You can pick a positional group from a single draft class to build a team around. Which do you pick?

  1. I think 2019 the WR group was very good but the DL is all-time-great. Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Dexter Lawrence, Jeffery Simmons, Brian Burns, Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat, Josh Allen (the OLB). And that's just the first round.

  2. Yeah OP really should have specified non QB. As great as some of these other classes were, building around a great QB is always gonna be the answer.

  3. Not nearly as sexy as the WRs or QBs, but 1997 OTs. Orlando Pace and Walter Jones as starters. Backed up by Tarik Glenn.

  4. I mean in 1998, you get Manning and Moss guaranteed. There are some better classes but I’ll take those two and whoever else is there. You won’t really get the #2 QB of all time and the #2 WR all time in any other class (obviously the position ranks are slightly debatable but both are probably cumulatively higher than any other QB/WR duo).

  5. This reminds me of playing madden franchise as a child with no basic understanding on team building. I would sign the best quarterbacks in free agency and then play sub them in various packages throughout the playbook.

  6. WR would probably be the best position because you can fit more of them on the field. That being said I would probably go with the 2019 WR class just because of the sheer number of great players.

  7. QB, from any decent draft. You get one starter, and then because QBs are so valuable in the draft you could trade the rest for good players or picks at every other position.

  8. 1985 WR's - Jerry Rice, & Andre Reed. Eric Martin was 3rd in career receiving stats in that draft class, but I'd take Al Toon as a 3rd WR. He was very good before concussions prematurely ended his career. He literally retired in the middle of the 1992 season.

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