Police detective testifies she believed Deshaun Watson committed crimes

  1. The Factory of Sadness really won a playoff game and said “Nah fuck this shit I’m out” and instead decided to sell their soul to the devil

  2. I don’t care what a single browns fan says, Baker is simply not as bad as they built up in their heads. He’s an extremely middle of the road QB, but he’s not that bad. People act like he’s some backup dumbass who can’t throw.

  3. I have an ESPN 2019 NFL preview magazine somewhere around here, in large letters on the cover it proclaims "THE BROWNS ARE BACK"

  4. It's even worse, because before they were just the comical, lovable losers. The team that was maybe a lot of fans second team, or that you kinda loved watching because of how big of a shitshow they were. Now they are the team who's universally hated by every other fanbase, and maybe a half of their own fanbase (or I guess former fanbase).

  5. It’s amazing that they thought investing $230 million in a serial sexual predator was in any way wise. Texans fleeced them.

  6. Honestly I can’t think of anything more on brand with the browns than giving up multiple first round draft picks and $230 million dollars to a guy who may never play again. Like the organization is run so terribly and dysfunctional.

  7. Come on now it’s a small role for SVU, ain’t nobody know enough small time actor names to be able to predict this one

  8. I learned something new from the article, that there are two women that filed criminal complaints but did not file civil suits. Weird they would do that if they were only after money…

  9. They must’ve been paid off by the Texans! And uh the Texans were implicated because the Browns paid off… reality!

  10. More than two. Other women who aren’t suing still accused him and talked to the media, some on the record, some anonymously.

  11. It’s 50/50 I think. There’s a whole community that still thinks this is a smear campaign because he asked for a trade.

  12. Genuinely, yes. There's a portion of the population that will shout from the rooftops that this is a gargantuan plot to bring this man down unjustifiably. The reasons they have vary, but they do believe it nonetheless.

  13. The question I think is more what is he guilty of. It's got to be some of it. Is it all of it? Half? 3 and a half? Was it actually sex trafficking and prostitution? Who knows

  14. I think the issue was that this detective admitted she thought Watson was guilty from the outset. Pretty easy for Watsons lawyers to question her testimony and get it dismissed after that.

  15. If you wanted any more evidence that the Harris County DA did not want to prosecute this cases, its the fact they didn't call this detective to testify.

  16. If this is true and that he did it this mfer deserves to be buried under jail time. Look, I absolutely fucking love dogs, but if Vick did time this guy definitely should. Wtf is the matter with people?

  17. I would love to see an alternate reality where he went to Miami or Atlanta. What would the Browns commentators have to say? What if Deshaun called the Browns a poverty franchise and said he loved the Dolphins and his new bestie, Tyreek. I’ll bet they wouldn’t put so much effort into their mental gymnastics in that reality.

  18. The classic saying is believe half of everything you hear. Even in that instance, you’re still looking at over a dozen women that have been abused. At this point, I don’t see how anyone could think he’s innocent. My gut is telling me Clemson has some skeletons in their closet too. No way Deshaun all of sudden decided to become a sexual predator once he reached the NFL. This pattern of behavior has to date back to his college days

  19. I just want to know what technicality got Watson out of criminal charges with two juries. Seems pretty god damn clear that this guy is a massive piece of shit.

  20. The thing with grand juries is that they ALWAYS charge if the prosecutor wants to charge. The prosecuter didn't want to charge.

  21. Former defense attorney here. I have my own educated theory. Sex crimes like these are inevitably he said-she said and incredibly difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Even in the most clear cut cases these can be difficult to prove. For as much as prosecutor's love high profile cases they absolutely abhor losing high profile cases. The DAs presenting probably didn't want to completely tank their political and legal careers by losing a high profile case. So instead they present it to a secret grand jury and then can control the narrative better by suggesting it was the victims or cops who tanked the case, not them, and their reputation stays somewhat intact.

  22. I agree but this whole thing smells like shit. I imagine this detective's testimony was pretty easy for Watson's team to ruin her credibility

  23. strange that a leading investigator wasn’t asked to speak at the grand jury hearing after uncovering 10 incidents… I could understand one incident, but usually lead investigators take the stand in felony grand jury cases so a jury can decide if there is probable cause or not.. this is starting to smell worse by the day..

  24. Also the investigator was told not to interview additional women who had not yet filed a criminal complaint. Told by the District Attorney because "Hardin would object". The District Attorney having frequent conversations with Hardin letting the defense attorney direct the investigation into his client.

  25. I am loving this implosion. Everyone who was excited about this trade two months ago now wondering when this guy might actually take the field. What a massive failure this team is. Brings me joy

  26. Oh so it seems like there is a conspiracy. Too bad for all the idiots, its not the Buzbee and McNair are neighbors and plotting to ruin Watson one.

  27. The more this goes on the more I’m convinced the Texans helped get the criminal case dismissed so they could offload him.

  28. Yeah the more that comes out the more it seems something is up, looks like one side was basically given the cold shoulder during the whole thing. The fact the the New York Times was able to dig up what they did in what 3 month just shows no one is trying. Same thing with the NFL invesgation they have no interest in looking into anything, just the media is taking it to them.

  29. I'm going to go ahead and assume this was photoshopped until I see any other evidence of this, because there's no way even Watson is this fucking stupid

  30. I was going to make a joke about Cleveland arguing the sky isn’t blue and realized that their sky probably is a smoggier gray.

  31. Idk if I ever heard of a case that showed clear evidence of predatory behavior that never led to sexual abuse. 66 women in 17 months is predatory behavior, clear as day.

  32. Hypothetically, let's say it hits the fan and Watson goes to jail (I am a cynic and I believe he will get suspended for a few games and have to do some public apology). If he does, will the Browns front office survive this? The ownership? How about the prosecuting attorneys for the criminal cases? How about the Texans FO?

  33. Texans will most definitely be fine. Browns will face scrutiny but I think they can just play dumb anyways. Browns could possibly make a firing just to look like they’ve done something. Since baker is also going to leave most likely, their QB situation is going to be horrendous, since I don’t think their backup is very reliable.

  34. "Watson’s legal team had serious issues with this detective’s testimony, noting that she admitted to believing the women at the outset..."

  35. I've never rooted so hard AGAINST an entire ass team. Nothing would make me happier than the Browns absolutely falling the fuck apart and Baker going on to be a mediocre starter anywhere else.

  36. Man I am not mentally prepared for this shit. These threads just destroy me. Most of us just want to see some winning football for once. Its our hometown team something that connects us to our dads or family or friends.

  37. This sounds like it would have been useful with the grand jury. Fucking DA was covering for Watson.

  38. Hey, if he was just an normal man he’d already be under the jail. Hell, a hundred years ago he’d be hanging from a tree. Fifty years ago in some of the southern states.

  39. If the dude is a serial sex offender, which I believe he is, this will come to a head eventually. I can’t help but wonder if him getting away with it has also emboldened him. I just hope some woman is smart enough to tape this happening and gets his sleazy ass dead to rights…

  40. anyone who thinks a pro athlete would go to a 100 plus massage therapists in 18 months for legitimate reasons. is either willfully ignorant or almost unbelievably stupid

  41. I'm also here to giggle at the shock that some of yall are going to have at a cop openly stated that cops operate under the assumption of guilty until proven otherwise and aren't particularly shy about it.

  42. Seems like a massive and predictable oversight that a detective that was involved with literally 10 cases was not even thought of to come in and testify

  43. I’m sure there is a lot of evidence we haven’t seen. AFAIK Watson had been deleting DMs from Instagram, police would have the power to subpoena these messages from Facebook. In the civil case unless one of the woman screenshot the messages they would no longer have access.

  44. Why would you have 66+ different people massage you? Why are they random no-namers on IG? Why are 24 different people coming up with the same story, probably others that didn't sue? You admit that you had consensual sex with 3 of them, outside of the group of 24. Too much smoke here.

  45. I disagree. I hope Watson doesn't get a dime of that 230 million. However, if he does in the end, then I hope he has to pay most of it in settlements.

  46. The NFL, McNair Family, and Jimmy Haslam (who surprise, has a corrupt past prior to owning the Browns) are just pretending to be three blind mice in this.

  47. I mean, she has access to more evidence and testimony than the public so while it's important to understand she is not judge and jury as well, her opinion on the credibility should bear weight

  48. Is anyone actually surprised that the prosecutor in Texas is so corrupt they didn’t even let the investigating police officer testify to the grand jury?

  49. So, are they gonna bring another criminal case? If not then this is hot air. Charge his ass if they actually have a case.

  50. She also said, “Where power and influence is in the room, consent cannot be.” So effectively, under oath, she said that powerful people can’t have consensual sex.

  51. > She said she believed Watson committed criminal indecent assault, sexual assault and prostitution in cases where money was exchanged and there was consensual sex.

  52. Considering the amount of draft capital the Browns gave up they should petition the NFL to void the trade. I think one of the trade agreements was all allegations had to be settled. At the time of the trade they were settled but more allegations have come to light since the trade has happened. In the event that he doesn't step foot on the field this season or ever again they should be allowed to petition the NFL to at least get some of the future picks they gave up.

  53. I don't think any of the cases were ever settled, they just proceeded after the grand jury decided not to indict

  54. Just kick this turd out the league already. Is he really worth all this pain in the assness? Don’t even have to actively kick him out. Just kapernick his ass.

  55. It’s really sad to think about, as a Texans fan. He was our first real QB in a long time, and we had a promising team around him. He came back from injury and played well taking us to the playoffs a few times, and it looked like they were super bowl bound after beating up the chiefs in the playoffs until the chiefs came back. After that, all down hill. He was the only bright spot left, after Hopkins was traded and Watt released. And then we find out he was doing this shit to masseuses. Complete blow to everyone. So close to success and stardom, little did we know he was a piece of shit

  56. Glad Caserio got rid of him when he did. Can’t believe he turned out to be such a shithead, but I’m so happy I don’t have to worry about rooting for him.

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