[Murdock] I asked Baker Mayfield if there was any chance for a reconciliation with the Browns if they were without their quarterback this season. He said the Browns would have to reach out to start that process. Mayfield said he has moved on.

  1. The juxtapose of Baker answering this at a youth football camp while the Browns adult QB is doing a disclipinary board for being a predator is just peak NFL.

  2. Not only that, but also a franchise/fan base who blamed him for being injured just so they could say "see? He's not a good quarterback!1!"

  3. I don't know, Baker did say the Browns would have to reach out so there's a little bit of an opening. If the Browns swallow their pride and grovel before Baker, there could be a chance he plays just one more season there. Maybe even give him some additional financial incentives on his contract. Fess up a couple more million to him so this year isn't a total throwaway year with Brissett at QB.

  4. Browns dug this grave for themselves. Baker is like "go ahead and lay in it". I don't blame him at all.

  5. I really REALLY hope Watson is suspended indefinitely and Bakers already found a home before then so he isn't tempted to give these fuckers an undeserved 2nd chance. The Browns deserve their shit tier status this time.

  6. Mayfield has to play though. You can’t hold out anymore so all that will happen is the browns keep him for another year. I don’t understand how people are acting like mayfield has any say in the matter

  7. When your GF cheats on you and moves in with the other guy, and then 2 months later he steals all her money and leaves, you under no circumstances take her back.

  8. What if she adds a few million dollars to your contact as a bonus and you'll get a chance to prove to all the other girls how good you are in the sack, and how you're over that embarrassing injury that she left you over in the first place, because your lovemaking is nationally televised?

  9. I'm honestly shocked at how poorly the Browns have treated Baker. He was a big part of the franchise becoming relevant again and played thru severe injuries for them. I get that maybe they want to move on but they could have shown him an ounce of respect for what he's done for them.

  10. Imagine how awkward it would be for every party if they got Mayfield to suit up as the starting QB. Just all around uncomfortable.

  11. Dude…why would he? It’s like when people put in their two weeks for not getting paid enough and being overworked. And employers come back with “what if we give you a raise and ease your workload?”

  12. The employee with a new job lined up has all the leverage in the world. A mediocre QB with a year left on his contract has almost no leverage. He can threaten to sit out a year, but that might kill his career, plus he has to forfeit an 8 figure salary this year. Mayfield's 2022 salary will likely be the highest annual salary he ever gets. The Browns can sit back and bet that he decides against forfeiting that money, and they will probably be correct.

  13. I feel like Baker is leaving the door slightly open by saying "They would have to reach out..." I really hope he doesn't go back. What they did to him wasn't right. Move on.

  14. Here is the thing, what is the job of a #1 overall pick? Is the expectation to be a perennial super bowl contender? Maybe in a good situation. But Baker was in a terrible position. And I don't want to hear 'super bowl caliber roster' because until the last half of last year, the defense was abhorrent, and was really what kept them from advancing further in the playoffs before. And he has never had a good receiving corps. The Browns Roster is a myth. But he did alter the direction of the franchise, where 8 wins is embarrassing enough you have to blow up the entire team. No other qb that year succeeds at all with the Browns. With how Browns fans and the team reacted to this year, do we really think they give Josh Allen 3 years to look like an Allstar? Is Lamar Jackson able to play in any system thrown at him, or does he need the consistency of the Ravens' system to succeed?

  15. Not really disputing most of what you said but the only reason the Browns even had a chance of beating the chiefs in that game was due to the fact that Mahomes was under concussion protocol. Prior to that hit, it wasn't even a close game.

  16. He definitely should just tell them to go eat shit and lie in the bed they've made for themselves. If they even reached out which I doubt they would

  17. I think the most hilarious outcome would be for Baker to let on like he'll seriously entertain the idea of coming back but in all reality just wastes their time. It would serve them right.

  18. We are offering to pay half his salary to ship him elsewhere. He is never playing another down for us no matter how bad this sub or the media want to get erect over the idea of us begging him to come back.

  19. The Browns giving up 3 1st rounds picks and signing Watson to a huge contract with Watson possibly facing a year long suspension, all while they're on the cusp of something great has got the be the most Browns thing this current team has ever faced.

  20. Burning this bridge as hard as they did was peak stupid. The Browns knew going into the Watson sweepstakes that he was likely going to be suspended for a significant part of the season, and maybe even the whole season. So instead of treating Baker with respect, they let people know that they don't consider him to be an "adult" and torch the relationship. Not only does that force you to find other inferior options to be bridges to Watson, it diminishes Baker's trade value because no potential trade partner sees Baker returning to the Browns as a credible option.

  21. how do you give up most of your valuable trade assets for a qb without pissing off the one you currently have though?

  22. They also held on to Baker (not knowing if they'd sign Watson) while other teams were signing Trubisky, Mariota, Wentz, etc.

  23. We burned the bridge with the best qb our franchise has ever had on rumors alone that we were going after Watson.

  24. I just don't understand the thought process. Seems everyone on the team likes baker, they make the playoffs for the first time in 20 years, lose a close game to the chiefs, have a young team with a lot of talent. Just why would you make a huge gamble on a QB who is clearly a piece of shit human and burn your bridges with the guy who arguably turned your franchise around. Especially since a stud QB doesn't guarantee that you even make the playoffs, let alone the super bowl.

  25. Who would take an injured borderline player on the last year of his deal? If he balls out he goes to the highest bidder in a year, if he stinks you paid a lot for bad QB play.

  26. Not only that but the fact that the browns were too stupid to realize other teams would just wait. Just wait. Let the browns stew and eventually they agree to take some of bakers contract and get way less than what they hoped, all because the haslams couldn’t t keep their mouths shut.

  27. The Browns acting like they use to be a great football team before Baker showed up. They haven’t been to the playoffs since 2002 before he showed up. They’re relevant again because of his play before he was injured. Tell me how that makes sense

  28. Frankly, the only thing that makes sense is Haslem and the Brown's FO not realizing that the rest of the world has an actual problem with Watson's behavior. Seems like they assumed this was all a big fuss for no reason and it would blow over soon. They also thought there would be more teams needing qbs this off season and waited too long to move Baker.

  29. Stop with this bullshit. Baker did not make the Browns good. They went 8-9 despite him being a literal bottom 5 QB. If they had someone like Kirk Cousins or Dak they'd be legitimate Super Bowl threats. Last I checked Baker wasn't running for 200 yards a game. And wasn't responsible for the best oline in football

  30. I hope agents, handlers, and parents take this to heart, never ever play hurt in the NFL. The bad tape he put out there is screwing him over now.

  31. Its crazy how polarizing baker was and yet now he seems to have garnered more sympathy than ever before from this whole situation (deservedly so). Turns out having the sometimes annoying frat boy persona isn’t that bad compared to being a serial sexual abuser after all.

  32. I went to Texas Tech, watched baker play before ultimately getting dropped for Mahomes. Hated him at OU, but I do really feel bad for the guy. This exact same scenario happened to him in college, albeit he ended up in a better spot in college, but I do hope the best for him.

  33. The only reason he has "sympathy" is because they got Watson. If they got Wilson then no one is acting like Baker was some magical QB that turned around a trash franchise.

  34. This is what boggles my mind. They could have moved Baker before the draft (and before the Russell Wilson trade) when quite a few teams needed a QB.

  35. The Progressive commercials of him packing all his shit and leaving the stadium are going to be lit.