[Pelissero] Free-agent QB Nathan Peterman is signing a one-year contract with the #Bears, per source. Peterman — who opened the 2018 season as the #Bills’ starter ahead of Josh Allen — spent the last few seasons with the #Raiders. Now, he joins Justin Fields and Trevor Siemian in Chicago.

  1. Peterman gets a lot of sh-t in this sub from people. But those are people who just look at stats, not analytics, The Bears are lucky to add him to the QB room and have him as a spot starter.

  2. Honestly if you take Patrick Mahomes good stats and get rid of them and take all good stats of Nathan Peterman, they are in the same ball park

  3. Honestly, at this point I'm wondering if he's maybe too unathletic to succeed as an NFL qb, but one of those guys that's very smart and kept around on rosters as a qb coach/oc assistant of sorts. There are journeyman guys like that who make a long career playing qb3, never seeing the field, but managing to stick around teams.

  4. He's played so little, if you take away his outlier stats, there's almost no stats left. He's only thrown 135 total passes and only 5 since 2018. INT % of 8.9. That is crazy high. This man is just not good.

  5. People will make jokes because that's what Reddit does, but by all accounts he's a great asset in the QB room and as a practice team QB. There is a reason he's getting jobs.

  6. Follow up tweet: Justin fields has requested a trade. He was assured he was QB1 but the bears actions prove otherwise in his mind.

  7. I think the story is that he's a good practice QB. He looks decent in practice and preseason but just isn't good against real NFL action. So he's kept around as a practice body and 3rd string.

  8. The bears are so weird with the way they ALWAYS have a weirdly decent third string. They had fields, dalton, and foles and now they have fields, siemian, Peterman

  9. The first team that can figure out how to trick him into believing a regular season game is still the preseason is going to have a decent QB on their hands.

  10. This dude's going to have a 100% abysmal career longer than some guys who were actually good and then went to shit and out of the league quickly. He must be a locker room god or something.

  11. They realized now that they want to start the tenure of new FO & coach with wining note. And obviously NP is the missing piece.

  12. Imagine actually knowing Peterman in HS and knowing him as a football demigod only for him to become a meme.

  13. Peterman is gonna end up being what we all keep hoping Kellen Moore becomes and he will wear a bejewled robe on the sideline because he is Lord Peterman.

  14. So.... Hes like a good luck charm? He arrives, does nothing in particular other than illustrate what NOT TO DO, and leaves. The remaining starting QB now looks awesome and leads their strugging franchise to the playoffs.

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