[Forbes] The world’s 50 highest-paid athletes raked in $2.97 billion before taxes and agents’ fees over the 12 months ending May 1. 14 of the top 50 are NFL players.

  1. It really pays off the field to be a Qb. I don't think I've ever seen Kirk in a single ad but he still raked in 2.5M.

  2. Man I wish I was talented in sports growing up. Here I am working 60 hours a week and having to choose between fixing the air conditioning unit that broke in the house or fixing the the drywall and insulation that got ruined by a broken water pipe because I can't afford both.

  3. Never understood why people are up in arms over CEOs getting paid a lot of money but don’t bay an eye at athletes making this much. Rookie NFL contracts being worth $20mm guaranteed is absolutely insane for a 21 year old to make.

  4. This is not an example of the wealth gap. They are getting paid approximately equal to the value they are providing. These players aren’t CEOs clocking 10 hours a week collecting an eight figure paycheck from a merger.

  5. The players aren’t the problem though, they provide a multi-billion dollar product, in that sense that may even be underpaid. If there is a group of people to point your sword at it is the owners. They provide almost nothing to the sport(as many cities now pay for stadiums) but reap in more money than the players.

  6. Damn, not as much as I thought tbh. Also, shows that it pays to have a strong union. I bet their wages at least keep up with inflation lol

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