[Schefter] Restricted free-agent running back D’Ernest Johnson reached agreement with the Browns on a one-year deal worth up to $2.433 million, including more than $900,000 in guaranteed money

  1. Atta boy D’Ernest. From splitting the college backfield with Marlon Mack. Going undrafted. Working as a fisherman. Getting a shot to play in the AAF. To a couple of million with the browns. Congrats, man.

  2. USF Bulls fans will follow these two for as long as they play (and Marquez Valdez Scantling who has Raymond James Stadium tattoo on his back)

  3. Just mentioned that, I watched that whole game. Even when he looked "slow" and the play looks like its falling apart, still getting 5+ yards.

  4. Plot twist - D'Ernest specializes in white collar crime, specifically regarding diesel fuel discounts

  5. I am really surprised the Chargers didn’t try to get him this year to compliment Ek but with Spiller, I see why

  6. The fact that this lazy joke is so upvoted is fucking sad as hell. People (rightfully) condemning Watson and the Browns on one hand and cracking jokes about sexual assault on the other. A lot of people want to act like they wanna take a stand but making jokes trivializing the issue

  7. What a treat it has been to have chubb, hunt, and de’ernest at rb after years of watching guys like Isiah Crowell and duke johnson

  8. So many good running backs on this team. I don't see us carrying Hunt and D'Ernest through training camp.

  9. What do you think Hunt would be worth on the trade market? I feel like he's still a very useful, powerful running back, but I'll admit I don't really know the details of his contract or whether he's battling any injuries

  10. Been snagging him up last round in bestball drafts, guy can ball out hope he gets some opportunities

  11. Incredible, I never hated the browns. Always rooted for them as the underdog. Now, can’t stand them and hope their season sucks…no happy ending for you!

  12. Dude, us Browns fans can’t even be happy about the rest of our team without the downvote and “ya know he’s a monster” parade. For years it was shitty jokes about us being bad at football, now it’s pure vitriol.

  13. DJ was one of my favorite Bulls. He was versatile and was a big recruit for us. Mack did outshine him but DJ proven he clearly belongs in the league. Happy for him.

  14. Honestly, I thought he would get a better opportunity elsewhere. Kind of surprised. He played extremely well with limited opportunities.

  15. Real talk: This forum is obsessed with this guy. That one game vs. Denver happened to be the week that every single Broncos linebacker went down. That's why he was able to run around wild without being tackled.

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