[Schefter] After signing Allen Robinson today, the Rams begin receiving calls about the availability of WR Robert Woods, who is now a prime trade candidate, per league sources. Woods is coming off a torn ACL, but is expected to be ready by training camp.

  1. Before Kupp turned into Jerry Rice mixed with Randy Moss, him and Woods used to do a lot of the same things, so I could see them trying to make the receiving core a little more versatile. Plus it didn’t feel like Woods and Stafford had much chemistry last year

  2. I don't follow the Rams too closely but seems like either one of Woods or Jefferson will likely be on the trading block?

  3. I doubt they trade Van Jefferson. He's progressing into a reasonable deep threat to draw away safeties which leaves the other receivers more open. Having a cheap decoy who still put up 800 yards last season can be pretty useful.

  4. He was my favorite bill of the drought era. Dude can catch, block and run the ball with the best in the league. Criminally underrated and tough as nails.

  5. You're unlikely to see him be on the move until June 1st. His cap savings are $13M with a post-June 1 trade. Rams likely see how he recovers over the next few months and then deal him.

  6. As a fan of a team looking for a #1 wr Woods fits the exact bill of what I'd want other than maybe a rookie pheom. His skill set complements the other guys currently on the roster, he's proven himself to be both a great player and a greay leader over the last few years. On the other hand the fact that the Rams would rather go with Robinson who is only a year younger is a huge red flag for how they perceive Woods's knee prognosis. Especially since he has seemed like such a key locker room guy for that team who is universally loved.

  7. The Rams did not say they would rather go with Robinson over Woods. Just because teams are calling to see if Woods is available does not mean he is.

  8. We're going to play 10 personnel and have Cooper Kupp line up in the backfield. You're going to need some faster linebackers.

  9. I honestly think Woods would be worse on any other team. I’m sure he’s improved with the rams, but mcvay makes everyone look better in his offense.

  10. I’m pumped for Robinson. He suffered through Hackenberg in college, Bortles, Trubisky and the carousel of qbs at the Bears to now play with one of the greats in Stafford. The Rams keep getting guys I wish my GM would’ve.

  11. Please go to the Bears. We need another receiver, and one that can block and open up Fields or Monty rushing would go a long way.

  12. I choose to believe we will call about Woods and get hung up on. Which is understandable (division team and all that), but I just want to rationalize why we won't be in any reports about trade partners when we desperately need a WR2

  13. They need to keep Woods for outside zone blocking, jet sweeps and depth. We dont want the same problem that we had when OBJ went down in the super bowl.

  14. Is anyone familiar with the Rams cap situation? How realistic is it that they actually keep Jefferson and Woods? Asking cuz I want to put the fattest bet on Stafford for MVP and actually not be called a homer this time.

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