[Kevin Cole PFF] Giants have to be in the conversation for the worst 2-0 team in a long time

  1. do you think they had any remote idea at how amazing this line was when they wrote it? Like it’s iconic for a variety of reasons, but it’s memorable because… it’s true. You HAVE heard of him. You ARE 2-0. There’s no diss that can take that away.

  2. 3-0 start, 5-12 finish. There’s a reason I kept them close to rock bottom on the power rankings last year even when they started 3-0, and that reason was Sam Darnold.

  3. The Jets beating us last year didn't foretell a great finish to the season for them either. You guys look significantly better than in years past, but we're a terrible measuring stick when it comes to losing as huge favorites.

  4. Exactly. My answer to that conversation would be "yes, and?" Still 2-0, there's good coaching, DJ's balling out, Saquon's healthy and back to what we knew he could do, and more importantly, realistic expectations. The Giants were going to eat shit this year because of all the cuts and dead money, if they're winning with that roster and these coaches, that's gravy. It's just nice to feel good at the beginning of the season, isn't it?

  5. I think we’re just seeing a complete shift in coaching quality. If our roster was realistically a 79 on madden, the coaching made us play at a 75. If this current roster is still a 79, the coaches are now making us play at a 83. We have a complete 180 on the impact the coaching staffs have had on these games and I’m all for it.

  6. yeah this Giants team looks like while it might not be a good team they're at least trying and playing hard. Not looking forward to playing y'all later in the season (it's bs our first game isn't until DECEMBER). Till then good luck against the Cowboys next week.

  7. I do doubt it. There are bad teams that start 2-0 every season, but we don't remember them. I don't think the Giants are a terrible team. I don't expect them to be competing for the super bowl or anything, but I wouldn't be shocked to see them still in the playoff race late into the season.

  8. "Worst 2-0 team" "Worst Super Bowl winning team" the Giants are just the best at being the worst at being successful.

  9. Now I want to see them go on a 10+ win run before they get their first loss. Shit would be hilarious and feed all the Internet trolls.

  10. They definitely have 2017 Bills vibes to me. The Bills started 1-1 but heading into the first year with Sean McDermott the large majority had low expectations (3-4 wins) for a weaker roster. Low end starting QB. They traded or released players that didn't fit their DNA. Overachieved and squeezed into the playoffs at 9-7. I get similar vibes from what Daboll/Schoen are trying to build.

  11. Very much. Not surprising Daboll/Schoen are taking a similar approach as they were pretty key parts of the Bills rebuild (though Daboll wasn't there for 2017).

  12. Was 2017 the year when the Bengals had to beat the Ravens in Baltimore as heavy underdogs, something to that degree? Dalton threw a TD pass with next to no time left while the Bills players watched the game in their locker room?

  13. Strong agree. Except it’s very annoying for all the teams trying to copy you is that one of the steps is “draft a superhero at quarterback”…

  14. Yeah but it's not like you beat anyone good. The only teams you beat were the awful Panthers and... checks notes... the number one seed in the AFC last year.

  15. If the Eagles win tonight the NFC East will have the best record of any division. Unironically NFCBeast.

  16. PFF are such hard ons. Like we know we aren’t actually good. It’s just nice to see the new regime succeed in spite of lack of talent.

  17. Seriously, I think almost all of us were prepared for an awful season. None of us expected this team to do anything outside of the small subset of fans who think we’re winning the super bowl every year. I’m happy that we’re competing and running our team like it’s 2022 and not the stone age

  18. We’re playing better than the sum of our parts, which is good since it’s a team sport. We know we have a lot of problems, but it’s exciting that our coaches are squeezing every drop of talent we do have out of the stone

  19. PFF went from being that new different stat metric to bullshit in record time. All the money went in, all the effort went out.

  20. I watched both Giants games and while they are clearly not world-beaters, they have that look of a team on the come up that also has the right coach setting the tone. The only thing their D was lacking was pass rush and they get Ojulari and KT back soon.

  21. Once schoen actually has money to work with that’s when we’ll really start making progress. I’m glad to have competent leadership because if we started 2-0 with gettleman he would swing for the fences and try to pull off some insane in season win now trade lol

  22. Linebackers? I don’t think we have a single LB that gets a snap on defence on another NFL team. Hell there are probably CFB teams they wouldn’t start for

  23. If history repeats itself, you’ll beat the Packers in a game they should easily win and it’ll be hilarious again.

  24. They're winning because of the new staff is pretty good. Look at the talent at LB on defense, both of the top pass rushers haven't played a snap, corner was already thin and Aaron Robinson had his appendix removed. Offense has a new line trying to gel, the worst group of TEs in the league, and a shuffling group at WR that makes your head spin.

  25. PFF are professional haters man. Nobody is acting like the Giants are good, just let us be happy we have a winning record for the first time in six years.

  26. Kevin cole has to in the conversation for guys that come off like a complete asshole with their asinine twitter comments in a long time.

  27. 2020 bears were also very suspect. I remember trying to convince myself they were just a team that knew how to win, but deep down I knew they were pretty bad haha.

  28. Hey. At least we aren’t even trying to pretend this is a good team - we’ve just been so shit for so long at this point anything good is just an excuse to have a good time. WOOO GIANTS 17-0 SB HERE WE COME

  29. We’ve got holes on this team for sure. The offense is inconsistent, the defense has some injuries, but we are making smart coaching decisions and putting the team in a position to win games. Winning is the name of the game, I’ll take being the worst undefeated team in the league any day.

  30. Chargers started 2-0 with Ryan Leaf in 98, then proceeded to go 2-14. Definitely the worst 2-0 team of all time lol

  31. Kevin Cole has to be in the conversation for biggest BOZO blogger boy in the industry. Did your algorithm tell you that, Kevin? Here’s a stat for you - 9 out of 10 Kevin Coles are a bitch. The other 10%, are dweebs and jabronis

  32. the Panthers were way worse and they started like 3-0 or 4-0 a while ago. I think they did it two or three years in a row too

  33. Maybe, but I like what Daboll is doing. Once he gets some legitimate talent on offense, particularly QB, the Giants are gonna be scary.

  34. It’s only two games in but the giants have made some progress on the offense. They currently rank 22nd in YPG and 16th in points. A much better offense than what we have seen the past two years

  35. We're a new QB and some more linemen away from being a good team still. Defense definitely looks legit though. It's the offense that's been awful.

  36. Okay, and? 99% of NFL fans probably would have assumed it more likely they'd start 0-2. It's a testament to Daboll and his new staff that they even won 2 ugly games already after the train wreck the last few regimes have been.

  37. Whatever. All I know, and I can speak for many Giant fans, it feels good to not have the game decided by halftime. Years of that crap and we're all sick of it.

  38. They're 2-0 though which is all that matters at the end of the day. Trying to downplay wins based on hypothetical thinking points seems petty

  39. They also probably already have the worst superbowl winning team ever so watch out. Giants love failing upwards.

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