[Schefter] Deal is now in place: Saints and Tyrann Mathieu officially reached agreement on a three-year, $33 million contract, including $18 million fully guaranteed, per sources. Language still needs to be finalized and the deal signed. But Mathieu is returning home to New Orleans.

  1. The 18M guaranteed is what makes it so nice. At a glance only looks like 2 years of guaranteed money, and gives us room for Loomis to eventually move money around as needed.

  2. He's gonna be 30 in two weeks but yeah he came into the draft after three years in college and had a late birthday.

  3. Holy shit, I'm about to be 31 and always assumed Matthieu was older than me after seeing him in All or Nothing. Fuck.

  4. Mickey Loomis is that motherfucker who is playing tetris and just when the blocks are all the way to the top, he starts dropping straight pieces and eliminates the entire board.

  5. He wanted 18 per from us and mailed it in last season without a contract from us. Now he’s signing an under values deal but gets to go home. Good pickup for the Saints at that price.

  6. Absolute steal. He's a top 5 saftey and an even better corner especially in the slot (though he dosent like to play corner).

  7. Seems fair both ways. Maybe Mathieu could’ve gotten high 30s with more guaranteed, but I don’t see robbery in this contract or whatever. Nice deal for both.

  8. This was no doubt specifically set up to go down this way because Saints didn't want to give Chiefs a comp pick and Mathieu, who wasn't offered a contract from the Chiefs, didn't want the Chiefs to get a comp pick too.

  9. Basically the same amount KC gave Reid, but with even less total guaranteed. Puts him at 11th for avg yearly. That had to be a big ego check for him.

  10. I don’t think it was about affording for other teams. I’ve been vocal about Louisiana players not coming home and following the money…

  11. I think the Steelers have known since last week where Mathieu would sign, think he just wanted to play in NO considering we couldn't get him in for a visit.

  12. To be honest, I think I preferred what we have. Edmunds and Kazee for less than Mathieu's AAV combined, seems like a pretty solid strong safety rotation for me.

  13. Idk about winning the division but we are 100% a wildcard contender. NFC is weak af and I would say we have significantly improved compared to last year with Winston and MT back and didn’t lose too much to free agency only MW who we replaced with Maye who isn’t that much worse for way cheaper.

  14. Unless Jarvis is willing to take a pretty cheap deal, likely takes the saints out of the running since they only have about 14 mil left to sign their rookies+other possible roster moves. Plus they traded up for Olave.

  15. Don’t expect Jarvis to sign with the Saints. But realistically, he’s going to have to settle for less wherever he lands. Nobody’s giving him more than $8M at this point and that’s on a 1 year deal.

  16. I think he overplayed. He wanted like 18m a year at first and settled for like 11m. I dunno all the details but seems like he could have gotten more than 11m if he was willing to negotiate down from 18m earlier in the off-season

  17. Partially IMO. But it kinda feels like a bit of a hometown discount too given how excited he seemed about playing in Louisiana again

  18. He tried for 18M pet before last off-season from the Chiefs. Chiefs said no, then last season he played like absolute ASS & constantly popped off at the tweets and made “business decisions” (lots of missed olé tackles) and chiefs said hard pass!

  19. Anyone think if the saints just blew it up theyd be better off? Like, we know next year they are going to restructure 90% of the rosters contract in order to get under cap and they will still have either a similiar record of worse. Rather then try and pretend they have a superbowl window they should just kill all their bad contracts and start from scratch.

  20. Nah, coming back from those "rebuilding" seasons is way harder than it sounds. I'd rather our worst seasons be middle of the road stuff than have to slum it like the Jets, Jags, Dolphins, etc... have done. You risk getting a loser tag on you that scares off good players

  21. We set a record last season by starting 58 separate players over the course of the season last year, including 4 different quarterbacks. If we’d literally only had our starting KICKER for the season, we go 11-6 and are in the playoffs. Even with our struggles, we were a Ram’s choke to the 49ers in week 18 away from the playoffs at 9-8.

  22. Saints were 2 fgs away from being 11-6 last year. With a healthy kicker we are in the playoffs lol. That's without our qb1 wr1 almost all season. Covid games missing 10+ players & coaches. Tons of adversity and still had a winning record despite fielding backups for the majority of the year.

  23. How is a deal officially reached, but also not finalized or signed? I understand since the major components are agreed to he's probably going to sign, just seems like a strangely worded tweet, Schefter should bring that up with whoever wrote it for him.

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