[Broncos] The Denver Broncos and the Walton-Penner family have entered into a purchase and sale agreement to acquire the team.

  1. All guaranteed contracts require the cash to be held in escrow. Without an owner we were in a bad place negotiating high guarantee deals. Now, there is no contract that will be held up on that consideration.

  2. I’d imagine that he will buy the raiders off mark davis and give the Broncos any good players they have or draft. That is my ideal world

  3. Contracts like Watsons for the Browns are easier to pay. The Rams have the 2nd richest owner and look at them. Bowlen only had so much cash on hand so he could do much on upfront bonuses.

  4. We had Walmart's David Glass as the CEO then owner of the Royals and we won a championship under his leadership… after 22 years.

  5. I'm ready for squeaky-clean Russ to become a Walmart brand ambassador. He wants to own a team one day. Cozying up to the 12th richest man in America might help a bit.

  6. I wonder if it's feasible for a player to do it. I think the NFL might be out of reach for players to be majority owners for.

  7. Oh, he'll own a team, though maybe not a NFL team.... I mean, I might be in dream land here, but I hope Russ buys the Rockies. He was drafted by them, has a real affinity for the team, and that owner truly sucks balls.

  8. Concession lines at the stadium are going to be cut down to one self checkout lane and every person checking your ticket at the door will be 70 years old.

  9. Before you leave Sam’s Club Stadium at Mile High, you’ll need to show your receipt to the guards.

  10. My God I didn't realize it was the same Walton family....It may sound like I am joking, but...this means the food at the stadium owned stands will most likely be sourced from Wal Mart...note to self if I attend a broncos game, eat in the parking lot...

  11. You know at the family dinner he’s rubbing it in Stan Kronkes face that he owns the Broncos now since Stan owns damn near every sports team in Colorado

  12. Yeah, having new ownership (especially for teams that have been consistently great) is the scariest fucking thing in the world as a sports fan. It’ll either make or break your franchise for decades.

  13. They already exist and the funny thing is most people even the ones living in Colorado don't understand that it's Walmart money that owns The Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids (pro soccer) and the Mammoth ( pro Lacrosse). As well as the venues those teams play in and a handful of live music venues as well.

  14. Someone said the other day that Chiefs/Raiders/Chargers fans were supporting the Broncos if the agreement went with the Walmart owner, I thought that was the most hilarious thing ever

  15. Chiefs fan living in Denver here. It's a ridiculously naive take. Other than the Rockies, Walmart money already owns all of our sports teams and most of our venues. Hopefully he follows his family and builds us a 5 billion dollar stadium as well without tax money.

  16. Walmart employees usually need food stamps and other welfare. Us taxpayers made the Waltons billionaires and now they’re joining the biggest bunch of welfare recipients, NFL owners

  17. Whelp, there it is. Not the worst outcome I could have feared, probably not the best. Fingers crossed I can continue being a fan without thinking too much about ownership.

  18. Damn. Bowlen was low-key one of the better NFL owners throughout his entire tenure. Not a loose cannon like Jerruh. Not Satan accountant like Daniel Snyder. Just stayed behind the scenes, remained consistently competitive, and delivered three championships.

  19. Exploiting the working class and killing small businesses enough to buy an NFL franchise. The American dream is alive and well!

  20. Well that didn't take long from initial leak to sale. Almost makes you wonder if the initial leak was to test the waters.

  21. I don’t ask for much, but I’m hoping that the statement they put out after this is official includes words like “winning” or “championship” or “Super Bowl”.

  22. Can you imagine having so much money that you literally could never spend it all no matter how much shit you bought and then buying something just so you can have millions more?

  23. If they take a back seat role on the football side and let Paton run that, I think they’ll do great on the financial side. Plus we now have a direct line to George Lucas which is really cool. I’m hopeful ol’ Robby boy has some new uniforms developed in the near future too

  24. I flew into the airport once where the Waltons keep their private jets and they literally have an entire section of hangers dedicated to their planes. Their wealth is absolutely bonkers.

  25. Is there some reason they can’t simply say that the Broncos are selling the team to the Walton-Pender family? Why does it need to say “purchase and sale agreement”? Does that really add to the story? Of course they’re gonna SELL the team, and of course the buyers are gonna PURCHASE the team. Who gives a fuck what the legal agreements are? How many fans care about the transaction structure? Most don’t even know what that is.

  26. Tax payers made great sacrifices subsidizing Walmart employees pay so Walton can buy an NFL team. The Walton’s recognize your service and are now offering 10% off Sam’s Club memberships as a thank you (limited time offer. Fees and conductions apply). Great work, guys!

  27. How are all the top comments dumb jokes, none of which criticize the wallton family /Walmart. Yet all of the most recent comments are the opposite?

  28. RW better get that contract extension asap! Otherwise their "always low price" motto is going to screw him over.. haha. As a chiefs fan Im glad a clown family bought the broncos. One less team to worry about in the AFC West.

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