Edmonton hockey reporter Jim Matheson being really unprofessional and rude against Draisatl.

  1. ...unless it's your wife saying it to you. Then you have to backpedal and pretend like it's a totally normal thing to say.

  2. I get this in humor, but are you all immediately running to the couch because you’re significant other got upset? Honest question.

  3. I edited his copy for 7 years. He has no respect for anyone, including his co-workers. "Oh, you have space for 700 words? Here's 4,500 worth of stream-of-consciousness bullshit that I always find a convoluted way to tie into the 80s Oilers at least once."

  4. Sometimes dudes who report on the team too long start thinking they are an indispensable part of the franchise and forget who gives them the stories to report. With out the team no one would give a shit about Jimmy. Can’t say it goes the other way.

  5. Some reporters don't wanna report the news, they wanna be the news. Not familiar with Matheson but out here in ON we have Steve Simmons who's a joke.

  6. Is a reporter allowed to be this antagonistic with the player? Like who is in charge of these press conferences I always thought there was some media moderator that was the connection between the organization and the the journalists who want to ask questions

  7. Unfortunately, yes. And all it takes is them getting a response out of frustration that makes a headline or stir controversy to justify it. Dirt journalists are the worst kind and they make the rest of the professionals on the room look bad. And to top it off, Draisatl may have had a response that could have driven some news if the guy hadn’t been a dick. But we’ll never know because his drivel ate up the required time the player has to be there

  8. This is why I miss Torts. Say what you want about his coaching style but that guy could handle the media, it was just as entertaining as the game

  9. I can’t stand it when they ask a stupid question then berate the player for giving a stupid answer. Drawing conclusions and making an interesting take out of it is literally the job of the media. If you can’t come up with thought provoking questions or takes from the answers that’s on the “journalist”

  10. Yeah that journalist is a clown. Trying to get a soundbite. Now he burnt his bridge and the players won’t be willing to give him any details in the future. Great job genius

  11. Dude everyone knows we are struggling why keep kicking a dead horse at this point instead ask more about what he feels can help the team at this point. Or ask him a more light hearted personal question like how is life going outside of hockey or if that’s too invasive then how is your dog? I honestly would like the answer for that.

  12. Totally agreed.. just the tone of he’s voice. Of course Leon is angry. Is those kind od questions helping? No.

  13. Honestly the questions are even the issue I have with this situation. Not defending his questions by any means, but it’s to be expected when a team’s struggling. The reporter’s response, however, is completely uncalled for and about as rude of an interaction as I’ve ever heard from a media member.

  14. Saw some comparisons from this to the Dater & MacKinnon exchange following the Avs getting eliminated by the Golden Knights last playoffs

  15. Who the hell is this guy? Essentially demands Leon gives him an answer he’s so clearly fishing for. Dude sounds like a parent chastising there child at the dinner table. If I was an Oiler player this guy wouldn’t get anything but one word responses from me. Leon showing he has patience both on and off the ice.

  16. Jim Matheson. Believe it or not he's in the HHOF. He's an entitled prick, he constantly fishes for soundbites to spin into his shitty articles.

  17. What a clown, asking one of the best players in the world why he’s pissy when he’s second in league scoring and first in goals, when his team is out of a playoff spot

  18. As someone who has answered questions in a press conference, the reporter is baiting Leon with a gotcha question he can editorialize later in his column.

  19. Same guy that told Mikko Koskinen TO HIS FACE that the fans didn’t want him here at the start of the season.

  20. Wait what? I hadn’t heard of him saying that to koskinen or crapping on skinner. I thought the leafs media was bad oof

  21. Leon was so nice about this. Look up Jake Voracek’s Flyers presser from exactly 1 year ago yesterday. That was the answer of the decade.

  22. Never heard of this Jim Matheson before but what an absolute fucking clown. Incredibly unprofessional,is this just an attempt to appear like the bad ass in the room?cause he just appears childish. Good luck getting any access to that team from now on! A plus reporter

  23. Matheson and Jones are old, tired, and used up. Both of them should have retired or been retired about 30 years ago. Nobody in Edmonton likes them.

  24. Jim, you showed your frustration on the mic last press conference *heavy breathing*, is that a good thing when you show it so the entire world knows your frustrated?

  25. Imagine if you could just wake up and suck at your job, and not face any consequences. Matheson is really living the dream there

  26. From Wikipedia: "James Donald Matheson (born April 7, 1949) (death January 18, 2022) was a Canadian sports journalist who has covered the NHL's Edmonton Oilers"

  27. Reporters like this drive good players away, then they blame the team for not being able to retain players. Looking for a center or two in Boston….just sayin’

  28. Jim Matheson is 72 years too old to do that job. the whole organization from bob Nicholson down needs to be replaced

  29. Have some respect Jim! Leon is a world class hockey player on a team friendly contract. Enjoy these last 3 years, because I’m sure his bags are already packed.

  30. Is there a course in media college on how to ask the stupidest questions? Because every interview I ever see no matter the person, they ask moronic questions genuinely expecting a good answer.

  31. We all see it, we all know it. The entire hockey community knows it. Even all of us armchair critics realize it. Jim Matheson should obviously not be asking Oilers or any players in the NHL questions and expecting more than a terse response as his reputation precedes him. Don’t take it personally when this happens Jim, you tend to dwell on the negative and attempt to incite similar comments from players. When you don’t get what you want, we are taught at a young age, not to air-out our dirty laundry in public. Please people, the less material of Jim that you read the sooner he will fade out of the picture. He wasted everybody’s time that we cannot get back for his own selfish purpose. Leon did a great job of composing himself in the tail end, although it is never wise to attempt to publicly shame a rich athlete.

  32. This is why it really frustrates me when the press gets 'pissy' about reduced direct contact with players. Journalists act like they are entitled to press conferences when in reality it's a privilege that's almost always a waste of everyone's time and resources because the reporting is garbage

  33. The Oilers have some of the worst media in the league. It’s unbelievable that with all the cuts on the sports media landscape over the past years that somehow Jim Mathewson, Terry Jones, Dave Staples, and Mark Spector still have regular jobs.

  34. That’s actually gross. He sounds like some 80’s reporter trying his damn hardest to antagonize a sound bite while leaving his dignity at the door.

  35. Media are soo dumb sometimes. The questions are just stupid. Obviously they know they are struggling let them be this stupid shit does nothing for anyone. So you can write some dumb article? They have no idea the pressure these guys face each night and then have to go and sit down to some dumb ass with a meathead question.

  36. JM has been rude and ignorant towards players before. Too bad he didn't press management like the players instead of having his head up their ___. Time to retire JM.

  37. I don’t expect super deep answers from someone that gets paid to play a sport. When you have a reporters asking piss poor questions of just reminding the team that they are sucking real bad. Of course players are going to be pissy. What the fuck was he expecting to get out of calling him pissy. Honestly this is one of those times when I would liken to hear a player just have a good rant lined up and just verbally beat down a reporter. Jim should be suspended for a couple of post game interviews for a shit questing like that.

  38. That was absolutely disgraceful. Trying to get Leon to throw his teammates under the bus, and when he doesn’t, then he gets all worked up and has a little temper tantrum about it. What a clown.

  39. If I'm the sports editor, this guy's gonna be asking his questions after a Junior B game in Saskatoon next week.

  40. Some of these reporters are so full of themselves. Such a parasitic relationship, yet they fail to realize they rely on the host to survive.

  41. Here is the thing with Edmonton media. They are quick to blame the players for everything. Even imaginary BS.

  42. And Canadian teams wonder why they can't recruit talent and are on every player's no trade list. The Canadian media has done so much harm to hockey in this country over the years.

  43. Is this normal for hockey reporters? I have never heard a reporter ask an interviewee "why are you getting pissy?" If this were the NBA or NFL, the reporter would get bull rushed. Credit to Draisatl for being composed!

  44. Gonna be a real shame when Leon and McJesus get chased out of Edmonton…real shame…if only there was another storied franchise on the rise with a budding star countryman for Leon to mentor…

  45. The players owe these reporters literally nothing. The onus is on the reporter to ask a question in a way to get a good answer from the interviewee. Absolute clown show.

  46. What a douchebag. Ask a frustrated player frustrating questions, repeatedly, and anyone is gonna give you the same anwsers. Fuck that guy

  47. This dipshit attacked poolparty for having a number too close to 99, and told Kosko nobody likes him. A+ professional right there...

  48. I dislike Draisatl with a passion but can a reporter even speak to a player like that? Sounds like he’s trying to be his dad. What the actual fuck?

  49. Jim Matheson was looking for a head line and he got it.........These are hockey players who wear there emotion on there sleeves...........Jim was unprofessional......period. He got what he wanted but showed he is undeserving of the HHOF.........what would Foster Hewitt think?

  50. Trying to get a rise out of someone who's career could be jeopardized from it is not something the player should be forced to endure

  51. Nor even the first time he has had this run in with Drai either. He asks really dumb questions and when they clap back at him he just doesn't get it.

  52. I love how young, good looking, successful, rich player totally doesn’t react how boring journalist wants. “Yea, it’s a great thing. For sure” 😂

  53. These kinda reporters make me feel ashamed as I'm a starting sports journalist too. I hate when those rude hyenas further damage the reputation of our profession

  54. Pretty trash move from the reporter, but I've read some things about Drai not being exactly the nicest guy on the planet either. Childish exchange all around

  55. Fuck that reporter. He shouldn’t be allowed to be near any professional if this is his idea of what professionalism looks like.

  56. Is it just...like this in Canada? I've heard Toronto is bad...is it like this? The press just being jerkoffs?

  57. That might be somewhat entertaining to watch, but I think most people reading a newspaper article the next day would not be thrilled to regularly read the movie opinions of NHL players.

  58. Worked at a newspaper for 19 years. Can confirm, some reporters are egomaniac d-bags, in love with their own byline.

  59. Assign him to Bill Belichick’s pressers for a season and he’ll have a whole new appreciation about Leon being “pissy” … what a tool.

  60. He needs to be reassigned. He has clearly lost his ability to be professional and separate himself from what he's reporting on. That was almost as bad as Dater questioning MacKinnon after the Avs lost to Vegas last year. If you find it, I guarantee you'll laugh heartily.

  61. Both in the wrong but Draisatl starts it. He and CM are the 2 best players in the game and the face of the franchise and are trending to miss the playoffs. Great leadership is conducted off the ice as well. Very unprofessional

  62. It's the reporters fault for not grilling management for 10 years on why they can't acquire decent goaltending or defending options to be competitive.

  63. It's a garbage generic question looking for sound bites. Matty's been around long enough to know how to make a proper question. He got better than the response he deserved.

  64. It's clearly an unpopular opinion after reading this thread but I don't think there was anything wrong with any of it.

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