Who's a player whose game is misunderstood?

  1. My biggest controversial running back opinion is that Derrick Henry is closer to Eric Dickerson than other typical big backs like Bettis, Jamal Lewis, etc.

  2. It's funny you compare him to Jamaal Charles, because another commenter in this very thread chose Jamaal Charles because people think he was less physical a runner than he was lol

  3. Warren sharp mentioned this on PMT a few years ago about why Henry started doing better. They used to run him up the middle since logic was “big guys run better between tackles” but the opposite is true. Bigger guys with speed need to get a head of steam so running him outside allowed him to make up for his lack of quick burst

  4. I agree. His size makes people think he's just an inside bruiser but he has great breakaway speed to go with his size. He's not Barry Sanders fast and agile, but he has the speed and explosiveness to hit the gap and break loose to the outside.

  5. I think his arm strength is just average/above average. He's a fast runner though but the weird thing about him is that when he runs, bad things can happen a lot. He's gotten injured a lot from runs and he also has other things like tripping on himself.

  6. I’ve always felt like Daniel Jones is a great QB within a vacuum setting. But just doesn’t translate to the chaos of actual nfl games

  7. To be fair, pocket awareness and decision-making are right up there with accuracy as the "must-haves" to be a great QB. Everything else is just extra.

  8. Jones has all of the physical traits you want in a QB. Good strong arm, extremely fast and quick for a QB, tough as nails. But my man just doesn’t have the mental side of football. I don’t know if that’s because the giants or it’s just him, I didn’t see him much in college to get a good idea. But when he’s done in NY hell definitely get a shot somewhere else even if it’s not right away. He’s better than Mitch and Jacoby for sure.

  9. Y’know, I hope we don’t keep him after this year, he’s clearly not the answer for the Giants, but if some team like the Vikings or an NFC South team rolls the dice on him, I could see him having a Ryan Tannehill-like bounce back in his career. Our roster is threadbare & our coaching has sucked for most of the decade — Daniel Jones feels like a player who would, if not thrive elsewhere, have a fairer shake of things out of NY

  10. Yeah it's weird how no one talks about the fact that he's a damn good athlete but complete shit at QB. Conversion to tight end incoming lmao

  11. He’s one of those fast but not quick kinda guys. Like he might be faster than Lamar Jackson straight line but Lamar is obviously way more shifty. Even Mahomes lumbering ass is quicker than Jones

  12. Marshawn’s jump cut was the #1 killer move he had in his repertoire. That hop step to the left or right. Goes from a defender bodied up against him to a defender trying to arm tackle his torso. Incredibly fast move mixed with his power.

  13. If you see Marshawn coming at you, you brace for impact, which makes you slower to react to a sidestep. If he wasnt as feared for his power he wouldn’t look so spry. He was smart as hell to use that to his advantage.

  14. It’s also one of the things that let him be so good and health for so long. He rarely ever actually took on full on straight shots which was really impressive to see

  15. Marshawn seemed to always be known as a big back in the league. People forget he ran 4.43 at the combine.

  16. Yeah, he never loses his balance, his feet always go up so high to pull out of ankle tackles. It might sound ridiculous, but I always think he's stylistically like if Barry Sanders was a power back.

  17. I mean being the only person who can catch a pass for the Jets made him look like a fucking God to Jets fans and pretty much only Jets fans

  18. To be fair to Calvin, he also took a lot of balls over the middle in his first 5ish years and turned them into big plays. he wasn't always "just" an outside big.

  19. Yeah, in my opinion he just doesn't have the footwork to accurately time his jumps on contested catches. Not yet, at least, hopefully he's working on it.

  20. Have always thought this. Dude had a pretty limited route tree but he’s elite level at the few routes he runs. So strong and fast that pressing him is basically impossible. And once he gets the ball in his hands he’s a pretty fucking tough tackle

  21. Jamaal Charles played a lot more physical than he was given credit for. He was a super speedy and shifty back, but he was not afraid to lower his shoulder and take on contact. He trucked a lot of dudes, but most of those runs didn’t make his highlight reels. He was very efficient at grinding out extra yards.

  22. Jamaal also wasn’t super twitchy like most prototypical elusive backs. He had a very graceful, smooth, almost gliding gait. His cuts looked so effortless and obvious unlike someone like Barry or LeSean who were jerking around stringing together a million moves on some 3000 IQ shit

  23. Devonta Freeman was also like this. Small and shifty for sure, but he ran hard. Kind of to the point that we were like "STOP TRYING TO RUN OVER LINEBACKERS WE NEED YOU HEALTHY". Dude just had that dogg in him.

  24. Feels like a lot of people in the fantasy community and probably NFL in general forget how explosive of a down field threat Waddle is after he helped them get by with all the short stuff last year

  25. Most people don't realize that Miami's short passing and rpo game was completely out of necessity. The line was so bad we literally couldn't have an intermediate to deep passing game. That coupled with a head coach who clearly did not have a good working relationship with his QB, adds a lot context and nuance to the "Tua can't throw deep" conversation. He was not allowed to very often, whether it was scheme or lack of blocking.

  26. I always see Cooper Kupp getting mentioned as a prototypical slot WR, but that's not exactly true. He often lines up in the slot, yes, but his routes really vary. He's almost as likely to run over the middle or hit a quick out as he is to run a 15 yard corner and catch the ball outside the numbers.

  27. Kupps broken tackle rate and YAC is super underrated, over the last few years it’s like him, AJ brown, and Deebo at the top of the list.

  28. Kupp is the prototype of this new brand of slot receiver. In a world where a lot of teams are transitioning to this 11 personnel wide zone sort of offense bigger slot receivers who can punish undersized nickel corners and dig out safeties in the running game while still doing the typically receiver stuff is going to be the standard (if it isn’t already).

  29. Jimmie Ward, won’t ever be talked about as elite because he doesn’t get turnovers. Not his fault, scheme doesn’t allow for him to be put in many of those scenarios.

  30. He ain’t an elite safety, but he’s a very good starting safety for sure. He does his job well and then some. But tbh there’s a ton of safeties like that. Safety feels like a very deep position rn.

  31. i disagree, jimmie ward does a good job at safety but i think having a good to great d line helps a lot and more than u think. We get a lot of pressure on the qb which means a lot of games there r not many deep shots taken against us even though our corners r mostly average or bad most of the time. As well as having a good safety partner in tart where they had great chemistry and could back eachother up. Meaning he and many others on our defense could get exposed a lot of the time but don’t because of our pressure and also our good line backing core which makes qbs want to hit low outside recievers short

  32. He does a lot of things well, but he’s not a playmaker. He’s like Andrew wiggins, so good but you never see the splash plays

  33. And I’ve wished he was a raven for the past 8 years. Was my favorite DB from the 2014 draft, and I’ve been confused how he’s gone under the radar his whole career.

  34. It’s even more nuanced than this. The Pats offensive scheme doesn’t use pure deep threats and outside speed guys. The Hail Mary in SB42 was 70+ air yards across his body and was inches away from hitting Moss in the hands. Brady’s arm strength and deep ball accuracy is elite level, it just isn’t really part of the offense Belichick runs

  35. Wasn’t he drafted as a catcher by the expos his senior year of high school? Playing catcher is all about organizing, recognizing, and reacting.. . Sound familiar to qb?

  36. He absolutely has great arm strength but his biggest strengths have always been his timing and anticipation. He needs a good arm to make a lot of the throws he makes, but even if he lost some power, he'd still be an effective QB.

  37. I think it’s also because he doesn’t throw like the other strong arm QB’s (Mahomes, Allen, Fabre, etc.). His arm strength seems to come more from his perfect and consistent mechanics instead of from pure natural arm strength.

  38. It seems obvious to say because of all the Super Bowls he’s won, but even just from a purely physical/traits perspective it’s really hard to see how Brady lasted until the last pick of the sixth round in 2000. He had a very similar profile to Peyton Manning who went number one overall just two years before. Tall guys with strong arms and natural accuracy, intelligent, a lot of success against good competition at top-tier programs. And the one drawback, lack of athleticism, was the same for both as well and wasnt as focused on 20+ years ago. Don’t get me wrong I totally get that Brady wasn’t as good of a prospect is Manning and didn’t have as much starting experience in college, but he was still awesome at what was at that time a huge program in Michigan and had basically the same tools except for maybe being an inch shorter. So I just don’t understand how a guy who had similar traits as the number one overall pick from two years before didn’t go until 199

  39. Another hill I'll die on: Mahomes has the cool highlights but his style of play is much closer to brady than a "gunslinger." This is not an insult. He's so good at taking those short hits and trusting his receivers to get yac

  40. He got a little gunslinger early last season and the chiefs weren’t doing well offensively. He’s great at executing Reid’s offense

  41. This is part of the reason that I don’t get the whole “let’s see how he does when he can’t force the ball to Tyreek” narrative. I feel like every Chiefs game I watched last year you’d see the “Mahomes: 15 completions to 10 different receivers” graphic like halfway through the second quarter

  42. As of last season I definitely agree with you. It’s easy to lose track of how he/the team performed, and adjusted, to the record breaking amount of deep coverages we saw all season

  43. it’s actually insane, if you watch the film. he practically has to cover the entire middle of the field from line of scrimmage to endzone

  44. A lot of people talk about Fletcher Cox like his role begins and ends with being a hyper-powerful brick wall that eats double teams for lunch but the guy has an absolutely nutty football IQ and has ruined more screen passes than I care to count. Numerous times I’ve seen a WR catch the ball and turn upfield just to see Cox squared up and ready five yards in front of him.

  45. Juju. The kid plays ball. He’s called a “slot” guy with a negative connotation, but Hines Ward had a HOF level career being the “slow” route runner. Juju can play and I’m bummed a deal couldn’t get made. Look forward to him going on and doing things.

  46. He’s the wide receiver I’m most excited for the Chiefs this year. He’s the kind of guy we’ve been needing for years

  47. A gunslinger with a noodle arm is just a turnover machine. Gunslingers get away with it because they can fire a rocket through coverage.

  48. That colts game was something else. My dad went to bed around the end of the first and he just said “sorry bud.”

  49. Lamar single handily willed your team into a win against us is he past season. Yeah our defense was atrocious, but that doesn’t negate how dominant he was. Add in the crazy amount of injuries as well

  50. And he throws fucking bullets down the field. I’ll never understand the hate he gets when people suck prime Michael Vick’s dick because of Madden. Lamar is the best running QB of all time who has turned into a solid passer. Also seems like a cool dude but the internet just shits on the guy.

  51. Hollywood Brown has been pigeonholed as a deep threat but he did the majority of his damage on intermediate routes last year.

  52. Megatron wasn't just a contested deep ball catch cheat code. His ability to take a pass shrug off one hit and hit a seam for 20 or so yards was the Lions offense during the Caldwell days.

  53. Gronk was an incredible route runner. He got tons of separation on routes even without using his huge frame to box out defenders or jump over them.

  54. Because he is and extremely adept at getting open at the right time, regardless of who is covering him. He's like David Boston in his prime, but Allen's prime has lasted a long time.

  55. I'm interested in your elaboration! I always hate when people say he's not a pocket passer. Take away his speed and he's still a pretty damn good qb imo

  56. I dunno if his game is misunderstood per se, but I think it's interesting how Wentz is frequently labelled a gunslinger when he doesn't actually throw many interceptions or INT-worthy throws. He's generally pretty safe with the football and doesn't even push it downfield that much.

  57. Chris Jones gets a lot of flack even in our sub for giving up on plays early, and for general lack of effort on certain plays, even though he goes full bore and wrecks the pocket on other plays. Some say he's lazy, but its actually just a different aspect of his game. He's able to evaluate very quickly after the snap and if he can tell he's not getting to the QB on a particular play he'll stop where he's at and focus on getting in position to tip passes. If you look back to the SB win in 2019 that's a great example, where he had 2 monster tips, and we likely wouldn't have won if they didn't happen.

  58. OBJ being a jump ball threat earlier in his career. He definitely could get up if needed but is only 5’11 and was a route running RAC guy.

  59. Peyton manning has always been joked about as a statue in the pocket but man when he needed to scramble, the sherif can fucking scramble.

  60. Tom Brady runs just as well as any MLB catcher north of 32 and has that exact running style and speed, a speed demon.

  61. Hines Ward was voted “dirtiest player” by his peers. Yet, he won Dancing With the Stars? How dirty can you be and still smile like that?

  62. There's a giant part of this sub that doesn't seem to understand that Juju Smith-Schuster is a slot receiver and has been quite bad whenever asked to line up outside.

  63. People think of Brian Dawkins as a freak in the same way you think of DK Metcalf as a freak. But he wasn’t really a physical freak, he was mentally batshit insane on the field. Murderous. He hit people like he did because he wanted to dominate, not because he did extra reps in the gym. If you came to his side of the field, he was gonna lay you out. If you went to the other side of the field, he was gonna find you and lay you out

  64. Being a Cowboys fan and having a true hatred of anything Philly, it feels weird to say this, but I have always been a huge fan of Dawkins. That guy was a monster.

  65. People still don’t seem to understand that Tom Brady made the same adjustments as Manning at the line. Just the nature of the two systems made Tom’s less obvious

  66. People view Tom Brady as a pocket qb, but I view him as the first scrambling qb to ever play in the league. Vick and Lamar copied his whole style

  67. Tom Brady seen as an elite qb when he should be knoown as an above average qb who takes massive paycuts to bail himself out and ruin league parity.

  68. Tremaine Edmunds for sure …… any fan that criticizes his play an lack of playmaking abilities gets told that he or she is ignorant an not a real fan by the Bills organization an media … Edmunds is a grand unicorn with unlimited athleticism He call the defense !!! It’s a new league an edmunds is the ideal Linebacker for todays NFL ….. for some reason with all the organizational praise an media fawning he has 7 months left on his contract… That tells me all I need to know … Organization believes in him sign him today !!! Stop insulting fans knowledge of the game when u can see him struggling play after play with his instincts, pass defense an inability to shed blocks .. Tremaine Edmunds is the most misunderstood player in the history of the NFL

  69. Some people see Najee Harris as this big powerful bruising back when in reality he's very light on his feet and is probably a better pass catcher than a runner

  70. I feel like Stevenson is getting that exact same “he’s a big bodied, between the tackles power back” treatment, when really the dude runs like a ballet dancer thats falling down for 9 yards at a time.

  71. Tom Brady’s game is misunderstood by stupid people in that that that stupid people still claim he’s a shitty system QB…

  72. Homer take, but Anthony Barr. Most of the criticism against him stems from fans not knowing what to look at. His knee seems to be screwed, but he still had a big impact on the defense when he was on the field.

  73. Jesus no, the guy was the most overrated player we had in ten years. He never showed up on tape or even stats. Only Zimmer saying he was important, wish he went to the Jets all those years ago and so happy he’s gone.

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