What is an NFL conspiracy that you 100% believe in or is plausible?

  1. I’m convinced that’s what happened in the Super Bowl this year. Make up calls happen all of the time.

  2. I’m not sure about NFL, but i know a few years back an NHL ref had his live mic on during a game and was caught saying something to the effect that confirmed “make-up calls”. Wouldn’t be surprised if the same was true across all sports, though.

  3. Probably more common but people don’t care. I remember when Derrick Rose signed his $100 million contract with Adidas, he demanded that everyone in his entourage get hired by Adidas for $100k salaries. Everyone got taken care of and Rose didn’t have to deal with it, Adidas did. I’d imagine it’s going on with many other sponsors hiring friends and family of NFL players but no one’s sitting down putting the pieces together

  4. That's not a conspiracy, that's true. The Broncos got fined and lost draft picks for doing something like that with Terrell Davis. I'm sure it's done all the time.

  5. My biggest sports theory in general is that they don’t want perfect officiating because getting upset over calls only increases your emotional connection to teams and the controversy only increases people who hear about the sport

  6. Peyton used HGH to get through a career ending injury and his body started to break down after the nfl started testing for HGH in 2014

  7. I feel like people say this not knowing in 2014 he got seriously hurt against the colts. He fucked up his thumb, ankle, and hip that season, played through those injuries for like 3-4 weeks and then finally told the team that he was hurting too much because his play style was just so off, people were writing him letters to just come out and say that he was hurt. He went from tossing it down field accurately for 50+ yards in a tight window to having his receivers have to beat their man atleast within 25 yards to make a deep play. He wasn’t throwing the same and you could even see how he would hesitate to throw at times because of how painful it was. 2015 he was still struggling with injuries and hurt his ankle again, which is why he got sat out for Osweilar. I guess if you’re not a broncos fan you just look at the stats and instantly think something was up, but Peyton was getting really bad old man injuries around that time and 2015 was the “win or bust” season which is why the entire coaching staff was changed, Peyton had to trust Kubiak’s offense alot more, and the broncos were more run oriented (despite having an ass offensive line that also declined after 2013).

  8. I mean he did go on a medical tourism trip in Europe for stem cell therapy on his neck. So the HGH that was sent to his house for his ‘wife’ very well could have been his.

  9. Sometimes, I just stop and think about how thankful I am that I got to see that game. Not only was it a bonkers game, we got one of best memes of the 2020 season out of it.

  10. Dude definitely pooped. And I hate that he keeps denying it. Lmao his clenched-cheek jaunt to the locker room area told the whole story.

  11. God it was like something right out of the WWE. Lamar goes to the locker room, back up gets hurt, 3rd stringer gets hurt. Announcers go “well who do they have left??” As they finish, camera cuts to the locker room as Lamar charges out to go win the game

  12. PI review was intentionally sandbagged because the refs don't like having their judgement questioned

  13. It is so clear that this is the case. Unbelievable that they basically ignored this rule by not overturning anything halfway through the season. That genuinely pissed me off.

  14. This is 100% true considering we all see the rewinds of the footage too, and truly I think sometimes “do they have different footage or something?” Some are so blatantly wrong you can never convince me refs aren’t just stubborn assholes.

  15. My parents must have made a deal with the NFL to be a sub-experiment as part of this. From New England, so could have been a Patriots fan and saw multiple titles without being a bandwagon fan. When I was about 6, fell in love with watching Barry Sanders and became a Detroit Lions fan. Despite the fact he retired the next season, I've stayed a Detroit Lions fan.

  16. 49ers fan here. Baalke seems like he does a great job of politicking his life way up the ladder. This guy had 1 kind of good draft as 49ers GM, and he used it to get in good with the York family and was directly responsible for Jim Harbaugh getting pushed out.

  17. Tbf, Shad Khan is a dick. He tried to cut wages of worker at factories he owns after purchasing the football team because money was tight. That went over...not great. He's not a well liked man in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area.

  18. This is definitely true, even if he doesn't always use the findings to his advantage. In 2019, Bill figured out you could burn clock by repeatedly jumping offsides and taking delay of game penalties on 4th down, and he showed everyone his neat trick when the Patriots were up 33-0 on the Jets.

  19. Every coach should be doing this lol. If it’s not in the rule book you should try to find a competitive advantage to win games, which I’m assuming is the ultimate goal.

  20. Isn't he on the competition committee? I feel like he votes for rules that he already knows have gray areas so he can plan ahead 9 years to use them in a game against the Steelers in Week 3 that ends up being the difference in a tie breaker for the 2 seed where they end up in the AFC championship against the Texans on the road but they've beaten them the last 6 times in Houston and if he didn't have that rule he voted in 9 years prior they would have lost to the Steelers and ended up as the 6 seed and have to play the Browns in the Wild Card at home but where the Browns always give them trouble there after November and he didn't use the third round draft pick from the draft 4 years prior to pick up FS they would develop for 3 seasons before trading him to the Giants for a RB they could have used in the 4th quarter on the goal line to exploit the Browns weakness up the middle so they'll have to chance it with...checks notes...N'Keal Harry's blocking abilities, who will end up playing more years on the Patriots than Tom Brady and Matt Slater combined.

  21. Thats just 100% confirmed. The conspiracy is that Goodell had seen the tape before it went public. We really gonna believe that the nfl couldnt get the tape but tmz did?

  22. Has anyone talked about the change to taunting rules to allow for more room for refs to throw the flag and change the complextion of the game, the same year the NFL announced major gambling partners

  23. Not just McDaniels - Belichick purposefully vouches for guys he knows aren't capable of being head coaches in order to seed the league with easy competition.

  24. They did this with McDaniels to the colts. Then McDaniels pulled out and colts took Reich from the eagle SB winning season.

  25. They really tried to sell it by having the Broncos beat them in the regular season but we all saw through the smoke

  26. I think it's rampant, but I think that most of these guys are freakish enough that it isn't for speed or strength so much as the recovery benefits. I remember even in HS hurting for days after our games, so I cannot imagine what those guys feel like and being able to recover in half the time is a huge performance booster.

  27. Oh without a doubt. Probably true in most professional sports. At the very minimum they’re used in the rehab process from major injuries. Which if they’re used relatively wisely, isn’t really a bad thing.

  28. To deny it would be not to look at reality. It’s a brutal sport and they help immensely in the recovery process. They’re getting good at skirting tests these days as well.

  29. In my medical school pathology classes we had a guy come in to teach a guest lecture about the histology of brain injuries. Histology is the study of the microscopic structure of tissues so essentially we spent a lot of time looking at cells on a microscope slide to compare healthy to non-healthy cell structure.

  30. And they totally fucked Will Smith over by giving him sketchy notes on his performance in Concussion so he wouldn't win the Oscar:

  31. I thought this immediately. BB always seems to know too much and be on top of everything, he is also definitely not the type to text the wrong person out of mistake or uncertainty. He was giving Flores a smoking gun to get the ball rolling. He was doing a favor for his homie.

  32. There have been a lot of prime time Giants games the past decade which contradict this statement.

  33. If only they understood lopsided games are still more entertaining than constant flags and nothing makes me want to turn my TV off more than constant flags being thrown.

  34. Personally, my favorite is the 2003 Super Bowl debacle between the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers where some people believe Bill Callahan sabotaged his own team.

  35. Callahan didn't change the playbook after Gruden was gone. Gruden acted as the scout team QB in practices before the SB because he knew everything Gannon was going to do.

  36. even better: they dont need to be told. The "company men" know what to do. The ones that do it get promoted and get bigger games. No paper trail.

  37. Bill Belichick single handedly sent out a ballistic missile warning to the entire state of Hawaii to play mind games with Marcus Mariota on the day of their playoff matchup

  38. Was listening to a podcast where Carmelo Anthony talked to Stern about a 15 game suspension he received and Stern let him know "I know where you live, when you sleep, who you're with" essentially admitting the NBA has some sort of surveillance program on its players.

  39. Damn how have I never heard of this before? I tried to find the picture comparing Ben to the other dude but I can’t find anything

  40. Teams and players mutually agree to leak fake contract extension offers when a team doesn't want to re-sign a player but thinks it would be bad PR to do so. It's beneficial to both parties - the team isn't saddled with a contract it doesn't want to give, and the player makes more money on the open market because other teams think he's still wanted.

  41. The Ravens would love to have kept Mosley but the Jets offer was market-busting. I'm not convinced we were actually offering $14m/yr, as even that seemed like an overpay based on his positional value... but him getting $18m/yr was ludicrous.

  42. I believe the Packers offer to Davante Adams, which was said to almost exactly match what he got from the Raiders, was for PR purposes. I think all the decisions were already made. The Packers offer might have helped Adams get a better deal (but not substantially more), while making it appear that the Packers FO tried to retain him.

  43. There is no solid argument for not having roughing the passer calls reviewable other that it being a method for refs to keep the game interesting

  44. This account is tied to an NFL back office exec who is looking to see which conspiracies have the most traction so they can direct more effort towards preventing visibility to those areas.

  45. The Colts 100% knew Manning was done for the season early in 2011 and strung everybody along. Dude had full on noodle arm and wasn't even close to game ready late in the season. They intentionally trotted out Curtis Painter to go after Luck.

  46. The Saints-Rams no-call was part of a deliberate effort to get the Rams to the Super bowl in order to revive interest in a valuable-but-currently-floundering franchise that had just moved.

  47. It also changed live broadcasting. Whenever a eyebrow raising call occurs, they no longer go straight to a replay. There's 15-30 seconds of the announcers talking. They're looking at the replay. If it's deemed too controversial, then they will go to commercial. After the break, the review is done and the game moves forward.

  48. Tony Corrente actually isn't a bad referee. He just has Vegas money in his back pocket. The NFL forced him to retire, because it was becoming obvious he was shaving points.

  49. Having lived in New Orleans and dealt with Entergy (the local power company) for decades, I'm perfectly comfortable with the idea that they just suck at their jobs.

  50. I’ll always believe this from watching that game. The power ‘went out’ after Jacoby Jones returned the Second Half kickoff for a td and the Ravens had all the momentum and energy on all three levels of play. After the game they tried to change to story that the power went out right after Beyoncés performance, but that’s just not true.

  51. Urban Meyer knew that Hernandez was a murderer while they were both still at UF. That's why he retired "for his health". There are probably a couple bodies buried out in Paynes Prairie because of Hernandez.

  52. Referees are influenced by the league to call games to the more profitable team's advantage, or to support whatever narrative they think will draw the most attention. In individual games this influence can be overcome by a heroic effort, but long-term things generally go the way the league wants.

  53. That the Browns return was rushed by the NFL to avoid having another expansion team quickly become competitive like Carolina and Jacksonville did and also to punish the fans for fighting to keep the team name, record and colors instead of letting Art Modell take it to Baltimore.

  54. The Ravens 49ers superbowl power outage was an attempt by the NFL to slow the game pace down. It was on pace to be the FASTEST superbowl ever played because the clock just never stopped. The NFL still had millions worth of commercials to run so they needed to slow the game down.

  55. I mean, the NFL does love a scapegoat. One great recent example is what they did to Jon Gruden from the WFT emails that were "leaked". Like, don't get me wrong, dude deserved to catch some shit, but don't tell me that was the ONLY impropriety in the thousands of pages of emails...Easier to ruin a coach's career than screw with an owner, you know?

  56. Didn't they just sink millions into renovating the stadium and surrounding area? I think Shad is more an example of Hanlon's Razor, and the Peter Principle.

  57. They came down so hard on the Saints for the bounties because Favre was supposed to either win the Super Bowl and ride into retirement, or literally die on the field. They got too close to almost killing him.

  58. Tom Brady met with the Glazers at the ManU Tottenham game and brokered a deal where he’d go back to Tampa, but Arians would be pushed out.

  59. You could be right but I would bet it swings the other way in that there will be some good old fashion collusion between owners to stem QB salaries. It's not about the guys who truly deserve it, it's about the second tier guys who don't but the going rate for any competent pass thrower is $30 million a year. Owners will collude to create a middle class of QBs like Baker, Carr, Cousins, Jimmy that you can sign without taking up 25% of your cap.

  60. Belicheck intentionally texted Flores to inform him Daboll was given the job before Flo was interviewed. He didn’t “accidentally” text the wrong Brian. They worked together for 15 years. And, that move hurt 2 division rivals of the Patriots at once.

  61. Also it wouldn’t surprise me if they were both in on it and the whole text is scripted. All Flores would have to do is call him on a burner and he can sue the biggest sports league in the country. That kinda shit doesn’t just happen coincidentally I don’t think.

  62. The Vikings intentionally lowered the pressure in the Metrodome during a large, but not unprecedented snowfall in order to provide the public a strong visual to gain support for a new stadium.

  63. Other NFL owners are just as a big of scummy assholes as Dan Synder but we don’t hear about it because Jeff Bezos (owner of the Washington post) isn’t trying to buy their teams and leaking any information on them

  64. To some degree. Bezos has been amplifying, but we can go back 15 years and find articles of Snyder being called out.

  65. Cleveland will never win a Super Bowl because they have made enemies out of the NFL as an organization and the referees and now the owners. The first factor being that Cleveland sued the NFL and made Art Modell's transition to Baltimore more complicated. The second being Bottlegate, and I do not believe that the refs union is over that. That was certainly enough before but thirdly, the decision to give a player $230 million will not go over well with other owners.

  66. Colin Kaepernick was paid by Big Flag to kneel during the anthem, thus bringing more attention to it, causing a backlash that resulted in more pronounced nationalism and pro military sentiment during the anthem that was shown through the purchase of bigger and larger quantities of flags. The counter to the backlash then took the form of protests where many protestors used different types of flags. Any time super divisive topics come up, espwcially involving "the troops", both sides end up purchasing more flags.

  67. My friend is convinced that Tom Brady and Robert Kraft had a secret under the table deal while Tom was in New England taking “team friendly deals”

  68. That the NFL desperately wants a larger foothold in the LA market and are willing to compromise legitimacy in order to get it.

  69. The refs/league work together to make games closer and more exciting. Refs will turn a blind eye towards obvious PI's/holds.

  70. It wasn't the Seahawks with the legion of boom it was the patriots with the brady Boys in the first dynasty. Manning and the colts whined that their guys were getting to beat up off the line and made it impossible to play in.

  71. The NFL knew the balls were just low pressure due to the cold and buried the evidence because they were still mad at Brady and the Patriots and wanted to punish them because . . . . .

  72. NFL made sure Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset—any NFC team that played him would’ve been the victim. It just happened to be Carolina.

  73. Sometime in the mid-1980s, Jerry Jones made a deal with the NFL that he would win at least 3 SBs in return for buying the Cowboys. The prominent oil and businessman was able to guarantee a huge investment in the struggling NFL and help launch the owners into some of the highest income generating markets in the world. He would do this through outside deals that he could use his connections to make, and the NFL would wag a finger at him while they were raking in the money.

  74. “Tanking” in the sense of playing players actually trying to lose a game does not happen. Same with coaches, they don’t not try to win games for a higher pick either.

  75. Alex Guerero has invented the greatest undetectable PED ever, and Brady has been using it most of his career.

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