If you were to pick one player to add to your team from your teams history, in their prime, who is bringing your team to the Lombardi?

  1. I love me some Larry Allen, I'm just not sure he's the difference maker right now, I like the rookie at LG, and we were already the top offense in football last season. Darren Woodson maybe? We could seriously use the safety help. Or maybe Mel Renfro? Cliff Harris? Anyone that can make a difference on the back end of our defense.

  2. That’s good but I’m going DWare or Charles Hailey. Defense especially the dline is one of our biggest question marks now especially with Randy Gregory gone. I’d rather let parsons roam and flex into rushing then what we’ll end up having to do part way through the season and turn him into a DE again.

  3. I was think Larry Allen at first, then thought Fredbeard, but I think Bob Lily or DWare would take our D to the next level of historically great.

  4. Barring the obvious pick, Dwight Stephenson would be a hell of an anchor for this Oline, give the running game a needed push and the passing game a little more time

  5. Sanders during the tate/Johnson/Stafford years would of been number one offense. Think we had suh/ansah on defense some of those years too. Coulda been great.

  6. Muñoz, i know we "fixed" the o-line in free agency but we lost the Super Bowl, partly, because the line couldn't hold up so if i can bring the greatest offensive lineman ever, i'm doing it

  7. Given the last few minutes of our last game, if we have any one of: Muñoz, Montoya, or Ken Riley, we would have our first Lombardi.

  8. Every time this question gets asked, the answer is always Munoz. Who would you put in today’s team? Who’s your team’s best player? Who would you want to have a beer with? Who would you trust to do your open heart surgery? The answer is always Munoz.

  9. Muñoz is kind of indisputably the correct answer but I’d be really tempted to go Geno. Lowkey our total lack of pressure on Stafford was as big a factor in losing as our oline. Hendrickson-Atkins-Reader-Hubbard is a beautifully balanced front 4.

  10. Yup and the depth it would add. You'd have the best LT, Jonah bump in to guard and Collins is a very good tackle.

  11. McDaniel, Steussie, & Hutchinson would all be fine if you brought their prime-self to todays team. You could, maybe, make a case for brining any of the Purple People Eaters to today, as well. But Randy would be ridiculous.

  12. Moss over McDaniel for sure. An O-Line is only as strong as it’s weakest link and Vikings line has had more than one issue the last few years.

  13. I say Tarkenton. He was all time passing and rushing leader before Marino and Young. In today's game with y'all's weapons, he would be unstoppable. Qb is so important that even if he's not as good all time as Moss it's still more effective.

  14. I can't believe that the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl in light of how many really great players they've had in their history.

  15. Holy shit. Moss, Jefferson, Theilen would be unfair. You don't need an all star QB there. Just someone who could throw it in their general vicinity and done.

  16. You beat me to it. Young in this offense is a better choice than Montana. His accuracy, arm strength and mobility would be ridiculous.

  17. Yep. Mac is great but Brady is the easy answer. Besides him I would go Moss, Revis or a pass rusher like McGinest or Seymour.

  18. As good as LT was, he’s not enough to carry your current roster. If that was the case, he’d have won like 5+ Super Bowls

  19. Ray's probably more of a difference maker considering the safeties we have compared to the LBs we have

  20. Could seriously make a case for Yanda considering how bad our interior O-Line was last year. He was a difference maker and paved the way for that 2019 rushing attack.

  21. I'd say either Von Miller or Ryan Clady are better options. Those are much much much bigger holes on our current roster than CB.

  22. He's great but given the number of greats that the Jets have had come through at the end of their careers, I'd rather go with someone who could make a bit more of an impact on offense like prime Favre or Tomlinson.

  23. No way any team without a Pro Bowl caliber QB currently doesn't take their best QB. For the Bears you'd obviously take ... actually yea Payton is a good choice.

  24. It’s very hard to choose between Moss and Alan Page. The most physically gifted receiver ever or one is the greatest defensive players ever.

  25. Sterling sharpe. I could only imagine what he’d do in today’s league had he played a full career he would have gone down as one of the best. He still got his half of fame induction and really only played half a career

  26. Bruce Smith. Easy. A distant second but still would be a great piece for the team would be Thurman Thomas. One of the best catching RBs in history who could also, you know, run the ball too.

  27. Bruce is the only answer to this question. One of the most dominant defensemen to ever play the game, him on this roster would be borderline unfair.

  28. As one of your main rivals in the AFC the current Bills + Bruce Smith sounds absolutely horrifying. That would put your defense from good to over the top!

  29. I think Seau gets the edge for me as well. Would love Gates or LT, but I think the defense needs all the help it can get.

  30. Seau gets the edge because he brings better leadership than any other player the Chargers’ history could offer.

  31. For last year and the current LB group, this is 100% the right answer. If they plugged him in, it would raise the floor of the defense dramatically. And good lord seeing him with Bosa and Mack in front seven is nasty.

  32. Tony G. Andy absolutely loves to utilize more than one TE, and having two all time greats (Tony and Kelce) in our current offense would just be so fun to watch lol

  33. Tony and Kelce would be the most beautiful thing. Having a prime Larry Johnson without the baggage would be nice too.

  34. It’s Derrick Thomas and it’s not close. He’d open up so many opportunities for others on the D and paired with Chris Jones & Karlaftis the pass rush could become lethal by end of year when the rookie has some experience.

  35. Luke Keuchly. We have tons of speed and talent on defense, but they really need an on-field general who can call out the plays and line everyone up properly. He's also a pretty good MLB, which is our defense's biggest weakness.

  36. Cam is without a doubt the right answer for you guys. An MVP level QB cant be beat in terms of impact unless you already have an All-pro at the position

  37. I’d love to say Larry, honestly I think it would have to be Patrick Peterson, Night Train Lane, Aeneas Williams, Dan Dierdorf, or Conrad Dobler. Any would be a good choice and a huge boost to the team

  38. I love Dawkins and safety is our roster’s biggest weakness, but I’d love to see Cunningham with this offense. Designed runs, easy high-low reads with his legs being a check down or being enough of a threat to freeze defenders in the flat, and an arm to chuck it deep on sail routes or play action. He’d be the optimal QB for our current system and roster build

  39. Joe Thomas and if I’m going one other player.. 2013 Josh Gordon if you can bottle that season up paired with the running game we have today would terrify defenses (Watson is playing in this hypothetical)

  40. Marshawn Lynch. If this team is going to lean as heavily in to the run game as I think we need someone who isn’t going to break down after 3 weeks. Also going to need someone to have so that Drew Lock or Geno Smith do as little as possible to fuck it all up.

  41. Obviously the easy answer would be Brady but we don’t have a SB roster even with Brady. Maybe a good playoff run with prime Brady but not a SB. Id like to see what mac could do if we put prime gronk on the squad tho

  42. I don't doubt we'd be serious contenders with prime Brees back at QB, but I still think fate would continue to find new heartbreaking ways to ruin our hopes in the playoffs each year.

  43. That’s really the only answer for us. Hell, prime Drew in the last playoff appearances we’ve had since 2017 likely wins at least 2.

  44. Definitely Ray Lewis. Our secondary is stacked, our linebackers? Not so much. Alternate choice: T-Sizzle. We need pressure off the edge too.

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