[Rapoport] With Bobby Wagner’s contract official, a look at the numbers: — Functionally, it’s a 2-year deal worth $17.5M base with a chance to make $23.5M with incentives. — He gets $6.5M in Year 1 — but $10M fully guaranteed, working with the #Rams while they work on Aaron Donald, etc.

  1. 95% of fans also have no idea how contracts work and the media doesn’t help by just putting out the skeleton figures first

  2. quick reminder for those who need it, "years with no guaranteed salary" are not the same as "void years"

  3. So essentially $10M instantly in his bank account, and if he plays well, he gets a total of $23.5M over 2 years.

  4. The last few years probably have a very high base salary and/or team option to cut him. Maybe void years as well.

  5. the other years are void years, they essentially say after year 2 we get to cut you or restructure, but use it to spread the signing bonus cap hits.

  6. Let’s be real. If you had your choice to play for the defending super bowl champs or the Cowboys. Who you picking?

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