[Biggs] The #Bears fired director of player engagement LaMar "Soup" Campbell. You may recognize his name as one of the members of the committee the team assembled in the hiring process for a new GM/coach. GM Ryan Poles called Campbell, who was out of town on vacation, and dismissed him.

  1. Wonder if it was planned like that. Help him get a job wait till he's on vacation, fire him for a longer vacation with a severance package or something.

  2. What is crazy about this firing is that this guy basically helped Poles get the job, and was vocally supportive of him. I can’t say for sure, but it seems like there is a lot more to this story, as Poles has been pretty respectful and kind in his treatment of players and staff until this move.

  3. Yeah, this feels like there's gotta be some reason for it to happen now. I guess unless it was always gonna happen and they just waited until after the draft and minicamp and getting the rookies acclimated, which is a big part of the "Director of Player Engagement" role.

  4. Polian also helped him get hired, and I might be mistaken, but didn’t he say he wouldn’t take the job unless He (Poles) had final say in the HC decision. I think I remember reading that after helping with the GM search, Polian wasn’t happy about that.

  5. On the other hand, it might blunt the impact somewhat to get this news while basically living a Corona commercial on some beach in the Caribbean.

  6. Pretty straightforward. Poles is clearing out the old staff now that the draft is over and he can get his own guys in to start fresh for the next year of operations.

  7. Get outta here with your rational take, don't you know that everything around here has to be a conspiracy under sinister circumstances?

  8. So my take is barring any outlying information like he killed or assaulted someone this is a political type move. It's a move done to get your ducks in a row and make sure all the guys are yours. Campbell in simple terms didn't fit the style or Vision for the team and management. Also he clearly has some influence with ownership don't know how much or if it's even related.

  9. The bears needed serious changes top to bottom. They’ve been rotting away for far too long and I’m optimistic for you guys. A lot of dynasties started with the culling of old guard fan favorites that were really just holding the team back. Keep your head up 👍

  10. This kinda reminds me of how Adam Gase advocated for Joe Douglas, having crossed paths in Chicago. Then Gase got fired at the end of the season by Douglas.

  11. Tbh getting fired on vacation probably is waaay better. You can go get hammered at the beach or light up a joint and just fuck it I’m still getting paid by these fucks to be on vacation right now. Live your best life cash them checks and deal with it when you’re home.

  12. "Hey Soup, glad you could take my call during your family reunion. Got some good news, you don't need to rush back to Chicago. Take your time. In fact, don't come back to the facility. For real, you are not allowed back and will be arrested if you try to enter the building. Tell your wife I said hey"

  13. So far, Poles has been impressive. This plain and simple makes him look bad unless something comes out to justify firing a respected man on vacation.

  14. First the awful free agency, then the God awful draft, and now this. This is not a good start for the new regime whatsoever if there's not a good reason for it

  15. That’s pretty gutless to fire someone while they’re on vacation. Chicago does what Chicago does I suppose

  16. Maybe there is something to this? But it could also be standard house cleaning done by the new regime. May not think he is a fit for the new culture.

  17. This is the right answer. You get ahead of the story and fire the guy as soon as you find out.

  18. Don’t know anything about the Bears or beat reporters but it definitely feels like this was manufactured a bit. I seriously doubt the guy called him on vacation

  19. “Listen Soup, I know you’ve been with the organization for a long time but your hiring judgment is pretty shit and I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go”

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