[Highlight] No review for this Mike Evans catch out of bounds under 2 minutes.

  1. If we had a competent HC and not a really good DC who sucks at making decisions then we’d have a winning record and would have won more games.

  2. is it possible the review team did review it, upheld the call, and didn't buzz the referee? nothing in this video shows this as a completed catch; from what i see i'd make the call that his heel landed out of bounds and was, as such, incomplete

  3. its very possible. They have their own screens and aren't reliant on the broadcast for what angles they want. Not stopping the game for a formal review doesn't mean it wasn't looked at all

  4. Entirely possible they reviewed it and said "ehhhhh if it was called complete we'd uphold that...but we're not going to overturn the incompletion call."

  5. If the NFL isn't going to allow a coach's challenge inside the final two minutes they should be stopping play immediately following any questionable call to take a second look at it.

  6. Totally! I mean, he’d have to raise the whistle to his mouth, breath in air, then blow it out. It could take up to 1 and a half, maybe even 2 whole seconds!

  7. The ball also jostles dramatically when he lands out of bounds. Completely within reason for the refs to think he lost possession.

  8. His left heel looks like it came down out of bounds which would mean it's an incomplete pass. I never understood why it's a catch if you touch only the toes moving forward but not when you're moving backward, but that's the rule.

  9. It has nothing to do with forward/backwards, it's that any part that comes down as part of the step must be inbounds

  10. It used to be a rule that if a player is pushed out then it’s still a catch. The reversed that rule a few years ago. One of the few rule changes in favor of the defense.

  11. Rule changed around 2008. Before that, if the refs deemed the player could have landed in bounds, it would be called a catch on the force out rule.

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