“Dwayne Haskins had a blood alcohol level of .24 when he was killed.”

  1. He was also on Ketamine. RIP....but damn, dude. Absolutely hammered and on special K while driving? Absolutely no foresight from this man. He could have had it all. It's very, very sad.

  2. If it's one thing we have learned about a lot NFL players about the Ruggs situation is that no matter the consequence they really don't give a shit and are going to still do whatever the hell they want.

  3. That's about all I can think about knowing this...at least he died and not someone else. I hate that it's the only thought running through my mind, but when you're that drunk you have no business being anywhere near the driver's seat of a car.

  4. Damn! Dude was lit driving through miami after seeing the risks first hand and the consequence readily available for that type of behavior.

  5. 0.24 BAC and Ketamine in his system. That's sad, very glad he didn't kill someone else driving that way.

  6. It's tragic but at the end of the day I feel more for his family and the people that have to remember killing him or living with the guilt.

  7. I did stupid things when I was young but doesn’t the NFL have some sort of no questions asked ride policy for these young guys? Just a sad and completely preventable (from the sounds of it) situation.

  8. As someone who has done more horse tranquilizer than average that is beyond idiotic. I can barely even walk on ketamine much less drive a car

  9. It’s really amazing, no matter how many times it happens; the lesson of late night intoxication and driving a vehicle is never good.

  10. The fact he wanted to walk to a gas station as opposed to calling AAA was the red flag for me, only someone scared of getting in trouble would do that at 3 am or however early it was

  11. I hate that NFL Twitter and NFL Media used Dwayne's death to cast him in bronze as some kind of born again leader and hardest working guy in the building. He was doing the exact same thing that got him cut in Washington.

  12. It's weird how people are still like "we didn't need to know this info, you're throwing shade on his life" as if this new info doesn't completely change how we should view his death

  13. Idk why this constantly happens in stories. You get a headline with no context and no details but will paint the story in a certain way, then 2 months later the real info comes out and nobody cares. Then when the story comes out and you are trying to filter whats bullshit and whats not you get dogpiled on by assholes just for trying figure out whats real.

  14. This is starting to sound like Jose Fernandez all over again, where initial “reports” were released to give a more positive impression about the victim, but once more time passed the truth came out.

  15. its just like what happened with José Fernández. Sainthood at first, then the truth comes out that they were not sober and their deaths were entirely their own faults for being dumb

  16. Come on...You really think Haskins was at practice? That shit was laughable if you have followed this guy's career for more than 5 mins.

  17. Don’t forget that another person (dump truck driver) has to live with the guilt of hitting and killing a pedestrian, too. I don’t think his/her guilt is assuaged by the fact that the pedestrian was 2x/3x over the legal limit.

  18. A very similar tragedy like this happened to my uncle. He is a truck driver and was going home one night after a delivery. An extremely drunk guy ended up where he shouldn't be and my uncle unfortunately hit and killed him.

  19. Fuck dude I was really feeling bad for him when this happened and thought “I judged this kid too harshly, what a tragedy..”

  20. The fact that Haskins was drunk probably assuages the driver’s guilt, but I doubt anything can erase the trauma of seeing someone bounce off the front of their truck. That image is going to haunt him for a long time. Maybe for life.

  21. I thought it was kind of obvious though with the dump truck driver pulling over immediately the other drivers 911 call screaming what the fuck are you doing get out of the road and the fact he was walking across a highway instead of calling anybody for assistance. I'm sure he wasn't short on resources he could probably buy everything I've ever owned and not hit his credit card limit.

  22. Not just any busy highway, but 595. For those who don't know, 595 doesn't have a median, the middle of the highway is an express highway that goes east in the AM and west the the PM. He was trying to cross at least 10 lanes

  23. Ran outta gas with a .24 BAC? He could have pissed in the gas tank to get to the next gas station.

  24. I really don't understand why these dudes don't have a service or driver on retainer. You fucking make millions, paying for something like that would be a mere drop in the bucket. I hate shit like this that is just 1000% avoidable.

  25. I used to work at a number of high end bars and the NFLPA used to have a car service until 2019. It was a clean looking high-end concierge card that we could call and get a luxury SUV sent out 24/7 no questions asked with the option to have a second driver sent out to follow with their car.

  26. What pisses me off is that at OSU he was never in any sort of trouble - he was a last out first in type guy. Then he goes first round and it all goes out the window. He had all the tools to be an elite QB but once he made it he just went off the rails.

  27. I don't understand people on Twitter complaining about this information getting released. This is always the case when a public figure dies. They weren't complaining when it was released that Mac Miller overdosed on fentanyl.

  28. People really need to learn to not drink and drive. This is a fatal result of drunk driving that wasn't even from being in a vehicle at the time.

  29. Hate to say it, but honestly may be lucky he ran out of gas and was the only person injured. If that car doesn't run out of gas there could be a lot more than one dead person.

  30. Sadly it took me getting arrested to learn the lesson. I was a young and stupid 21 year old who thought I was a good enough driver to not get caught. Sometimes it takes going through it to understand and sometimes you don’t get that chance. It still pisses me off that I had that mindset and chose to drive drunk. Either way RIP Dwayne and I hope the others involved are able to find peace with themselves.

  31. .24 is pretty high tho. Could possibly be enough to be black out drunk. Once you black out your on auto pilot mode and don’t even have a clue what you’re doing. This is why I always say drink responsibly to not get to the point of blackout because DUI is just one of the ways you can fatally hurt yourself under that level of intoxication.

  32. A lot of people brag about driving drunk or just don’t care, sadly. Probably doesn’t help alcohol makes some people feel on top of the world or that they can do whatever.

  33. I don't even understand why being that drunk is considered fun. Anytime I get past the "buzzed" phase of drinking I just wish I wasn't drunk. Now-a-days I can't make it past 4 or 5 drinks before I just gotta stop and switch to non-alcoholic beverages.

  34. Your blood alcohol level can actually increase after death as the body causes endogenous production, it all depends on the protocols followed by the first responders and hospital staff. I can’t recall if he was declared deceased at the scene or not.

  35. So then the thought process is he was driving drunk/drunk with another person in the car, he didn't want to call triple A because that would have likely resulted in a charge. So he decided to make a run for gas instead, with tragic results?

  36. Wasn't there a report that he was practicing/working out with other players around the time that this happened? Am I just making that up or mixing up details?

  37. That's why he was down in Florida. I don't think it's what he was doing at the time of the accident.

  38. Somebody turned a “he was driving to the facility” tweet into a headline that you’re remembering. It was clickbait trash so of course it was on the front page of

  39. According to the report, Trubisky either hosted a workout with his teammates that week, or invited them to work out together as a bonding trip.

  40. It’s terrifying knowing at any given point someone on the road could be borderline blackout drunk driving.

  41. Not just drunk, but any type of intoxicated. I used to work in a pharmacy, and the amount of people driving themselves in and out of there high as shit on painkillers and benzos is absolutely terrifying.

  42. It's so fucking common, man. I live close to the bar areas and driving past 6 pm on a weekend is a gamble. I've seen people straight up drive on the wrong side of the road, drive erratically. It's ridiculous. It's not even like a college town, it's the sort of place people would live to start a family.

  43. That’s well over 10 drinks in his system at .24, a guy his size probably closer to 13. Which means he was easily having 15-20 that night lmao. To get behind the wheel? What an idiot.

  44. Henry Ruggs level shit. Only he didn't get the chance to kill an innocent person and dog. I felt terrible for him when I heard the news. Now I'm just relieved he didn't get the opportunity to hit a family on their way to dropping off the kids to school head on.

  45. Well there goes a lot sympathy for Haskins. His own fault, never should have driven in that fucked up condition. Now he's just another cautionary tale.