[Stroud] Todd Bowles says the Bucs have released WR Travis Jonson, who was arrested early Monday for driving under the influence.

  1. Bucs signed Richard Sherman a few months after his incident last year that included DUI. Unfortunately I think we all know that a DUI that didn't cause injuries usually only impacts players who won't be making an impact on Sundays.

  2. Ah the classic "come down hard on someone who was never gonna make the team anyway" PR move when we all know they don't really care. This is a team that kept AB around until he finally up and yeeted himself off the team. They don't really care and neither do the other 31 teams.

  3. This isn't the year to have a DUI. Two players killed already for drunk...car stuff (one was walking down the interstate). And Ruggs last year. I don't think teams want any part of that.

  4. Bro you’ve got to be like really really good at football if you’re going to rape someone, almost kill them in a nightclub, beat your wife or whatever and keep your job.

  5. Tbh at this point I'm just wondering why these guys just don't sleep in their car until they sober up and then drive where they need to go.

  6. I have no pity for someone who drives while under the influence. Especially when the NFL offers a 24/7 taxi service. People, if you're gonna get messed up, please don't be stupid enough to drive. You're putting yourself and countless others in danger when you do such a stupid thing. Lastly, if he was a star player or an above average player he wouldn't be cut for this.

  7. Why don’t teams just like give all their players an Uber account with like 10k preloaded for if they are drunk and need a ride. Is this not a thing? Wouldn’t it save them more money in long run than dealing with these situations?

  8. The NFL already offers this service and I bet the individual teams do as well. I'm sure the #1 thing stopping players from using it, is it would be like telling your boss every time you got shitfaced which I imagine may be a lot for some of these newly made 20 year old millionaires.

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