[Barshop] Another lawsuit has been filed against Deshaun Watson. There are now 23 active civil lawsuits filed against the QB. According to the petition, the plaintiff “changed her mind about filing a lawsuit after watching the HBO Real Sports piece” that aired last Tuesday.

  1. I actually think it will be 24 before the start of the season. Remember there were 24 cases at the beginning of this and then the courts said all the women could not file anonymously. So 2 of the women backed out. I’m sure the other woman will eventually rejoin the lawsuit.

  2. You know, 24 might be the limit for me. 22/23 it’s kind of up in air, not sure what’s really going on. Might as well just ignore it. But 24, uff-da, that’s hard to ignore. 25 is gonna be it unless you know he has some excuse. but 26 is a hard limit.

  3. Congratulations to new Browns franchise QB Deshaun Watson for just breaking the NFL record for all-time sexual assault lawsuits filed against one player.

  4. "The first thing (Deshaun Watson) should have done when that came out was call Kobe Bryant's publicist. Cause Kobe was accused of rape, and all he had to do was settle in court for millions of dollars, change his jersey number and win a championship and that soulless town in LA couldn't be prouder. I just hope that when parents let their kids run around in #24 jerseys, they have the decency to say: 'well come on, number 8 was the rapist'."

  5. I don't care how good the football player is, you as a GM can't be so shortsighted and have no risk aversion to thinking it's a good idea to trade away 3 1st round draft picks can give $230,000,000 guaranteed contract when there is a chance he will be suspended for at least 1 season and potentially banned from the NFL.

  6. It's not like he's just stopped being a predator necessarily either. Why would he? He's gotten everything he could want.

  7. You guys dodged a huge bullet by trading him. Maybe even salvaged your franchise from a decade plus rebuild like the Raiders.

  8. I really liked Andrew Berry before all this happened, most people here probably did as well. Proof that at the end of the day most people at these positions will do anything to keep the job.

  9. The Browns deserve everything they get for signing Watson, but we shouldn't pretend like half the league wouldn't have given him the same deal if they had had the chance.

  10. You don’t get it, Jimmy Haslam has a wife and daughter who gave their okay! That’s practically as thorough as a DOJ investigation!

  11. Highest paid QB in the NFL currently with 23 lawsuits… meanwhile his backup is the only Browns QB to win a playoff game in 20+ years.

  12. Man that whole thing of him "surprising" the dude who gave him his jersey number with a Rolex in front of the media and that guy saying "wow, that's a good guy right there" was so unbelievably pathetic.

  13. The bright spot about this is as “teammates” they have to hide their true opinions of anyone on their team basically or they have to face the media personally. I’m sure there are numerous people who hate him quietly or personally

  14. There’s also a lot of Browns fans who are done with this shit and over the franchise. It’s one thing to lose every weekend, but completely different when you jeopardize the team for the next 5-10 years on one person.

  15. I know Browns fans were constantly bashing the Steelers and Big Ben the rapist. Surely they’re doing the same here right?

  16. In the unlikely scenario that the Browns have buyers regret, could this affect his contract status and nullify the guaranteed $ in his contract?

  17. Watson’s salary guarantee is protected by a facts letter between Watson and the Browns. Unknown if additional cases are covered in that letter.

  18. Imagine already having an above average QB with a huge guaranteed contract, keeping him but trading to get a QB that the fans mostly hate, paying him huge guaranteed money, and you might be lucky if he plays 16 games for the duration of the contract due to jail or suspension. What's the chance that this turns out well for the Browns? 10%?

  19. I was legitimately going to stop rooting for the team I have loved for over 30 years if we traded for this scumbag. I am so glad the Browns bit this bullet...

  20. Yeah, I don't know what professional athlete would pay hookers to give them a sports massage. Seems like a bad way to go about things, but I'm sure they know best.

  21. Disparagment of these women's careers aside, what these Neanderthals fail to realize is that non-consensual sexual acts against a prostitute are absolutely still considered criminal.

  22. "I disagree that he will miss half the season and if he’s suspended that will be it no uncertainty. And if he’s innocent there literally is nothing to learn as he did nothing wrong.. aka innocent. I know people who have chump change and have 3+ masseuses because each is good at certain things. It’s extremely ignorant to just say he’s an idiot. He’s rich. End of story. He could have 400 if he wanted to."

  23. People are really willing to be mysoginistic pieces of shit just to defend their sports team. Damn. I love the Patriots so much, and watch every single game, but I would never sacrifice my personal morales.

  24. There are far too many people defending Watson. That said, they seem to be a minority, even on

  25. Ezekiel Elliot was suspended 6 games without being charged by an accusation made by 1 person. Watson is going to be gone for this season AT LEAST

  26. Good luck with that, Brady tried to sue over his suspension too. If Tom Brady, the golden boy (who had science on his side) was told to get lost by the second circuit appeals court; surely a twenty-thrice accused sexual assaulter that's hated by everyone will win his case.

  27. probably expect Watson to follow in Bauer's footsteps...although what Watson has done is magnitudes worse than Bauer

  28. At this point, I would believe Chareth Cutestory, maritime lawyer is advising Watson and the Browns. Browns fans were so close to having a nice thing…so close.

  29. I just saw a comment in there about how "no one mentions the 18 massage therapists who say their experiences with him don't match the accusations" as though that proves anything at all.

  30. I am assuming this wasn't your original intent but this shouldnt be funny. This is fucking horrifying that this predator was allowed to abuse these many women and the 23rd women so much time to come out publicly.

  31. Apparently playing the victim and accusing the women of being liars or just dismissing it as "creepy". Hilarious how in most threads Browns fans pretend like no one's excited for Watson or defending him yet his defenders are swarming this thread lol

  32. It absolutely fucking sucks man. I rode with this team through thick and thin and it feels like they spit in my face.

  33. Because the Stockholm syndrome that is growing up a browns fan is an addiction that I personally, try as I might, can’t fucking kick. I’ve really tried, I just can’t. And I hate myself for it.

  34. It sucks for the fan that grew up their entire life rooting for this team and having something happen like this…it has to be shell shocking in a way.

  35. Easy to say when it's not your team. Most are still going to root for the team, whether secretly or not. If everyone cut and ran when a scumbag was able to play in their teams jersey there'd be nobody left. Watson is a piece of shit but some people on here are acting like the browns fans still left are the ones paying him personally.

  36. Honestly, the friends of mine that stayed, are not terribly excited at this point. They are rooting for the team, largely because they are 2nd/3rd generation fans of the team. But they aren't happy about Watson. I know one dude who is all in. Everyone I know thinks he is being an ass. I immediately made the switch. Weight lifted. Football isn't worth that guy. Nevermind the horrible football decision they made.

  37. Imagine you're a Browns fan who's had more QBs than the years they were in Cleveland since 1999 and it seems like you finally have a good stable franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield who had an up and down year cause he was injured or at least a guy has a huge make or break year in the final year of his contract and who was more than willing to play out his contract. If he breaks out then great if not you trade up to get a guy or you go out and lure a guy like Kirk Cousins or Jimmy Garapolo or something.

  38. Here’s what’s very disturbing about this : most athletes in interviews I’ve heard have maybe 1 or 2 massage therapists throughout their entire career

  39. He actually had up to 40 massage therapist hence his lawyer playing the card that the other 17 woman weren't sexually assaulted so the 23 women are obviously lying.

  40. I hope for genuine ruin to come to deshaun watson and the franchise that decided to pay him 200 million dollars.

  41. And the browns are going all in this year with him. What happens if he gets suspended for the year or even 8 games? Their cap situation in 2023 is going to be something.

  42. It couldn’t happen to a better team/fan base. They pissed off Mayfield, they traded the farm and gave the guy guaranteed $230 million and they’re going to end up with Jacoby Brisset as their QB.

  43. I feel bad for the browns fans, but I hope this thing blows up in the organization face, either he’s suspended or he sucks at QB.

  44. Browns fans are disgisting, but in no way special. Seeing the backlash against women and people not understanding why those who are traumatized don't do things in their "logical" order are a systemic problem

  45. His NFL career should be over. Political speech will get you blackballed in the NFL, But serial sexual offenders are just fine.

  46. Good God do I feel bad for Baker Mayfield. He's a good NFL QB, not GOAT tier but good and serviceable, and got shit on so hard by the Browns. Talk about a Cleveland steamer....

  47. At this point I think he’s going to need a judicial miracle to not face an “indefinite suspension” by the league. If he gets convicted of one legitimate case it’s going to screw the Browns organization and whatever legacy he thought he has/is going to have. If Big Ben case had happened in 2022 his career would have gone a lot differently.

  48. The Browns finding moderate success with a #1 QB and then burning it all away by guaranteeing nearly a quarter billion dollars to Watson who goes the NFL deems ineligible for life… chefs kiss to the writer

  49. Question. Let's say that he pleads guilty and ends up never playing another down in the NFL. How much money of the Browns contract does he get to keep?

  50. I mean The Texans fans are probably happy they don't have to deal with this. Right when I was feeling sorry for Browns fans not so much........

  51. Will this go down as one of the worst trades in NFL history? Texans are looking like kings right now...

  52. This may be the final straw for me as a Browns fan. I likely won’t watch many games over the next couple of years

  53. Meanwhile Baker Mayfield just hanging out waiting for Carolina to make the call. I am so glad I don't have to root for the Browns anymore.

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