[Hilliard] "I have been informed by the NFL that I tested positive for a banned diuretic - Spironolactone (Canrenone). After investigation, it became clear that I mistakenly took my partner's prescription medication instead of my own anti-inflammatory prescription."

  1. Haha, why do players even say anything? Just serve your suspension without saying anything. Ultimately, the fans don't care about this shit.

  2. I hate seeing a pill look completely different from the one I usually take and still ingesting it into my body and it just happens to be a banned substance. What shit luck

  3. As someone who takes spironolactone, you can't mistake it for something else. It smells so bad, I've never encountered a pill that smelled like anything, but spironolactone is distinctively pungent.

  4. Man, the Twitter comments section is full of dudes simping HARD for this guy. The amount of excuses is insane.

  5. Yeah it’s a potassium sparing diuretic, formulated to block aldosterone, and it has secondary use of HRT, off label use for acne, stuff like that.

  6. Same. I’m on spiro as a trans woman and was confused why a football player would take it lol. Granted, my dose is also super high since it’s technically an off-label use.

  7. If you go to the skincare subreddit, you’ll also see tons of women take it for hormonal acne, especially if it’s cystic. Of all the banned substances, this one and stimulants are probably the most likely to be taken by a young woman.

  8. There’s a non zero chance that Watson faces a lesser punishment for assaulting 26 women than Brady got for the existence of the ideal gas law

  9. Isn't there an actual framework for PED suspensions though? Not just like, Goodell spins a wheel and picks a number, like with sexual assault.

  10. Had a patient that called me once and said “I found a pill under my stove and took it, but didn’t see what it looked like, what should I do?”

  11. Just an oopsie-doodle on his part, nbd. I mean who checks the bottle before taking medication? Especially when your partner's meds are next to yours right? For an NFL player whose career could be on the line if they test positive for banned substances? Makes sense.

  12. I've done that, sort of, I've taken pills twice because for the life of me I didn't know if I've already taken them

  13. Huh. I take spironolactone for my skin. It’s completely cleared up any acne and I’ve been taking it daily for a couple of years. I had no idea it masked PEDs.

  14. I'm a Paramedic and once I went on a woman who instead of taking her prescribed meds accidentally took her dog's flea/tick preventative so yes, people are that stupid.

  15. Bro I hate when I accidentally take my girls DBOL and I'm in the gym lifting the entire structure 😭 could happen to anyone

  16. Anyone else feel like it’s kinda funny whenever the league makes a big show out of guys using PEDs? Anyone who knows anything about football knows that probably almost every non-QB player in the league is using some form of steroids

  17. It’s like underage drinking. We all know it’s common. Just don’t be egregious or make anything too obvious and nobody cares.

  18. I've never understood how the league even decided who gets banned, cuz the entire fucking league is using. Arnold was 6'1 230 on stage. Donald is 6'1 285 with abs. The people going against Donald's roided up ass aren't say "well shucks it sucks that he's cheating and we're not"

  19. It literally starts in 9th grade here in Arkansas. One school (Junction City) at one point the coaches literally handed out oral steroids. Told the kids they were 'vitamins'.

  20. Yup... and sometimes it's people you wouldn't expect. For example, the 49ers' LONG SNAPPER in 2018 got busted for PED's.... Funny enough, Justin Hilliard was with the 49ers in 2021 before he got cut after preseason. I think he had shoulder issues in college, and spent little playing time with the Giants, I think. I see why he's taking it to get an edge to get more playing time.

  21. That sounds plausible, but also need to remember that there are two key things in the NFL PED policy when it comes to these statements:

  22. [Hilliard] The good news in all of this is that my vagina is no longer abnormally and painfully dry. My clam is now moister than an oyster. 🙏

  23. Better than "I ate a pork burrito that must have been made from uncastrated wild boar meat". Plenty of people believed that shit too

  24. We had a player in the NRL here in Australia claim that he didn't wash his blender after his roommate used it and the residue made him test positive

  25. Glad he's completed the investigation of himself. Now the team and the NFL can just ask for his report and call it a day. Really nice of him to save them some time.

  26. They are for high blood pressure right? Why do you think he would be taking them or what edge would they provide? I am really curious and you probably have a better idea then I do.

  27. He's claiming this was Canrenone not even spironolactone. Canrenone is not even used in North America.... it's the active metabolite of spironolactone though and has more antimineralocorticoid effect ( more diuretic effect) and less antiandrogen effect than spironolactone. Good as a doping masking agent with less of the gynecomastia side effect compared to spironolactone.

  28. I’m a trans woman who takes spironolactone as a testosterone blocker lol. Didn’t think I’d see it make the news for a PED suspension today.

  29. I love this excuse. Have never come remotely close to taking my partner’s pills and I’m not subject to drug testing.

  30. Lol what bullshit. I’ve never mistakenly taken someone else’s medicine, it’s not hard.

  31. Actually have more respect for the guys who just own up to it and admit it and say it was a mistake to do so than the guys who make up excuses like this.

  32. Spironolactone is technically a blood pressure pill (definitely not a first line agent for hypertension) but most frequently used for treatment in two other main uses: heart failure or hirsutism (excessive hair growth normally in male distribution areas, think chin or mustache) in females . Also can be used to treat acne as well or as a diuretic, but there tend to be other more commonly prescribed diuretics.

  33. i’ve never, and no one I know has ever taken the wrong pill in my life, yet all these pro athletes whose job depends on not letting that rare thing happen, and it happens all the time for them. Weird.

  34. I don’t know about his anti-inflammatory, but spironolactone can be pungent. Like from the instant I open the bottle.

  35. My MIL took my FIL’s painkiller by accident because it was on the counter (out of the bottle) and thought she had hers there. Then she drank and got fucked up because she didn’t know it wasn’t the diabetes pill.

  36. If he "accidentally" took spironolactone, I have to question his sense of smell. The stuff smells like skunk. (It's so bad that drug manufacturers only use disposable containers when making the pills, and often add something to mask the odor.)

  37. Spironolactone is a banned drug? Its like the opposite of a performance enhancing drug, it blocks testosterone.

  38. "Mistakenly" Sure is convenient that some close to him had a prescription for something on the banned substance list. I'm sorry if it was job on the line I'd be extremely careful when taking any kind of medication. Also I'm sure you'd notice a difference right away after taking the wrong pill. Why not inform the league of your mistake?

  39. It is certainly your right to believe that he accidentally took his partner's prescription drugs which also just happened to be a type of masking agent for PEDs.

  40. This is a common female acne medication right? Innocent until proven guilty and it is quite possible it happened on accident.

  41. That's the biggest fucking lie. Outside of more obvious differences, spironolactone has a uniquely strong odor of mint.

  42. Don't you hate it when you accidentally take someone else's prescription medication that has their name on it, with the name of the medication on the label in giant bold black letters along with the medications information?

  43. Spironolactone. its a potassium sparing diuretic. i take it becasue Im hypokalemic. I don't understand how its a banned substance and it is in no way shape or form performance enhancing.

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