[Trotter] Tony Buzbee announces in a statement that all but four of the civil lawsuits against #Browns QB Deshaun Watson have been settled

  1. Nah, announced as 6 game suspension. Appealed to 4 in a friday evening news dump. Then it never gets talked about again unless Colinsworth is bringing up Watsons past "maturity" issues.

  2. Time served suspension. “He was actually suspended all of last season, but we didn’t want to influence anything, so it wasn’t announced.”

  3. It’d make a lot of sense when u look at how the Browns schedule is laid out. They’re putting em up against the Panthers, Jets, Steelers, and Falcons, over the first 4 weeks of the season, presumably when Watson is likely to miss time. Then they jump right back into the tough matchups once they prolly want Watson to be playing again, when they face the Chargers, Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, etc.

  4. He was always going to settle, he doesn't want to spend the next 30 years in civil court and his victims don't want to have to wait that long either.

  5. It's all so fuckin' gross man. I guess I'm glad that the whole affair took what is hopefully a big chunk of his fortune, but it's still bullshit.

  6. Couldn't play if he didn't pay off the women. Couldn't pay off the women without a new contract. Good lookin out for the underdog, Browns.

  7. I'm sure the NFL strongly hinted to him that the longer this thing dragged on, the longer he'd be suspended. I just can't see a world where they let him play with twenty-whatever civil cases going on.

  8. I wonder if he or his team was warned that he might go on the exempt list while everything is pending, but if the cases are settled, it will just be a suspension and then over.

  9. I overall agree with your point but anyone that is against Watson now won’t forget. This will hover over him the rest of his life similar to Ben (but probably worse).

  10. I doubt they only suspended him 8 games. He’s probably getting an entire season, plus there’s still 4 cases still on going. Plus more woman may charge

  11. I mean, dude's got hundreds of millions of dollars coming his way. I'm sure between that, the NFL's pressure, the Browns' pressure, and his own lawyer's pressure, just paying to silence these women was the easy call.

  12. No doubt settling has to be apart of a deal with the NFL regarding the suspension. Probably going to be reduced significantly because of this.

  13. He’s only being sued for 4 cases of sexual assault or misconduct. The rest agreed to drop the lawsuit for a settlement. The NFL will probably still punish him like they did to Big Ben.

  14. He paid off every case besides 4 of them so that’s taken care of that won’t be an issue anymore. He still has 4 cases currently against him why he didn’t settle those I do not know

  15. Most likely the nfl was pushing for him to settle to reduce punishment. The other 4 will be settled in time most likely. It’s not what this sub wants but the nfl wanted these to go away and settlement well before the season puts these behind them.

  16. Nice so Watson uses his new $230 million to pay off all of the women he sexually assaulted and now this will all blow over and he'll play in the NFL with no consequences. Nice one Browns.

  17. This seems spot on. The Browns basically paid his settlements as part of him agreeing to play for the Browns. I have always had a soft spot for the Browns, but yeah fuck that franchise now.

  18. Essentially the browns paid off these women and they knew that. That’s why they paid him so much money. They’re actually getting a bargain for Watson after they pay all his legal fees. Fuckin bullshit and they are complicit

  19. You guys say Deshaun is an evil person, yet he has spread his massive wealth of 200 million between 20+ sexual abuse victims. Curious… /s

  20. 4 of the currently 26 against him, but given how more accusers keep coming forward I don't think this is the end of the legal side of this mess.

  21. I guess the other thing here is, he's absolutely going to do this again, he's not going to stop harassing massage therapists, it's what he likes. He's a predator that is gonna continue to prey on others, so there will be more accusers in the future.

  22. This was always on the horizon. You can't play in the NFL with 20+ active sexual misconduct suits against you. It was clear Buzbee was not going to back down.

  23. Lmfao to anyone thinking he was gonna actually get blackballed from the league. This dude is gonna be playing by the halfway point of this season

  24. Really interested in how this changes the NFL’s calculus on what punishment if any, he had 26 accusers, settled with 22.

  25. Settlements or not, I don't understand how a guy so creepily predatory could get anything less than a lifetime ban. But Goodell will probably give him 8 games and call it a day.

  26. Gave Brady 4 games for deflating some footballs, will probably give Watson 6 games for 24 cases of sexual assault.

  27. I hate to break it to you, but there is no shortage of terrible human beings in the NFL, who I’m sure have done even worse things than what Watson is being accused of. I don’t always agree with taking the “out of sight, out of mind” approach, but it’s best not to think about the extent of these issues too long, as it can be pretty depressing.

  28. It being the NFL is exactly why I can understand how a guy so creepily predatory and others of similar ilk won't be banned for life

  29. Honestly you’re a little delusional, guys beat the shit out of spouses on camera and continue playing...a guy getting a bunch of handies and being an overall creep was never going to result in a lifetime ban.

  30. This right here. This is disgraceful. Can’t wait to see him be treated like Big Ben where “we’ll he had a rough patch but he’s grown past that.”

  31. Imo he still deserves at least a year. Zeke got 6 games and nfl investigators said he shouldn't be suspended. Brady got 4 games which was reasonable. Watson has a problem and should get a year. I don't care if they all settle.

  32. He should’ve just done what Florio said and just told every reporter that he has been advised by higher ups to not speak on an active case. Really dug himself into a hole here.

  33. Not to defend Watson, who is undoubtedly a piece of shit human being, BUT settling isn’t necessarily an admission of guilt. It’s a way of resolving a problem and moving on from something quickly.

  34. Alright while he probably did it, settling out of court is not an admission of guilt in anyway shape or form.

  35. This makes me sick. First, because these women had something awful happen to them and this doesn't feel like justice, I have daughters and this doesn't sit right.

  36. Even if you were broke and you jizzed on someone with video evidence and a signed confession you'd be facing a misdemeanor in Texas maximum punishment of a 4k fine and a year in jail.

  37. I’m already seeing those people on twitter now saying “congrats to all these people getting their new paycheck, proof it’s always been a cash grab!”

  38. I mean, as dumb as it sounds, that’s almost word for word what Watson said in a press conference last week.

  39. Both sides claimed they wouldn’t settle. It is pure posturing. 99% of cases settle, and for good reason. Going to court is costly, time consuming, and wrought with huge risks to both sides. And the evidence is almost never as clear cut as the headlines make it seem.

  40. Because trials take years to finish. The longer this saga drags out for Deshaun, the harder the NFL will come down on him, and it will be much longer before he can return to playing. By settling he can effectively make these go away before the season starts.

  41. The settlements will come with "no admission of guilt" - So he can just play that card whenever it comes up

  42. Because there is large number of people who think that he should not be able to practice his trade and earn a living while the court cases drag on. Are you willing to give up your job that you love and be smeared by day in and day out by Twitter and Reddit mobs for some six years like Johnny Depp was, just because you decided to "clear your name"?

  43. Because juries are scary even if you haven't done what you're accused of. The overwhelming majority of litigation results in settlement. In Watson's cases there is a real, reputational cost to going to trial.

  44. I’m glad they got their money but I know this fucker is going to be in the league for awhile with minimal suspensions.

  45. The stuff he did isn't legal anywhere. He didn't try and pay women for sex. He just tried to get sex because he got a massage.

  46. Aaaaaand he's off the hook. That pretty much does it. And court of public opinion will start to swing back in his favor because settling makes the cases look more complicated and more like a money grab.

  47. Damn. Glad those women got something in retribution but I want Watson to suffer in court for what he did.

  48. I don’t care if he gets off the hook entirely. Dude is a scuzzball of epic proportions and I wish nothing but losses for him and the browns until he’s out of football

  49. Second statement to follow by Buzbee: “In addition, I have 30 new clients who are filing lawsuits saying that Deshaun Watson sexually assaulted them”

  50. Ah yes, the confidential settlement: the pass we give rich people so they don't have to admit that they did anything wrong.

  51. Can’t blame them for settling. Despite having 25+ others, they knew they were fighting an uphill battle. Probably wasn’t worth the strain of going through this for years re-living it

  52. Exactly this; I don't understand how this is being viewed as a loss or an injustice. What some randos on the internet who have no association with the case want (i.e. for Watson's name to be dragged through the mud to the fullest extent possible) is immaterial to what his actual victims might deem as "enough" to begin moving on from the ordeal. As for the four remaining, I hope they too can reach a place where they feel justice has been served, between whatever outcome is reached through the litigation process as well as how the NFL disciplines the serial unrepentant sex predator that Watson is.

  53. I would imagine the 4 are the recent ones right? I can’t imagine they would be able to get through the legal process for a settlement like this in like 3 weeks

  54. This was all but inevitable, if Deshaun Watson was just a rich guy with no job to worry about then I could see him fighting this for a couple years. He’s not though and his money is contingent on him playing and he’s likely not going to get any big money endorsements so this is a huge deal for him.

  55. What I don’t get about these kinds of settlements is that if actual assault or sexual assault took place then an NDA can’t be legally binding because it’s dealing with a criminal act.

  56. He said he wouldn't settle because he is innocent. He settled. This should only further the opinion that he should be suspended for a long period of time

  57. I mean they were all civil suits right? Him settling is about the expected outcome. He might have settled for a shit ton, but we won’t know and I assume they signed NDAs. 4 not settling could mean anything as well. Any punishment aside from money will be handed down by the NFL anyways.

  58. I'm gonna set my expectations to 0 and assume we get a 2 game suspension and an apology letter from his publicist

  59. Looking at their schedule it wouldn't be surprising if it's 2 games or none. Week 3 is Amazon prime night game. Amazon forked over what to broadcast this? You really think we'll get a kissing titties brisket match up?

  60. Oh good, so he’s settled all but four of the sexual assault allegations against him! Because four allegations are fine when compared to all of the ones previously!

  61. Can you imagine that? He goes to play against another team and they all have Bosas, Macks, Millers, Crosbys and Jones facing him 'on loan'?

  62. So this is what people mean when they say rich people play under a different set of rules than the rest of us....

  63. There was always four that said they wouldn't settle. He ran into issues with four before the trade deadline, but he was saying he would settle with all of them or none of them.

  64. The announcers had better never live this down. "And here comes Deshawn Watson, the man who settled 26 sexual assault charges, to lead the Browns offense."

  65. only a matter of time before Watson tries this again.. the thing about not punishing sexual predators is that they never learn if they can pay their way out of things..

  66. As a lady nfl fan and a fan of a team that thankfully lost the sweepstakes this makes my stomach turn.

  67. I love how much of a shit show Cleveland is. On paper, Cleveland has been good for years, but their ineptness rivals the giants, lions, bears, and dolphins.

  68. Lmao didn’t he sit in that press conference and say he wasn’t going to settle cause he was innocent and had nothing to settle?

  69. Honestly this may have been the plan all along. Pay him enough to cover settlements and to keep him happy. Lose him for a season at most. Who knows how browns fans will receive him by then though.

  70. Just want to put it out that a large amount of the Plantiffs had the same attorney, which makes it a very high chance that they all settled with the same settlement rewards and terms, copy and pasted terms that all 20 agreed were acceptable to them

  71. The interesting thing here is that Watson's legal team offered settlements in the past, but they said that ALL the plantiffs had to accept the deal.

  72. I want tiny towels in every fans hands at all Browns away games for the rest of Watson's career. God damn ass hole. Hate it. Never let him live this down!

  73. Cost of lawyers was as much or more than the settlement. Gonna pay it one way or another, why not be done with it?

  74. I was told by Browns fans that he would never settle because doing so was an admission of guilt. They used this example for Roethlisberger.

  75. I hate this fucking place. Just opening the door for this to die down and him to do it all over again to other women.

  76. This guy is a fucking psychopath. There will be more from his past, and there will be more in the future

  77. I don't blame these women for settling; the amount of vitriol they have received is disgusting.

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  79. The internet: 18 women didn't want to get dragged through a wildly public court trial, and they took a settlement, THEY MUST HAVE BEEN LIARS.

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