[Meirov] NFL schedule leak: The defending Super Bowl champion LA #Rams will open up the 2022 NFL season on Thursday Night, September 8th … against the Buffalo #Bills. Josh Allen vs. Matthew Stafford + Von Miller returns to LA. 🔥🔥

  1. I never thought I’d live to see the day. People are going to get very sick of us this year if our leaked schedule is real.

  2. I think if it’s a 30-27 game or something like that then they’ll both be viewed very favorably. That being said if we win 50-0 I’m tattooing josh Allen’s face on myself

  3. I dont know how you say this; the defending SB champs versus the (from what I've been able to see) consensus #1 team going into the season. Of course the winner will be seen as THE team to beat. They should be.

  4. Yeah, I’m pleased with this… Any of the other possible matchups were a bit worrisome IMO because of our still emerging fan base. Would be pretty shitty to raise a banner in a stadium likely filled with Cowboys or Raiders fans…

  5. Even though Allen has proven over the years to be elite, i still get scared that this entire thing is a dream and that we're going to be embarrassed on national television.

  6. The real nightmare will begin when suddenly Allen has been in the league for 10 years with elite play, but the rest of the team lets him down and y'all don't win anything, and you start getting that creeping feeling that the team wasted their chance and you're running out of time.

  7. That was us until the 2021 postseason run. Other than the MNF game with Chiefs in 2018, we usually choke on prime time.

  8. 56-54 GOAT game, foreshadowing what will be the GOAT Super Bowl, which completely dwarfs anything before it in a game where both teams score 100+ points but somehow Aaron Donald and Von Miller both record 8+ Sacks

  9. NFL got it right with this one. I think both QBs stepped up to another tier last year. Stafford now has hardware to support the talent and Allen is easily a top 3 QB after the season and playoff stretch he led. Could easily be a Super Bowl preview

  10. Allen's regular season was better in 2020 overall was better than 2021. His last few games and playoffs though? Unreal.

  11. Even after all that's transpired with the team over the past 3 years, my brain is still so deeply wired for decades of Drought-era football that it feels totally surreal that the Bills are getting slotted into premium games like the NFL opener.

  12. I'm scared McVay is going to try his Superbowl signature move of "cram the run game down their throat for 2 quarters despite gaining <1 yard per run".

  13. For years I kept saying I wanted the Bills to have some national attention for once. Then they finally did and I wanted it to end, in a hurry. There was also some comfort in knowing you'd play every Sunday at 1pm. Now I actually have to check the schedule and plan some time around the games.

  14. I’ve become so bored with the slow teasing of specific matchups. I used to like the schedule release day, but the way they’ve milked it this year, I’m already indifferent.

  15. Except we knew everyone’s opponents before we knew who won the super bowl and therefore who would get the first game of the season.

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