[Schefter] 49ers are signing former Texans’ RB Marlon Mack to their practice squad, per source.

  1. He got hurt, and then when he was healthy again last year he was stuck on the depth chart below Jonathan Taylor, requested a trade and didn't get it, then got beaten out in Houston by our rookie for the starting spot. He looked decent in preseason for us.

  2. Im a pretty big Jeff Wilson Jr. homer and my guy just looked dreadful Sunday.. I was going to say he looked like he was running in the mud but, so was everyone else technically LOL

  3. Man. Im rooting for ole mack. I loved him the first few years. Thought he was gonna be our guy for awhile. Then those 2 unfortunate things happened to him..the torn Achilles and that young man named jonathan taylor showed up. I hope mack can get back to his former self.

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