[Schefter] Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos is being sued by his sister, Dea Spanos Berberian, for alleged misogynistic behavior and repeated breaches of fiduciary duty, per me and @ByKimberleyA. Lawsuit was filed today in California and calls for Dean Spanos to be removed as a co-trustee.

  1. The Spanos family, ever the responsible billionaires, realized that by reducing her name by one letter they would save upwards of $20 over her lifetime in saved ink from printing her name on documents, birthday cards, and legal papers in which she sues her brother.

  2. Imagine being the person in the law firm who has to make sure that “Dean Spanos” and “Dea Spanos” never get mixed up.

  3. I worked with a girl a few years ago who had the same name, and you pronounce it like Day Uh. She was hot as fuck and the name made her even sexier. First time I've ever heard that name though.

  4. It's the same person with a wig on. Sue's himself and forces himself to resign and take a huge severance check. Also, secretly purchased the Broncos.

  5. You can’t tell me NFL owners and most billionaires aren’t lizard people or androids or something like that. They all act like they are some sort of alien pretending to be people.

  6. Reminder: Dea and her son have already sued Dean for various reasons that pretty much boil down to wanting money

  7. Definitely true, but on the other hand this is Spanos we're talking about so the misogynism is almost certainly true.

  8. Obviously, rich people have it a lot easier than most, but it is sad how a lot of people treat you the second they find out you have some money. My aunt and uncle are both lawyers and do quite well for themselves, and a lot of my extended family has alienated themselves from them for trying to get some money from them. Some have tried to sue them for no substantiated reason, and it never works, because they're pretty good lawyers lmao

  9. I know this sub won’t care because of the memes, but she’s already tried to sue Dean twice and lost. It really seems like she just wants to force a sale and cash out.

  10. Dea Spanos Berberian claims in her lawsuit that her brothers Dean and Michael Spanos “believe to their cores that, regardless of what their parents intended and their wills specified, men are in charge and women should shut up.”

  11. It’s actually tragic how the Chargers have all these adored, likable players like Herbert, Eckler and Mike Williams, and yet you can’t root for their success because of their dipshit owner.

  12. Was a lifelong Chargers fan and refuse to do anything but root against them while this asshat owns the team. If for some miraculous reason he gets ousted I could graduate to being ambivalent about them. FDS up down left right and forever

  13. Dean Spanos, who has never successfully brought a woman to orgasm, is being sued by his sister for alleged Mysoginitic behavior.

  14. The Chargers have a 20 year lease at SoFi at $1 a year to play in the most expensive stadium in the NFL.

  15. Why? They are really gaining traction in LA. More Charger fans were at games last year than I've ever seen in San Diego

  16. Her sons sued Spanos. Theyve been trying to get him out of control of the Chargers so they can force a sale in which theyd gets Billions from.

  17. This isn't super related, but I would see Dean a few times a week where I worked in San Diego. One evening I had dinner next to his table and his son, his wife and Dean's wife were at a corner table while Dean and a few prominent SD figures were at the main table in the middle. We were all cracking up that they got relegated to the kiddie's table while the boys talked business.

  18. DEA was a Gas Station Name in germany famous for their "super Ingo" commercials where a guy called Ingo went to the gas Station to fill his car and everyone was like "Super Ingo!" which means "good Job Ingo" basically. But super is also the name of the 95 octane petrol. And the twist ist basically that every body reminds him that he has to buy normal petrol and not Diesel. Fuck dean spanos tho

  19. And here we have an unironically excellent demonstration of the power of good advertising. A good campaign will outlive the contract, maybe the company too. As much as I was not a Chevy man, Doris Day lives on in my heart as she exhorts me to See the USA

  20. After learning about the whole cash over cap shit on Pat McAfee, I think it would be damn nice to have a cash rich owner who isn't a complete cheapskate. What are our options

  21. My best guess is its putting the juicy part before the actual cause of the case (breach of fiduciary duty). Shitty behavior isnt really something you can sue for (“hey you, stop thinking women are inferior” isnt really an enforceable penalty). However, if the suit brings up incidents of mysoginistic behavior, itll likely be sexier than bland details about payroll neglect and crumbling infrastructure damaging Deas inheritance.

  22. Is your bitch of a sister trying to force you to sell your football team by suing you just for exercising your 1st amendment rights? Better call Saul!

  23. Practically the same headlines last year. Its a petty rich family argument. Nothing is going to come out of it

  24. I'll wait for evidence but it really feels like this lady wants the team up for sale so a bunch of billionares get in a bidding war and she can cash out at an inflated price. Without a bidding war her shares just aren't worth as much if she just wants to sell them back to the family.

  25. Except her and her family have sued him multiple times because they want to force a sale in which theyll pocket billions from. Theyre taking "if at first you dont succeed, try, try again" very literal.

  26. "Breaches of fiduciary duty," I understand. But I didn't know there were criminal or civil penalties for being a misogynist. Also, how would you prove misogyny rather than just general asshole-ry?

  27. As I'm a San Diego Charger fan I haven't really watched football since 2017 but anything bad happening to Dean Spanos makes me smile a little.

  28. Isn't Mark Davis being sued for creating a toxic work environment and firing the whistle blower?

  29. This guys is an asshole but that means he deserves to lose his team? Are we becoming that soft as a society?

  30. I think you need to spend a day at your local court and watch… it’s clear you have no clue what you are talking about.

  31. "Per me and @someoneelse" is how ESPN reporters give themselves credit for retyping someone else's story.

  32. No accompanying article that details the alleged misconduct and breaches of fiduciary duty but I’m sure the fuck Spanos characters will come out in full force anyway to get riled up over a headline

  33. Dea Spanos Berberian claims in her lawsuit that her brothers Dean and Michael Spanos “believe to their cores that, regardless of what their parents intended and their wills specified, men are in charge and women should shut up.”

  34. My in-laws live near their training center in Costa Mesa. No one cares about them in OC. I’ve seen more Ferrari than people with LA Charger gear in the area.

  35. I love when rich people go after other rich people. It’s like me going up to a homeless dude and conning him into buying me a beer.

  36. Gonna keep an eye on this one. Private client services lawyer that does fiduciary litigation. Curious to see some of the details if they come out.

  37. This is the third time his sister or her son has sued Dean with the end goal being to make him lose control of the trust to her

  38. Can't wait to see how petty this one is based on the past lawsuits she has filed. Sounds like a load of shit already.

  39. Oh god that sounds like such a miserable family dynamic. Toxicity all around and greed all around. Nasty stuff

  40. And now we know why they won‘t force Snyder out, they don‘t want to create the precedent, because all of them have dirty secrets

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