Game Thread: San Francisco 49ers (3-4) at Los Angeles Rams (3-3)

  1. Don’t think he’s necessarily the problem. Although that shoulder injury seems to be effecting him a little more than people thought

  2. We were on a bye but this game made me feel really good about beating your ass....that is not a weak team and they have every chance to win their division.

  3. My fam all caught it even boosted... Was pretty sick for a weekish. Luckily we don't have any major health issues and after a few weeks felt normal. Was for sure different than a regular cold.

  4. What’s unfortunate is sometimes these guys walk off the field fine then get the MRI and turns out there is a tear. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

  5. Foresight is 20/20 too sometimes. If you're just going to run dinky 5 air yard passes there's no reason to risk your all pro player who basically needs to carry the team.

  6. I don't know shit about football... does McGlinchey just suck? Seems like every time Jimmy G gets sacked it's #69 getting knocked on his ass or just standing there

  7. Funny the half empty stands and the seats that are filled are Niner fans mostly. Classic L.A winning a chip doesn’t get you a devoted fan base out there.

  8. Overlooked aspect of the schedule but the 49ers do not play in another teams stadium until week 15 due to the Mexico City game. That’s also the only time they have to leave the state until week 15.

  9. Man so glad ownership ripped a team out of St Louis to a place where there's already a local team and an out of town team that will fill their stadium.

  10. at least Kroenke has to pay STL hundreds of millions out of pocket and overpaid for the stadium.

  11. The amount of carries CMC has gotten this game is waaaaaayyyy too many I think. What's the point of running him at the end right there

  12. Hopefully CMC is taken out after this drive. Gotta keep LA from pulling some weird ish to get back into it later, but also don't want CMC getting hurt with a 17 point lead late in the game.

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