2022 NFL Draft Day 2 Discussion thread - No Spoilers

  1. Dolphins: if you guys don't like waiting for picks, we'd probably be willing to give you our 4th and 5th round picks for that Waddle guy. You'd rather have a Runner than a Waddler right?

  2. In all seriousness, what type of person do you have to be to show up to the draft and just scream whenever they announce your team has picked someone you have never heard of before? It seems exhausting keeping it up for hours lol. The picks are in the 100’s at this point…

  3. Are those SpongeBob socks RG3 is wearing today? Thought for sure after Knuckles yesterday it would've been Sonic or Tails today.

  4. Damn, I wanted Bell. I feel like he's going to be the Gabe Davis of this draft. Overlooked mid-round guy who just produces.

  5. They think watching the tenth replay of Brandt's pick announcement instead of hearing about the guy who was drafted is better content

  6. There is a reason as an Iowan who didn't want to show favorites in 1998 with my parents, Bears/Vikings and Packers fans, that I picked Tampa Bay over the Lions. I was already an Iowa State fan.

  7. The dumbest Baker narrative is: “a lot of teams want him but NFL GMs have colluded and agreed not to trade for him because the Browns have no leverage so they’ll wait for him to be cut to get him for free.”

  8. You know they're ready to wrap the night up when they start having the professional, to the point NFL exec start calling the pics.

  9. Well... atleast Wayne Newton didn't tell us a story about when he was a young man living in a studio apartment in Ithica, New York on the campus of Cornell. You know he didn't want to go to Las Vegas, in fact there was only one place he hated more, But lets not talk about Branson, Missouri.

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