  10. In all fairness, Jefferson hasn't really proven enough to move up the depth chart yet. He had a pretty solid start to the year but once Woods went down he didn't seem to elevate his game when we needed him to. He didn't show much in the playoffs either.

  11. He was talking about taking less to sign with a contender. I didn't believe it until it happened. He had a shit year on the tag, but he was also playing for the Nagy Bears.

  12. Everyone knows Kirk got overpaid and players are willing to take discounts to chase rings and be on good teams.

  13. Yeah, remember he came into last off-season wanting 20M+ aka top 5 money. Bears offered around 18M and he and his agent refused and opted to just quit on Fields this year. Now he is getting basically what he got back in 2018 originally.

  14. This is a great signing. Stafford has had a big jump ball guy his whole career between Calvin, MJJ, and then Golladay. If there's any QB in the NFL that will get the most out of Robinson, it's Stafford

  15. Cleared $16 mill when Big Whit retired and we now don’t have to pay Von. Snead is just aggressive.

  16. Well it’s not 20 mil but certainly expensive, when the time comes I wonder who they’ll pick between Woods and Robinson

  17. Still going with woods. We could have a shit ton of cap space with whit retiring Goff and gurley coming off the books. Extending AD and staff gets us almost 70 Ms.

  18. Imagine if the Rams also sign OBJ and he's healthy for the playoff. The opposing team will have their CB1 on Kupp, CB2 on Robinson, CB3 on Woods, and CB4 on OBJ. (AR, Woods, and OBJ are all WR1b, Kupp is WR1a because he earned it)

  19. Here I'm watching my team, which has like the 7th most cap space, wonder if we can keep our #2 RB and the Rams are out here just signing their 3rd #1 WR. Wtf is going on?

  20. The Rams are entering salary cap hell... any minute now... yep... it's coming... maybe not this season... but definitely next season... or the one after that... or... come on!

  21. It’s crazy to me that JuJu signed an 8 mil 1 year deal last year and will probably get at least this this year even though he missed almost the entire season.

  22. I guess this is very expensive insurance to let Woods and OBJ (assuming he's re-signed) recover and not rush back.

  23. ugh that is such a reasonable deal. why the hell wouldn't we be in on that. give him 3/48 and 32 guaranteed and move on from Agholor. dang it.

  24. How do pats fans feel about shipping Nelly and his contract to us for a late round pick? Seems like that would please both fan bases

  25. For everyone wondering why the Rams would add another receiver, please take a look at the WR/TE's the Rams played in the Super Bowl.

  26. I’m happy Allen robs finally gets good QB to throw to him. This dude has been balling out with guys like Bortles, Mitch and hackenburg in college.

  27. Obj might not re-sign and would be out till November anyways. Bobby trees would just be coming off an acl injury so it would take him some time to fully ramp up, I believe. That just leaves Van, who while I love, hasn’t been the most consistent or reliable receiver. This way you have some stafford can target while kupp is getting double and triple teamed. Lol

  28. Bruh, his agents are the real MVPs. How in the world did he get that contract after putting up the numbers he did last season? Unreal.

  29. McVay and his coaches watched his tapes, much like watching OBJ's tapes before signing him. They know what he's capable of, his numbers from last year is more the result of the Bears quarterback situation.

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