[Robinson] The NFL’s motion to compel the Jon Gruden lawsuit into arbitration has been denied. They are now arguing NFL’s motion to dismiss. If that fails, Gruden’s suit against the league will move forward and there is a chance of airing dirty laundry.

  1. Piggybacking top comment to ease expectations on this. Discovery will likely not reveal a whole lot to the public, absent any leaks. (Note: I'm betting on some selective leaks...)

  2. I swear to god the Detroit Lions will be the only NFL team remaining. Our front offices have been far too incompetent to be successfully hiding anything. Unless the whole Henry Ford/Hitler thing counts. In which case yeah we will go down too

  3. He has to, he would know so much about the dark dealings of the shield and for some reason he was the only guy to suffer consequences. Not 'Mr Editor' Shefter or any of Dan Snyder's acolytes either, something extremely fishy is going on.

  4. SCOTUS just unanimously ruled against some arbitration clauses, making it harder for companies to force arbitration, so thats somewhat good news.

  5. The NFL will settle before dirt on owners comes up. If it goes to trial Gruden might be done with coaching at any level once we get to see every poor decision during his career aired out.

  6. Yeah good on Gruden. Not condoning anything he said but the fact the HC of the Raiders was the only person to suffer consequences as a result of the investigation in Washington is frankly ridiculous.

  7. The man signed a $100 million contract. I don’t think this is about money. To him, this seems personal.

  8. Gruden deserves just as much blame for making himself an easy scapegoat by being a racist dipshit. Y’all act like he’s just some random victim here.

  9. No chance any dirty laundry airs. The NFL will offer him enough to settle if they have to. I could see Gruden getting $50 million or so of he has dirt the NFL doesn't want exposed.

  10. 50 seems low for what he lost in his current contract, plus any future employment he could claim he lost. If the NFL is serious about keeping this hush hush, they're probably going to have to back up a Brinks truck or ten.

  11. Anything less than 150m+ and he'd be doing himself a disservice, considering the potential earnings he's lost as a result of all this. That, and how desperate the NFL is to make this go away? Woo nelly...

  12. My assumption is he and others in league circles know a lot of shady shit. That coupled with the Deshawn Watson stuff. Could fuck the league pretty good. A owner that whored out his cheerleaders and a serial sexual predator is the highest paid player. But NFL cares about woman.

  13. I know that the popular guess is that the NFL leaked the emails but that doesn't really make sense. The leaks hurt the league way more than just staying quiet would have. The one that makes more sense to me is WSJ tracking down someone willing to leak at the law firm managing the WFT investigation. In that case I really wonder what the league will do to that law firm should this lawsuit go bad for them.

  14. But he did say those things. It’s not like someone made it up. He ruined his own career by writing bigoted things in email.

  15. The NFL doesn't understand. Gruden has money. This isn't about money. It's not even about salvaging his rep or a job. It's about spite. He's mad that in a probe of Dan Snyder somehow he's the one who got villified. Now he just wants to hit them back.

  16. burn it down Chucky! 650,000 unreleased emails that even if theyre just recipes I want to see them because they must be good to be shared 650,000 times

  17. Between this and Watson's bullshit I'm kinda hoping the NFL blows wideopen. I'm not optimistic--too old to be--but goddamn it'd be nice.

  18. Both avenues they're trying would have essentially sealed these records up for good. It's obvious what their primary goal here is. If the dismissal falls apart, I'd imagine the next move is a heavy investment in shredders and bleachbit.

  19. what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? it’s not a matter of taking sides, it’s just a matter of acting appropriately once the truths comes out

  20. Good, the NFL trying to use him as a distraction was painfully obvious, hopefully Snyder has to sell the team at the very least by whatever will come to light.

  21. this won't go to trial - it would destroy Cmmanders and the commisioner. Jon will deservedly get an 8 or 9 digit settlement.

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