Game Thread: San Francisco 49ers (5-4) at Arizona Cardinals (4-6)

  1. When Ozzy played halftime at the season opener, they skipped his performance, but they showed this song? I kept expecting it to pick up speed, but it stayed at the same weird slow tempo. The band was like the Mexican Roots. A very odd performance.

  2. Joe Buck to cable and Al Michaels to streaming is the best thing to happen to NFL play by play guys and I will plant my flag on this fucking hill lol.

  3. It's hard to drop a fully healthy Jimmy G. Most of his truly bad games have later been shown to be when he was playing injured, so when he's fully healthy he's pretty dang good.

  4. The guy you saw last night was the same guy who committed a self inflicted safety while simultaneously throwing a pick-6. It’s frustrating and nerve racking to not know which QB is going to show up on game day.

  5. Always nice to see old teammates getting together - super recent ones like CMC and Robbie and super old ones like Demeco and JJ Watt. That was a while back!

  6. I didn't even know Jimmy had dimples too. Guy just took every handsome gene from the pool and barely left anything for the rest of us 😩😭

  7. The only thing unrelated to football that you can complain about Jimmy is that you jsut know your girl will choose him over you and she would objectively make the better choice .

  8. He's brought a positive locker room culture, taking the blame for losses that weren't entirely his fault. He doesn't have an ego, and very professional. His behavior towards Lance has that of big brother energy, training him to take over, not of "oh man this guy is taking my job so I'm going to be a dick to him". He isn't a horrible QB, but isn't elite. He is, however, a very nice person.

  9. I have no idea who Marty Smith is but Sutcliffe's career sky-rocketed after a comedian impersonator did a couple sketches and John embraced the characterization.

  10. Congrats to the 49ers for finally pulling ahead of the rebuilding Seahawks and Geno Smith. Truly an NFC powerhouse.

  11. Idk is your defense as good as 2019? That game was rough until Kittle put a baby in your entire defense with 20 seconds left lol

  12. I’m gnna shotgun a beer and go to bed. It was great shitposting with you all. See you all here for thanksgiving . Enjoy your gobble gobble from giant turkey gobblers and stuff.

  13. If Jimmy keeps improving his footwork and decision making towards 2017 levels, I’m feeling like we need to have him back next year. Unless we can get Brady.

  14. Statistically, this isn't even his best game. He had 3 other 4 TD performances with more yards against he Saints in 2019 as well as both Cards games that same year.

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