[Ravens] We have agreed to terms with CB Kyle Fuller

  1. He wasn't very good last year but I still love Kyle and I'm sure the Ravens will put him in prime position to succeed again if he's got anything left in the tank. I wish him well. Full transparency, I wanted the Bears to re-sign him last year and was mad we didn't. For whatever reason, he struggled in Denver though

  2. He'll be our CB3 and will be getting safety help from Marcus Williams and Kyle Hamilton, hopefully that'll be enough help for him to return to form

  3. CBs eventually just fall off a cliff sadly. It doesn’t even have to be scheme or supporting cast, once the athleticism takes a hit most corners will struggle a lot

  4. All of Chicago wanted the Bears to re-sign him last season and everyone was pissed when we didn't. Just goes to show that sometimes the fans know less than the GMs and coaches, even if the GM and coach is Pace and Nagy....

  5. Seems the Ravens 2022/2023 defensive scheme is “don’t need a pass rush when the qb can never throw on the secondary”. Fuller may have had a terrible season last year but he’s stepping in to a ridiculously talented secondary.

  6. That’s been our scheme since Wink took over as DC tbh. He would just usually blitz everyone to create a pass rush and just hope our secondary would hold up. Was not an effective strategy with practice squad CBs though.

  7. If we can bring houston back, and get Ojabo/tyus healthy enough to be in the mix i think we’ll be okay. I expect oweh to be even more of a force this year as well.

  8. Our pass rush isn't even that bad potentially. Oweh is going into year 2 after a relatively strong rookie year in a system that has struggled to generate pass rush from the front 7, Bowser may be ready week 1 or at least early in the year as recent reports indicated, Houston can be brought back and I assume we intend to given the fact that we tendered him, plus you've got Calais Campbell and Madubuike returning.

  9. Depends on if the secondary stays healthy tbh. They had Marlon & MP but MP missed all last year and Marlon missed like 8 games. Marlon at least should be fine. MP hopefully hasn’t lost a step. Marlon, MP, Williams & Hamilton are all great but if any of them get hurt there’s a massive drop off cuz the depth is shit

  10. Not last year but his last year in Chicago he was awesome. With as much talent as you guys have on defense around him, it's certainly possible he shows out for y'all.

  11. No he’s probably washed, but I’m fairly certain you guys needed the depth and he’s good depth on the off chance he isn’t actually washed

  12. He’s a decent cover 3 corner at this stage in his career. But if he’s man to man with no safety help? Expect the hall thrown that way

  13. He started out the year as a massive liability, getting absolutely torched every time the ball got thrown his way. He was benched for a while and then we lost our nickel CB to injury and he stepped in at nickel and played okay.

  14. Didn't even realize he was available. If he stays healthy this could be a great landing place for him considering his pedigree and the role they'd be asking him to play...

  15. When I read the title I immediately was like "wait what.. Kyle Fuller is available?" I wouldn't have minded a low risk to medium high reward one year deal.

  16. I know he had a shitty year last year, but I like this move (assuming the price is right). We're very thin at outside CB.

  17. You guys seem to excel at getting the last bits of gas out of the tank on guys. If he's gonna bounce back, Baltimore is where it's gonna happen.

  18. I don't think he had a shitty year, I think the Broncos just wanted him to be their CB1. That's not in the cards at 29 years old.

  19. We desperately needed a veteran CB with Marlon/Peters returning from injury and losing Anthony Averett/Tavon Young. This could end up a huge signing for us.

  20. He'll be well as a depth piece in that scheme. The back end of that defense is lookin pretty stout right now.

  21. Obviously a big upgrade from the absolutely ATROCIOUS cb depth the ravens had last year, but how good is he? Guessing he’ll be a CB3 with Marlon & MP

  22. Even if he sucks but can stay healthy, it’s an improvement from last year’s Legion of Whom they got from the orioles

  23. I remember getting roasted by Broncos fans last year telling them that they should still draft a CB in the first and not rely on a 1 year contract Kyle Fuller. Lucky for them they got Surtain

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