[RG3] Tua will make a BIG LEAP this year because the @MiamiDolphins set him up for success better than any other young QB. Surrounded by playmakers like Tyreek, Jaylen Waddle, Cedrick Wilson, and Mike Gesicki, IMPROVED PROTECTION and a stable of running backs to show the NFL who he is.

  1. Dolphins fans have for the most part made an absurd amount of excuses for him til this point but it really is put up or shut up time.

  2. Go ask this on the dolphins sub, you’ll find a mine full of salt and will probably get banned. They appear to fully understand the issue. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. They still need some recent draft picks on the right side of the oline to hit or they could still have some major pass blocking issues. I think that could be a viable excuse this season too

  4. We have a lot of ammo in next years draft to move up for a QB or possibly trade for a veteran like the Broncos did. At a minimum there will be a QB competition next year if Tua doesn’t ball out this year.

  5. Also gotta keep in mind that his o line is still not that impressive. They got Tyreek Hill and they got Terron Armstead, but they’ve still got 4 not great o line positions. Just fixing LT won’t fix all their problems i.e. Raiders O line. We’ll see tho. I’d argue he’s already been pretty decent.

  6. I mean they have competed for a wc with Tua injured a lot of the time and without those additions. So wc is minimum requirement unless the defense just stops working or they get crazy injuries.

  7. We have 2 first round picks in the next draft. We have contingencies in place in case Tua doesn't work out.

  8. [TB12] Zach Wilson will make a BIG LEAP this year because the @NYJets set him up for success better than any other young QB. Surrounded by playmakers like Garret Wilson, Elijah Moore, CJ Uzomah and Tyler Conklin, IMPROVED PROTECTION and a stable of running backs to show the NFL who he is.

  9. Cedrick Wilson really is the prefect number 3/4 WR to have on your team & also just a guy to safely make sure you get your punt returns fair caught

  10. And waddle won't have to keep playing slot, which is a huge improvement. Wilson is one of the better FA adds.

  11. The Bengals after seeing the offensive line cost them a SB went big on that in Free Agency, their future is Joey B, and they need to protect the franchise face. Same goes for every smartly run FO, if you have a franchise QB you protect them with a solid offensive line or you won't have one for long.

  12. I think he’ll be somewhere in the middle. He’s a smart accurate passer. I think the OL improvements will help more than the other acquisitions

  13. I hope he proves me wrong but I think he is a bust. Too small, too fragile, and a weak arm. Also while not a statue he lacks the kind of mobility that allowed similarly small Russell Wilson to succeed. Drew Brees was a mega exception and to use him as an example isn't realistic. I'm betting between injuries and ineffectiveness that Bridgewater starts at least 7 games.

  14. While we’re making confessions I feel like Fields is just not gonna be good. Great deep ball, athletic, can’t make a quick throw/read for the life of him, plays hero ball too much, longer throwing motion.

  15. Doug Flutie was small for a QB, still managed to be a good starter except in Buffalo where the team thought Rob Johnson was somehow a better starter.

  16. Not sure how you watch Tua put up average numbers last year with all things considered and think Bridgewater starts because of ineffectiveness.

  17. Injuries, sure. Ineffectiveness? I’m no Tua truther at all but man if he gets benched for Bridgewater that would surprise me. Bridgewater is just boring as shit and is garbage.

  18. Tua and Teddy are very similar. I don't think they'd really gain anything by going to Teddy even if Tua is "ineffective"

  19. You're 100% right. Teddy Bridgewater was a top 15 QB in almost every advanced metric last year with about the same amount of talent Tua had (except a much better line). Bridgewater will start 7+ games for sure

  20. I think more than tua, the dolphins are set up for success shudders they have 2 first rounders next year and they can either use them to trade up for a new qb or build a better team. It’s make or break this season

  21. I’m a Pats fan, but I actually do think Tua should improve. There may be concerns about his deep ball, but taking advantage of speed isn’t limited to deep throws. With a quick release and short accuracy there is plenty of room to get big gains through yac with RPOs, outside zone play action etc

  22. Right but everyone will play against his strengths and drop way less deep against him, without that threat you remove a lot to defend

  23. This should be the playbook for every team’s first 2 season with a new, young QB. If he can’t cut it this year, you move on instead of crossing your fingers for 5 years.

  24. Week 1 is going to be annoying. Miami opens against the Patriots who presently have a very pedestrian secondary and an offense with basically no experienced offensive coaches. Miami will look good all day and everyone will say Tua is solved.

  25. Belichick makes good secondaries out of literally nothing though I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut him down, the only problem is can they score

  26. I appreciate all caps in parts of a single sentence, otherwise I wouldn't know which parts are important.

  27. Eh personally I think Hurts has been set up even better. AJ Brown + Devonta Smith + Goedert as passing weapons with a solid RB group and best o-line in the league.

  28. Gesicki and Wilson both pretty mid. I agree Tua is in a much better situation compared to last year tho.

  29. No he won't but I'd love to see why people think he would. He can barely see over his line, he lobs the ball up more than he accurately passes and he isn't very fast to escape. He's going to do poorly but he's a player who is loved because of his back story.

  30. I think most people who aren't miserable in their own lives, are rooting for Tua. He did better than most would with that Miami offensive line last year and I think he most definitely will improve this season, at least statistically. But it definitely is a make or break season for him in Miami. That teams come together fast and probably doesn't want to wait another year developing Tua if he is still inconsistent

  31. Or you know he will just be Tua… 5’11”, unathletic, injury prone and not enough leader to even be a captain

  32. If you need everything around you to be elite to be good maybe you already showed the NFL who you are.

  33. Stopped reading at “Accuracy: nothing amazing”. Not sure if you actually watch football but his accuracy is elite.

  34. lol wtf bad pocket awareness. You literally watched none of his games. He had the lowest sack rate total vs the most pressure faced in the nfl

  35. If all you need to be a good QB in the NFL are good playmakers, good protection, and good running backs, and good coaching, chances are that you are probably not a good QB; you are the weakest link in the chain.

  36. with everything improved around him there's going to be big leaps. either he has a big leap in performance, or he can make a big leap geographically to another team.

  37. Miami is going to keep pretending they didn't mess up until they end the year one game under 500. Even then, they'll probably insist he needs just one more year with these guys.

  38. Continues to baffle me that they looked at Herbert who seems like he was built in a lab to be a NFL QB and decided to opt for Tua who looks like he’s in pain throwing a football and had the benefit of a ridiculous offensive roster that would would’ve made any QB in College look good idk

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