[Raiders] Dan Ventrelle is no longer with the Raiders organization. We will have no further comment at this time.

  1. Their VP of Human Resources was removed yesterday (no information why). President today. There's definitely a story in here somewhere.

  2. Our interim President retired after he and the VP finished up an audit. The Raiders are just slowrolling a new front office now that theyre in Vegas.

  3. Apparently he's the President of the Raiders (or was) and served 18 years with the organization in various capacities. Been President since July of 2021.

  4. I do remember there was some articles about the Raider's accounting not adding up and a shakeup of the execs was happening. Maybe has to do with that, but just speculation.

  5. I like to imagine the PR person who runs the Twitter account just took a shot and went “I’m done with this shit: here’s our statement and leave me the fuck alone”

  6. The way this is phrased makes it way more intriguing than it probably is. Team President is usually more business side related than something related to football, so it's not really that exciting of a story.

  7. The way it’s worded is basically the no comment at this time after a news bomb shell not what you should see when an 18 year employee who got to the top of the organization moves on. VP of Human Resources yesterday and this guy had been promoted to permanent t President from interim months ago. Would be surprising if there isn’t a story

  8. There are serious reports that the Washington Commanders have committed financial fraud and accounting irregularities.

  9. In my old corporate days running larger companies when we fired someone for cause related to something illegal or anything involving our legal department, we always kept the announcement short and simple per our legal department and lawyers.

  10. Rumours of the raiders hiring someone to conduct a financial audit into the club which finished this week.

  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/06/dan-ventrelle-claims-multiple-female-employees-made-complaints-about-mark-davis/

  12. If they terminated him on good terms (basically, just want to get someone better at the job), wouldn't they say "We thank Dan for his years of service" or something?

  13. Yeah, this is common in corporations as well - a “X is no longer employed here” means they were dismissed, and they want to avoid any legal consequences of saying more.

  14. Mark just completed an accounting audit of the team. This guy served under Marc Badain who was fired for mismanaging finances. Someone should ask Amy Trask was tricks she tought those two becouse they both worked under her in the Al era.

  15. That’s complete uneducated guess. Let’s read through all these emails and get ahead of the discovery process and preemptively fire anyone who made a joke about lip sizes.

  16. It is likely a financial thing. Mark just did a analysis of the team finances. The guy that was doing it finished his job on Tuesday.

  17. Didn't this happen last season too where Raiders made announcements about several people leaving and we never got context?

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