[Meirov] Amount of primetime games by team: 5: CIN, LAC, LAR, BUF, PHI, TB, GB, DAL, SF, NE, PIT, DEN, KC 4: TEN, IND, LV, ARZ 3: CHI, NO, BAL 2: CLE, WSH, MIA, SEA, MIN 1: NYJ, NYG, HOU, JAX, CAR, ATL 0: DET

  1. Not only that, but every single one of our games is at 1:00 except the Bills on Thanksgiving (at 12:30), and the Packers Week 18 (which is still TBD but will almost certainly be at 1:00).

  2. I’m happy with it as a lions fan. Those late night games are horrible. I stay up until midnight and then can’t fall asleep until 2am because I’m fuming about a Hail Mary pass to Richard Rodgers

  3. Dude 1pm games are the best from a fans perspective. As an eagles fan, I'm very jealous of you and other than a Jags fan, how often do u hear that

  4. Wait, why isn’t the Thanksgiving game considered “Prime Time”? People always seem to have it on at family events even if no one is watching

  5. This is something that can happen to a team at most 1/3 of the time, since you need to not have a road game against either West division (excluding Kansas City)

  6. Trust me dude, hold onto that. In our sub all we freaking talk about is missing 1 pm games, but back when we sucked we always complained about only getting 1 pm games and a Thursday game against Brady.

  7. This makes me hope that the Lions put it all together this year and become an unexpected playoff team. Fuck it, I hope all four cat teams are playoff teams this season, pretty sure that’s never happened.

  8. Lions will be like the Bengals last season. Get no prime time games, MCDC goes crazy and bites off so many kneecaps that the Lions make a deep playoff run, then the Lions get prime time games the season after.

  9. I like it for a team like the Lions. You don't have to worry about the young guys crumbling under the pressure or expectations, they can just go out and play and get better every week. And they get to feel like the underdog all year, like the Bengals last year (I mean they probably will actually usually be the underdog but still)

  10. I don’t think our game is prime time but I have a feeling it’s going to get more views than the others slotted for that day but it might get the go ahead depending on how good our teams are doing that deep in the season.

  11. You might be joking but watching your team lose on Sunday Night or Monday Night and realizing you gotta wake up in 5-6 hours is a terrible fucking feeling

  12. Thanksgiving counts as a primetime game for scheduling purposes. Since we always have Thanksgiving we also very very rarely get Thursday night football.

  13. As a European Rams fan, this is the only reason I miss the 7-9 bullshit era. It is going to be some long Mondays at work.

  14. Yeah I feel the same but with the Vikings. Not all too bothererd with only having 2 primetime games because now I can a actually watch some of the games. Last time I stayed up for a minnesota primetime game we shat the bed against the Cooper Rush led cowboys so I know I won't be doing that ever again

  15. Idk what I'm more upset about, not getting a prime-time game or not playing the Chargers, thereby not being included in the dopest anime in years.

  16. Happy to see our team in primetime more this year than previous years, sad that 3 of those games are AT Buffalo, AT Kansas City and AT Green Bay.

  17. Probably not. People tune in to those games. Everyone on here can hate the Cowboys as much as they want but their fans pull big ratings… but you’re right, The Cowboys are near the bottom of the list of teams I find exciting to watch in the NFL right now.

  18. Only until people stop watching them. Dallas frequently has the highest ratings so of course they'll give them the most games possible to increase their revenue. Granted that can get a little circular since we have more prime games we get better ratings and since we get better ratings we get more prime time games...

  19. Philly with 5 is kinda wild, but other that that, it makes sense. (And maybe Miami with only 2 is low, but I’m a Fins fan so I’m prolly too biased lol)

  20. An NFC East team not having 5 prime time games is the wild part. Those teams should guarantee big numbers. Just shows how pathetic the Giants have been over the past decade.

  21. We’re an NFC team that made the playoffs last year. We were always gonna get 5 primetime games, especially with 3 different windows to play in

  22. Made the playoffs, #4 TV market in the league, usually near the top of this list annually if we weren't total ass the season before.

  23. As someone who usually watches Giants games, watching the Bills play is like watching a different fucking sport. They're so fun to watch and will only be better this year, give them all the primetime games and I don't think I'd complain.

  24. The Lions thanksgiving game counts for “prime time” I believe as it counts since it’s a national televised game

  25. As a quick note: for reasons I don't fully understand, NFL rules used to (and may still) allow up to three teams to play six games in prime time.

  26. Annual “I can’t believe NFC East is getting so many prime time games!!” Or, “When are they going to stop shoving the Cowboys down our throat!!” season.

  27. I know we made the playoffs, but I'm surprised we're getting 5 primetime games. Admittedly, two are TNF and the Vikings on Thanksgiving, but still...

  28. It's strange seeing Cincy get so many prime time games. But after last year, I totally understand. It'll be interesting to see if they can handle the limelight. They just snuck up on everyone last year. Nobody really expected them to do what they did. Now, we'll see what they can do when everybody's gunning for them.

  29. We also have what looks like one of the toughest schedules. We play the Bills, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Titans, and then our division should be hard other than the Steelers.

  30. How do the Lions get 0 prime time games yet the Jax, Falcons, Panthers, Jets, Giants, and Texans all get one? Like I dont want the Falcons on prime time we are going to be boo boo. If we could get one surely the Lions could get a game.

  31. The Jets vs Jags and ATL vs Car primetime games are on Thursday, and Detroit does have the Thanksgiving game which for some reason isn't counted

  32. I’d rather see the lions nationally Televised once over the bears three times. Seems like the bears get a ton and their on field product hasn’t been great to watch since 2018, especially not offense. Hopefully they are this year

  33. The Bears are the team I groan about the most whenever I see them on primetime. Idk why and I have nothing against them, but they are truly the most boring team in the league to watch. Well, second to the Steelers these last few years lol.

  34. You mean the primetime commentators aren't excited to broadcast the juggernaut that will be the Browns next season? I wonder why

  35. Not sure if troll question or not but I’ll answer in good faith anyway. They’re coming off a playoff berth with the reigning DPOY who might make another run at the sack record and have a very large national fanbase. That’s as good for ratings as any and that doesn’t factor in the new QB intrigue.

  36. The 13 teams with 5 primetime games play 24 more primetime games than the rest of the league combined (65 to 41). Like I get it, they are the money makers but that is just insane.

  37. Yeah but Lions get one exclusive audience game every year guaranteed due to Thanksgiving which is even better than a primetime game IMO.

  38. wow only 11 PT games for the NFC Least and both NJ teams get 0? Thats gotta be a first, but the ratings will show that is what the people want

  39. Lions might actually have a fire offensive this year and could be THE suprise team of the year if true then i exspect some changes and at least 1 or 2 PT games

  40. Just from a quick glance I'd say the most likely team the NFL will regret putting in a lot of prime time games will be... San Francisco. 5 is a LOT for that team.

  41. What an incredible tiered ranking of the way all these NFL teams look on paper, mixed with how big their fan-bases are. The point of prime-time games is attract as many eyeballs as possible to sell ads. Either show good teams playing each other, or fall back on Fan-bases so dedicated they will watch garbage football just cuz its their team.

  42. The NFL showing the Lions the price they have to pay for keeping them on Thanksgiving, I really hope they never take them off tbh

  43. One of these teams with four or five Primetime games will be horrendous. Which team will make a Primetime game into a half time turn off?

  44. Ugh. Seen the monday night schedule and was pleasantly surprised Dallas only had one, then seen this. Sunday night dallas games shiiiiiiiiiiiit

  45. We're currently at the lifecycle where the Bills will disappoint and everyone will be like "LOL WHY DID BUFFALO GET 5 PRIMETIME GAMES??????"

  46. There must be some shit going on between the league and Detroit or something. I would have given no prime time games to Washington, it just seems like a no-brainer.

  47. Of all the teams that finished with poor records last year, I would think the Lions would be the one that most fans want to watch this year. With Dan Campbell as HC, the Lions have become the 2nd-favorite team among a lot of people I know.

  48. We don’t deserve one and the only other team I can even question having one is CAR. Hell, even they have McCaffrey who’s a superstar who could always make for an exciting game.

  49. I hate night games. I wake up at 4 am for work so they really screw with my sleep schedule if I stay up for the whole thing

  50. Lions don’t have any primetime games this year? Nonsense we’ll have two near the end of the season 👀

  51. Personally don’t prefer primetime games—unless it’s a great match up or rival. Starts and ends too late.

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