Game Thread: San Francisco 49ers (1-1) at Denver Broncos (1-1)

  1. And he has a winning record, two NFC Championship appearances and a Super Bowl appearance. Whereas you'd rather have the 49ers languish for ten years. It's not like Deebo Samuel being out for this game and next weekend didn't help, or the receivers tipping catchable balls.

  2. I want to make sure that the most blame goes to whoever did the scheduling and decided that this should be the prime time game.

  3. There's some good defence going on at the moment. We had the two greatest quarterbacks duelling and the game ended 14-12! Admittedly all the WRs were injured...

  4. 9ers fans. You’re staring down a special kind of limbo, and I feel for ya. It’s such a weird place for a team to be in. So good and somehow further away than a truly bad team. Is this the dark side of a window getting stuck 2/3 the way open?

  5. it all started when they drafted a project qb with a roster tailor made to win now, then shanny kept running him up the gut and it led to his season ending injury now they’re back to jimmy g with trey still being an unknown + an ankle injury

  6. This team is just crazy overrated offensively. People act like Kyle is some offensive guru and yet our offense routinely shits the bed. Our running game is often lacking. Outside of Deebo we don't have any real playmakers. Kittle might as well just transition (back) to an offensive lineman at this point because that's all we get to use him for any more.

  7. My stepdad said when he played football in high school he remembers winning a game like 6-3 or something and they had negative yardage. Imagine seeing something like that

  8. Teams win with D. What do you think won the Broncos SB 50. SOme of you guys think only offense makes a good team. GO back to Football 101 please.

  9. Yea but it's easy when you play garbage QBs. Wait til you play mahomes and Jackson. You will need alot more than defense to win.

  10. I like D too, but there’s something especially terrible about two offenses tripping over each other at the 15 all game.

  11. amazing how all he has to do is open his mouth for 30 seconds and it's always a great example of why he's hated. it's like he can't not be fake. he's like a robot or something.

  12. basically, hey remember all these teams that used to be good? yeah they suck ass now and so does the league, fuck it, we're going home.

  13. To be honest, he was the only reason Denver won. The Broncos are in deep shit if he gets injured, all this crowing cannot hide that the Denver offensive line failed multiple times and he was sacked multiple times.

  14. To be honest, he was the only reason Denver won. The Broncos are in deep shit if he gets injured, all this crowing cannot hide that the Denver offensive line failed multiple times and he was sacked multiple times.

  15. People in Texas vote for imbeciles that auctioned off the power grid and ban abortions for rape and incest victims. I'm not sure a Cowboys fan has any room to be talking about fantasy future political careers. Just sayin'.

  16. You guys calling that defensive game bad don't know football sorry to say. There are 2 sides of the football. Denver would shut most of your teams out.

  17. Russ reminds me of the episode of South Park where Kyle and his family move to SF and everyone loves the smell of their farts.

  18. Garoppolo actually hit for the cycle with turnovers....dude ended the game on one of his infamous rollouts to be sacked instead of throwing it down field...(it probably would've been picked)...a god ugly himself a safety and another G special pick. So...he LOST the game today. Made Denver defense look like the No Fly Zone Broncos of 2016.

  19. And people say Jimmy should be our long term starter. This is what Jimmy does. He throws games harder than anyone else. And people seem to just ignore that because he's passable when it doesn't matter

  20. Russell Wilson is when your friend tries to pull off a leather jacket and it just doesn’t work but they think they look badass

  21. The amount of threads the last week talking up Jim over Trey…hilarious. This is why Shanahan made the move. Jimmy can’t be trusted

  22. Wilson seems like a great guy who has a little devil/pr guy on his shoulder saying, "pimp yourself, pimp yourself". lol He has a ratio of 1.5 to 1 of praise them to praise me.

  23. This league is a joke. The officiating has never been worse than this season. I’ve been gambling for quite a while in several sports and I’ve never seen horse shit beats like this. Two offsides by the Broncos’ D in the last two plays alone, but let’s bury our heads in the sand.

  24. I mean I believe you based on what I've seen especially what you pointed out but someone says this every year and nothing changes.

  25. Dude is talking like he's getting paid a quarter of a billion dollars. "What an amazing game. Great fans" meanwhile fans were booing most of the game.

  26. Enjoy it while you can, 'cause I don't see you guys beating anybody in this division with that pathetic offense.

  27. Jimmy G threw the game. If we had a slightly better QB behind center Broncos doesn't get close. Jimmy had so many negative plays that he caused himself

  28. I love that the highlight reel of this game is going to be one back shoulder pass and Jimmy G walking out of the back of his own endzone completely by choice.

  29. I saw on ESPN, the 49ers ran the ball 19 times for 88 yards. That is not bad average, these coaches completely outsmarts themselves all the time.

  30. It's one thing if they had an all star QB but with Jimmy, yeah, no reason to lean that far on the pass. Too many empty backfields too. I wonder if too many of their run plays were based on having Lance coming into the season.

  31. That's Hackett's mo as well, against Houston and Seattle we averaged over 5 yards per carry but kept abandoning the run at the worst times.

  32. But they are wins and you are 2-1 tied for first with the leagues best scoring defense. Russ will get this under control

  33. The first time I saw one I thought someone was wearing an old fucked up hat they wear when they do yardwork and I was like "Why the fuck would you wear that shitty old hat on the sideline of an NFL game?" until I saw someone else wearing one later.

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